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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics are looking for a trade partner

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The Boston Celtics discussed a possible trade for Caron Butler before the Washington Wizards decided to send him to Dallas. The Celtics also have inquired about the availability of Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis, Sacramento Kings guard Kevin Martin and Philadelphia 76ers swingman Andre Iguodala. None of the talks have become substantive.

The Celtics would likely include Ray Allen in any big deal, but have made it clear they want an upper-echelon young player in return, regardless of position.

The Celtics also reached out to the Phoenix Suns about Amar’e Stoudemire, but don’t have the means to get a deal done.

Marc Spears – Yahoo! Sports

Sounds like Danny Ainge is really working the phones. Outside of the Caron Butler talks, there doesn't appear to be anything remotely close. As for Stoudemire, it appears the Cavs will move JJ Hickson and Big Z for Amar'e. The Cs are also exploring smaller deals.

The Celtics are said to be focusing on getting a backup point guard
(there will be more talk with Charlotte about D.J. Augustin). The team
still believes Marquis Daniels can bring the ball up the floor, but is
looking more at the problems at the other end of the court.

Eddie House has struggled with his shot at times, but the Celts
believe that will come around. They know, however, he will never be a
defensive stopper, and it is more than likely that issue will push them
toward a move.

Said one league source, “I think it’s pretty clear they have some
concerns about House. They like what he can do, and I think they like
Tony Allen, too. But from what they’re talking about with teams, it
looks like they’re trying to make an upgrade.”

Herald – Celtics Deal with Plan B

On Page 2, where Danny stands behind KG and Paul's decision to play in the All-Star game.

“Yeah, you can be concerned,” Ainge said of the health factor. “But
here’s the problem. They have to be there whether they want to or not.

“And it’s (our) trainer’s turn to be the team trainer for the East,”
Ainge said of Ed Lacerte. “So what if Paul’s in the shooting contest?
If he wasn’t there at all, he’d be at home in our gym working on his
jumper, anyway. So I’m not overly concerned.

“It might even be good for Paul and Kevin (Garnett) to be touching a
ball this weekend. . . . I liken the All-Star Game to a light workout.”

Herald – Here, Truth Doesn't Hurt

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  • Man, with a froncourt of LeBron, Amar’e and Shaq, Cleveland will be too much. That could turn out to be one of the greatest froncourts ever (behind some New England team in the 80’s, of course).

  • i would like any deal that gets us martin or iguodola, but it might not really matter, ray isnt the problem this year, theres deeper issues, and I dont think anyones gonna beat the cavs once this deal goes down, im sure there will be homers who say Amare doesnt play defense and it will disrupt chemistry though, which is retarded…Lebron will make it work, and JJ hickson, quite frankly, is the most overrated trade chip in the entire league…what exactly do people like so much about him? hes probably a worse defender then amare, and a grandmother in a wheelchair could look good out on the court with lebron

  • Rav

    I don’t understand the “buying out Ilgauskas” thing. Isn’t it not allowed under the rules to do a deal with such a provision in place?
    If not, why can’t we trade Ray and get him bought out? The way I see that PHO/CLE trade, Phoenix loses their best player in return for cap space and JJ Hickson (who isn’t THAT great), which isn’t much of a deal. Shoot, we’d let them keep Ray for the rest of the year to get Amar’e, and give a 1st-rounder, Baby, TA, Giddens whatever it takes.

  • Rondopaula

    What about dalembert amare to boston, iggy to phx, allen, davis and young prospect frm phx to phi.