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(Dumb) Rumor: Ray, Perk and JR for Ellis, Biedrins

Via Hoopsworld:

The rumor out of Dallas was that Boston has
discussed a deal with Golden State that would send Ray Allen, Kendrick
Perkins, and J.R. Giddens to the Warriors for Monta Ellis and Andris

The trade is cap friendly and it was just one of
the rumors floating around this past weekend. It was reported that
Boston has also reached out to Sacramento and Philadelphia as they
continue to shop Allen for younger talent.

Parting with Perkins would be tough since he's
capable of defending the big men in the East, something Biedrins could
struggle with. But in order to pry young talent away from teams, it's
going to take more than just Allen's expiring contract.

Keep an eye on Boston in these next few days.
While Danny Ainge denies any talks getting serious, it's clear the team
wants to move Allen and a deal could be brewing.

Golden State must be the one asking for Perkins, but there is no way Danny would include him in this package.

ESPN's Chad Ford calls the Celtics one of the top "buyers" in the trade market:

Celtics president Danny Ainge
has said it's "unlikely" that the Celtics pull off a deal before the
deadline. But numerous GMs around the league say Boston has been very
active in trying to make things happen.

To quote one general manager who spoke with Ainge in the last 48 hours, "I get the feeling Boston's getting desperate."

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  • I’d be shocked/surprised/disgusted/disappointed if Ainge moved Perk. He is too key of a component in guarding Shaq and D12 in the playoffs and the couple of regular season games we have left with The Queen and her court. At this point, I really wouldn’t mind moving Ray if it meant a younger scorer in return, i.e. Monta or Martin, but it’s risky. Both of them have have had recent injury trouble and it would also be a significant change to this team’s chemsitry late in the season. I’d prefer if they would hold on to Walter Ray and perhaps grab Augustin. I still personally have faith that Ray will find his stroke & would prefer to move Eddie at this juncture. Will be an exciting week to say the least: trade deadline, Fakers, Sox start Spring Training…nice.

  • Lex

    Parting with Perkins would be tough
    Tough isn’t the word I would use.
    Perk’s one of the best defensive centers in the game. He’s one of the few who comes to play every night. I would rather get rid of KG and Sheed than get rid of perk.
    Given his reasonable salary, Perk might be the most valuable guy on the team.

  • Lex

    iggy and dalembert for ray is the only deal I’ve heard thus far that gets my attention.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Biedrins is a good young center. But he’s no perk. He’s the only guy who can single handedly shut down Howard. But getting a young guy like Ellis to pair with Rondo for the future makes things tempting.
    Losing ray to free agency and getting NOTHING in return is almost worse, especially when we only have the mid level exception to use to replace ray with… I don’t think you guys understand how hard it’s going to be in the offseason to get anybody with real talent to this team. As Ray’s contract comes off the books it is replaced with Rondo’s money and we are still over the cap. Leaving us with JUST the midlevel exception to use, which was fine before. But not anymore because Ray will no longer be part of the team.
    So don’t rule anything out. Danny knows the type of dire straights this team is in for the next few years. He isn’t afraid to shake things up big time

  • Beastondo32

    I would be so incredibly upset if we traded perk… First off, I would have to change my username. Second of all… Hes a friggin beast.
    Sure Monta would be nice, but the only rumor that caught my interest (as unlikely as it is) was getting Kevin Martin. He looks legit

  • I love perk, and dont wanna trade him, but is this an appropiate time to point out hes been playing bad and been in a bit of a slump for about a month? still dont wanna trade him at all, hes just gotta pull out of it
    Definetly doesnt make sense for Golden state, how exactly does perk fit in that system? lol

  • Double P Reppin the B

    As I’m doing my research I am beginning to think this isn’t as far fetched as people may think. Dannys reasoning is very clear.
    Rondo, 23 yrs old, 5 yr contract @ $11mil/yr
    Ellis, 24 yrs old, 5 year contract @ $11 mil/yr
    Beidrins, 23 yrs old, 5 year contract @ $9 mil/yr
    ++ This trade frees up $4mil in cap space
    Gives the celtics a great young core for the FUTURE
    All these players are going to just get better.
    Biedrins (surprisingly) is a better rebounder than Perk. Yes lacks the bulk for defending bigger players but you give up some to get some. Ellis is a potential franchise player, paired with the best young PG in the league IMO Rondo. This would be a move for the future, not for the present. But as the team is comprised right now the near future, after this year, is very very murky.

  • Joseph

    Desperation – Ha, I love it!!!

  • phil

    i want perk around for the future. Heck, just to shake things up I would like to see the team make him the first option to start games out. Get him involved and his confidence going. I think the only way this team makes a title contending run is to hand the keys to rondo, get perk involved, start danials, get bill walker some pt along with sheldon williams and get wallace down on the block where he is consistanly useful. We must keep the vets fresh and make the most of our bench. Having said that I don’t think doc will change anything and we will get more of the same.

