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Your Morning Dump… Where KG, Pierce & Rondo Survive All-Star Weekend


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them
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Overall contributions from the Celtics trio were relatively subdued,
including four points and five assists from Rondo, eight points and
2-for-3 3-point shooting from Pierce, and a predictably brief
appearance from Garnett that resulted in four points, a block, three
rebounds and two assists.

East coach Stan Van Gundy alternated Rondo and Pierce on the last
two possessions of the game – Rondo for defense on Utah’s Deron
Williams and Pierce for his shooting.

Though Garnett and Pierce logged only 13 and 12 minutes,
respectively, they offered plenty of support for the young point guard,
as their teammate played 20 minutes and was a significant factor down
the stretch.

Herald – Rondo a Factor in All-Star Win

I'd say the Celtics trio had a pretty good All-Star Weekend. KG didn't hurt himself. Pierce won the 3-point shootout. And Rondo held his own in HORSE and the All-Star game (even though he was nervous).

"I was trying not to fall. I was glad I didn't have any dress shoes
on," Rondo said. "The slope we walked down was pretty slippery. [Coach]
Stan [Van Gundy] went first, so there probably wasn't a risk of us

But his heart rate spiked again a few minutes into Sunday's game.
Despite his seemingly unflappable and steely cool demeanor afterward,
Pierce indicated Rondo battled butterflies before checking in with 5:43
to go in the first quarter.

"Talking to Rondo on the bench, he told me his heart started beating
fast when he was about to go in the game," said Pierce, blowing his
teammate's cover. "He looked good out there tonight."

ESPN Boston: Rondo Enjoys 1st All-Star Game

On Page 2, it's back to work.

“I think it definitely could help brush off that first half; we were
disappointed, really disappointed, with the way we finished off the
first half of the season,’’ Pierce said.

Pierce, who dealt with knee and foot injuries in the first half, said,
“We always look at the season in the three parts. You have the first
half, the second half, and the playoffs. So this is a chance to refresh

Globe – Regroup Therapy Needed

It's going to be a long week for all of us. Three games in four nights. Sacramento (TUE), Los Angeles (THU), Portland (FRI), and Denver (SUN).

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  • Im wondering why the boxscore says rondo only has 4 pts, when i saw him hit a jumper and a layup in the first half and then hit 2 fts there at the end…thats 6 right there so i dont know what theyre talking about, but other then that i missed much of the game

  • Venus

    Rondo didn’t get to the line yesterday. Wade and Bosh are the only ones who made free throws down the stretch

  • yeah i dont know how i mistakenly thhought Rondo was wade there at the end of the game…lol shows how tired i was

  • And How annoying is lebron james? going for MVP much buddy? freaking annoying

  • Alex

    Yeah man. I could tell Lebron was definitely going for MVP. Did you check out his facial expression when Wade was called as the All Star MVP.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah big time. He was forcing shots down the stretch when clearly it was Wade’s game and he deserved it.
    Which brings me to my next point.
    I really think I would rather have Wade on my team than Lebron. Wade is just so sick

  • rav

    Tuesday to Sunday is 6 days…