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Red’s Army does All Star Weekend – Presented by T-Mobile – The Return


TMobile has sponsored this report from All Star weekend, so that means we are being
paid to report from the weekend by TMobile.  Legally, I'm supposed to
disclose all that up front.

Wow that
went by quickly.

Nature already robbed me of a day in Dallas… so I knew going into
it that this trip was going to blaze on by. But as I type this
20,000 feet above… oh, probably Pennsylvania at this point… I
feel more like I've just woken up from a dream. You know those
dreams that toe the line between figment of your subconscious and
vague memory of actual events?

From the
hellish skipping from mid-size airport to mid-size airport to make
out there… to the hellish alarm clock at 4:30 this morning (after
going to bed at 2… yeesh), I'm still trying to piece together a
coherent, proper recollection of the entire weekend.

Star Weekend can make your head spin in the best of ways. Things I'd
planned to do fell by the wayside because, simply, there was no time.
We could have spent an entire day at Jam Session… especially if we
could have finagled our way into the sold out team practices. The
events themselves on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are
spectacles that aren't done much justice on television. Even when
they suck (I'm looking at you, dunk contest), it's something to

And the
parties. Oh… the parties. Sure, I got hooked up and got into a
couple that maybe most people wouldn't have. But there are still
parties everywhere and tickets to be bought for them. It's a scene,

everywhere you look, there's “someone”. Someone like Dikembe
Mutombo, who I KNOW said to the guy who was escorting him around
Cowboy's Stadium “I'm Dikembe Mutombo, just keep moving.”

just too much. I'm going to need a day or two to really sum it all
up properly… so I'll have more, including a TON of photos I took at Cowboy Stadium.  By the way, I felt like I was standing in the Colosseum in Rome for a minute there… not a basketball game. Thanks go out in a huge way to T-Mobile for the trip.
Amazing all around.

thanks, as always, go out to our readers. You make things like this
possible… and I hope I captured the flavor of the weekend for you

know… I know… tough job being the guy who crashes a 3-day party
with the biggest names around so thousands of people can live
vicariously through him.

someone's gotta do it.


TMobile is the official wireless partner of the Boston Celtics and The NBA

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  • Must have been a blast! Thanks for all the great pics and reports from you and ThatSportsBabe. All the hard work you and Chuck put into keeping this site awesome for CeltsNation, you deserved it.

  • Lex

    Mother Nature already robbed me of a day in Dallas
    Being a world famous blogger has its price . . .

  • Shawna

    So glad you had fun, I did enjoy the updates too 🙂 You guys do a lot to keep this site my favorite so you deserved it.