  • aaron

    i personally dont think perkins is as good as the hype. a guy his size should pull down 10-15 rebounds a night. but he doesnt. he is an offense liability and pouts WAY too much.
    that being said, i’d expect we would get more than what is being offerred (supposedly) here…

  • G4L

    I almost passed out when I saw the word Trade and Perk in the same sentence!! No way do I want this trade??
    1. If the C’s make this trade its not to win a Championship this year.. This completely changes this team.
    2. Perk doesn’t fit in the system the Warriors have.
    3. Rondo and Ellis really wouldn’t work together on this team with Pierce and KG.

  • Jon with no H

    You have to wonder just how long Nellie will be the coach of Golden State. I have no idea what his contract is, I’m just speculating. Just because they have an all offense-no defense system now doesn’t mean that’s what they want going forward.
    On our end, I don’t think Ellis is that bad of a fit if Pierce wants to pad his 3pt%. Let Ellis be the slasher and Pierce be the spot up guy instead of Pierce being the slasher and Ray the spot up guy. Not that bad. And Biedrins can certainly run and gun better than Perk if that’s what they want to match Rondo with. That said, Perk is definitely better and that’s obviously why Golden State wants him (if this rumor is even true).
    So I guess my opinion is I don’t really want this trade to happen but if it does, I could talk myself into it being OK. We can’t throw away a chance to get legit talent for the future for one last shot at a trophy, a shot that will only get slimmer if Cleveland gets Amare or anyone else above average. Ray Allen isn’t going to be the difference in this season, whether he starts shooting lights out or not.

  • DRJ

    Perk in Golden State is a ridiculous concept. Perk’s offense if, well… pathetic. This year, he’s started to work a little on his O… but he’s got a long LONG way to go. Have you noticed how many times he loses the ball when he gets it in the post? And how may fouls he commits? And that he travels practically every time he starts his backward dribble to the hoop? And that he NEVER passes once he gets the ball low? Etc., etc. He’s a defensive beast, yes. So what would GS want with him?
    And why would we want Ellis that badly? Are we supposed to give Ray and our starting center away for a 2nd string PG and Biedrins? None of this makes any sense. I think this rumor must be a prank.

  • it-is-what-it -is

    would you guys just stop writing those stupid trading rumor articles. it doesn’t make any since, danny ainge would never trade 2 starters like ray and perk for ellis and biedrins. he might trade ray but not perk. the guy is one of the best defender in the nba. you tell me who’s going to cover guys like dwight howard and shaq in the playoffs if the celtics trade perk. biedrins wouln’t last one game defending those guys. people stop with the trade rumors. got damn.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Last time I checked this is a Celtics enthusiast’s
    site. That means scouring all media outlets for the latest news about our beloved team. That means trade rumors will be reported, analyzed, and commented on.
    I totally respect the context of your post though, that this trade is ridiculous. You don’t trade 2 starters on a squad that won it all two season’s ago for two starters on a shit team.

  • beastoftheeast21
  • Your mom loves it too-right in the cornhole that is. Bwahahahaa!!! Thanks for your patronage. It’s trolls like you that keep this site going!

  • paul

    you know what? we should have resigned posey and powe. I just watched game 4 of the 2008 finals.

  • Shawn-cvd

    your links didn’t work…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Three team deal so unlikely… but we could move Truth to SG and have him reduce his minutes by sharing w/ TA. Starting Lineup of Perk/KG/Magette/Truth/Rondo. Peirce wants to spot up more so let Corey Slash to the rim. Bench would be Sheed/Baby/Quis/TA/Nate. House could then become the specialist he SHOULD be. Another thought is start TA and have Magette provide scoring off bench.
    I like the versatility/scoring of this line up and that PP could get some much needed rest to prepare for the post season.
    Acquiring Jeffrey’s creates a log jam at PF so we might be able to make an additional trade.

  • aaron

    tune into a hornets game this season… we never should have resigned posey and i think you can get a good shot of Powe on the cavs bench

  • ihaterebuilding@hotmail.com

    oh no my fellow leprachauns!! the cavs, nuggets, lakers, magic, and hawks are all teams that can and will beat us in the playoffs/finals (if were lucky to get that far) Danny Ainge really screwed us with this BIG 3 nonsense. Ya it was good for a year but thats all it was good for. I think Danny is a master of panic. he needs to pull off a trade like the lakers did with Gasol (give nothing for an all-star, although memphis is looking good lately) Danny needs some tips from Mitch Kupchack on how to make deals happen. The lakers will be one of the top west teams for years to come because of their YOUNG talent. Danny needs to go, Doc needs to go and I’m sorry to say the BIG 3 was for the most part a failure. Hardly to be mentioned a dynasty at all. So long banner 18. The lakers will definatly pass us in championships in the next couple years.

  • Kling

    Cavs own us. Hawks own us. Magic own us. Hawks own us. Raptors own us. Bobcats own us. Heat own us. Bulls own us. Bucks own us. Knicks own us. 76ers own us. Pistons own us. Pacers own us. Wizards own us. Nets own us. Lakers own us. Nuggets own us. Jazz own us. Spurs own us. Thunder own us. Blazers own us. Suns own us. Rockets own us. Grizzles own us. Hornets own us. Clippers own us. Kings own. Warriors own us. Twolves own us.