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Back on the air

RedsArmyAdmin February 16, 2010 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Back on the air

We're back this week from our own little All Star Break with a couple of new shows.

The first one comes tonight with a new edition of Boston & That Sports Babe.  Russ Bengtson of SLAM Magazine will join us to run through a lot of the trade rumors out there.  Russ is also one of the funniest people on Twitter.  Follow him, or forever have a void in your soul.

He's also a huge BMX enthusiast.  That's what we call "versatile".

So join us tonight before the Celtics take on the Kings for an hour of NBA talk starting at 9pm.

THEN… Join me and Chuck as The 2 Man Game returns for a post-trade-deadline/pre Celtics-Lakers show.  We'll start that one at 9:30 and run it right up to the 10:30 game time. 

Do I really need to do a tease for that show?  We'll talk about whatever moves the C's did or did not make… and then we're previewing the C's-Lakers game.  Chances are good some Lakers troll will try to bomb the show… so we're gonna have some fun.

As usual… visit our show page to listen to our shows and call in!

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  • Lex

    4 road games.
    4 big road games.
    Any predictions?
    I say the stench continues.

  • I hope you’re wrong Lex, I don’t think I can take this “streak” continueing, especially with the lack of sleep I’m going to have from staying up so late to watch these west coast games.
    My prediction 3-1 with the one loss being to Portland in overtime. I guess it’s more “hope” than “prediction”.

  • G4L

    I think it all depends if they make a big move or not.

  • I think if they make a move that the trip is totally hosed, just the lack of continuity, no practice, no Ray, whoever gets traded is meeting the team at a hotel… is that what you are thinking or the more optimistic side?