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Rumor: Celts, Wizards Talking Blockbuster Deal


Via Adrian Wojo of Yahoo! Sports:

In a dramatic move that would resuscitate their fading championship hopes, the Boston Celtics are discussing a deal with the Washington Wizards for forwards Antawn Jamison(notes) and Caron Butler(notes), league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Friday.

The proposed deal would send the expiring contracts of Ray Allen(notes), Brian Scalabrine(notes) and J.R. Giddens(notes) to the Wizards, a move that would signal the start of Washington’s rebuilding process.

The trade isn’t imminent, but talks have progressed and Celtics GM
Danny Ainge has positioned his organization to make one of the boldest
trade deadline moves in years. For the Celtics, ownership would have to
agree to take on an additional $24 million in salary next season
between Jamison and Butler. Jamison makes more than $15 million in
2011-12, but most owners are discounting those salaries because of an
assumption that there will be a labor lockout and some, if not all, of
that money will never be paid to the players.

Holy crap!

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  • Alex

    Hmm… very interesting.

  • Matt

    HOLY SHIT!!!!

  • CFH

    Gotta make that trade, but it would break my heart to send Ray to basketball purgatory.
    ::insert unrealistic homer comment that maybe Washington would buy Ray out and he could take a month off and then come back::

  • “No sir, I don’t like it!” to quote the horse from Ren & Stimpy

  • The Truth is Here

    Wow. That adds to very dynamic players to a team that seems to be half asleep. Wow.
    My only concern is the positions that Butler and Jamison play. The reason the big three worked in 2008 is because there is no overlap between players. Ray is a pure 2, Paul a 3, and KG a 4 or 5. They didn’t have to split minutes at all. Caron could play the 2, but ideally he is a 3, and Jamison is a 4.
    Where are the minutes going to come from? They can’t take any more away from Shelden.
    But I can’t help but be in favor of an upgrade like that.

  • SteveLo

    i agree in the log jam. The move has to include may big baby to get rid of the jam at PF and Butler and Pierce game is to similar. But I have love those two players and they are good for the league. especially Jamison. it would be nice to see him in green.

  • Michael

    I love the Ray buyout! By my calculation Ray is due another $7.3mil this year. Let’s throw 6mil cash into the deal for Wiz “pain and suffering”.
    I love Ray and he’s producing better than Pierce and Garnett at the moment due to injuries. Still, C’s need to use his contract to save the season.
    Our future is Rondo, Perkins, and ?? Add Butler to that mix and we have a solid core beyond the big 3. In terms of this year, adding two allstars for the price of one isn’t going to come cheap, but it’s a no-brainer from a talent and fan perspective.
    I could see it in the teams’ demeanor during Sunday’s loss to Orlando. A trade is coming, and this one makes a lot of sense.

  • Alex

    Argh, this is too good to be true though.
    We will just have to wait and see.

  • Danno

    If they do this, why not have a starting 5 of:
    Perk, Jamison, Pierce, Butler, Rondo
    and a bench of:
    Sheed, KG, Walker, House, TA.
    This team would be flat out NASTY.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Right on put the buyout and return of Jesus to the celtics (Would that amount to the second coming?) and this deal is smokin’.
    PS if you could somehow slip ’em sheed danny…..

  • Michael

    As for the positions, I see nothing wrong with the following:
    PG – Rondo, Daniels
    SG – Pierce, House (they’re our best shooters anyway)
    SF – Butler, Jamison
    PF – Garnett, Davis
    C – Perkins and Wallace
    Leaving Butler in with the second unit gives us a great passer when Rondo is out. Jamison can play 3 or 4 of course. Maybe we can still trade Davis for Charlotte’s DJ Augustin.
    We all know Pierce and Garnett are going to need rest. Jamison shouldn’t be playing big minutes either. They all get rest, Butler gets all the minutes he wants, and the fans are hopeful again.

  • Michael

    Wallace is not really expendable in my opinion. We need a backup center, no matter how lazy he appears.
    TA and Davis could be packaged for a backup point, but I like what TA has done this year. He’s our utility guy and spaz/dunk specialist. Everybody needs one.

  • G4L

    Butler is the steal here I love his game & he’s in his prime. Butler could be PP’s successor the Heir to the thron so to speak. I like Jamison too.
    My only problem is the offense will be so different with out the spacing that Ray would give you. Butler or Jamison aren’t the threat from downtown that Ray is but who really is.
    Anyways.. I agree that this sounds too good to be true. There has to be a nother piece to this I think Baby would have to go & possibly draft pick, maybe?

  • G4L

    Do you seriously want to bench KG.. Thats just stupid! You can’t just take the captin of your defense and plug in a guy who doesn’t know the sets.
    We’ve all heard this befor but its True he means too much to the Defense to come off the bench plus I don’t think KG can mentally come off the bench.. kind of like A.I. Not that I think he’ll make a big deal of it like A.I. did, but he doesnt believe (in his head) he’s in that point in his career yet.

  • aaron


  • Danno

    So many nasty lineup combinations.
    this trade is a no brainer.

  • Orb

    There should be a “F*ck Yeah!” option on your poll.

  • G4L

    Include Mike Miller!!!

  • Danno

    This is potentially bigger than the KG trade.

  • Glad to see everyone is as pumped as I am.
    Seriously, if this trade doesn’t happen, I will be bummed.

  • Love this trade.. hate to send Ray back to hell but them’s the breaks.
    Love this trade.. make it happen, just sounds too good to be real.

  • Fuck yeah!!!
    get that done!!

  • Sal

    I didn’t know what to do because there was no “instant orgasm” option in the poll.

  • Seriously? Why?

  • Then you are definitely more intoxicated than ususal. LOL..

  • Sounds too good to be true, but if it’s legit, then only a fool would pass. Sorry Ray, I love ya’ man, but this deal would instantly make us the best team (on paper) in the “L”. I have always loved Caron Butler-good kid who has paid his dues and never complains. Jamison is a versatile scorer and match-up nightmare, amongst other things.

  • Shawna


  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I love it, but do we get to keep either after this season? Also, I would love to see KG as our sixth man, like Walton after his prime. He would bring more energy to the 2nd team.
    But either way… FUCK/HELL YEAH!!

  • It’s 12:05 I have not yet begun to catch a buzz. Reason I don’t like this trade. It does not address what are our needs right now? Chemistry, defense of intensity, and Rasheed Wallace playing like an out of his prime Brad Lohaus. Both of these guys bring offense, that’s a given. I just really feel this may hurt us in the long run. I hope I’m wrong, if the trade goes through.

  • Danno

    For the first time ever, we agree.
    can I get a high five?

  • Good point J. Messing with chemistry this late in the year could be a risk, but I personally think the chemistry is bad right now as it is. It would be a huge shake-up, but I feel strongly right now that this would be a great move-IF, and it's a huge if, it happens.

  • Celtsfan33

    There are more positives than negatives to this move IF it does go down. Mostly, our offense had become STALE and SLOW and by adding 2 proven scorers – we’d be back in business!!! I like the deal even if it does overhaul the team late in the season.

  • G4L


  • 😉
    You’ll get a hug if this deal gets done!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    This would be an upgrade in all facets of our team.
    You have to get this deal done if it is there for the taking. Jamison stretches the floor and him and Rasheed on the floor with eddie house and Rondo would be such an effective second unit. Caron is an upgrade in all areas of defense over ray allen. The guy is consistently in the top 10 in steals per game and a great defender. Good size at the 2 as well.
    The team would have infinite amounts of versatility. You can go big, small, fast, defensive, offensive. This would make us near impossible to defend

  • Steve

    DO IT! I hope this deal gets done. This deal will definately help the C’s struggling offense.


    Not happening – is it April FOol’s day?????

  • Shawn-cvd

    The ink best be drying right now!!! RE the question of how long we’d have them Butler for two years and Jamison for three.