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Don’t sleep on Wizards/Celtics trade rumor's Marc Stein brings us up to date on the trade rumors surrounding the Wizards, Mavericks and Celtics.

Ninety percent of the column is devoted to the negotiations between the Wizards and Mavericks. The rumors involve multiple scenarios including Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood, Antawn Jamison, Josh Howard and a bunch of expiring deals.

At the end, Stein drops this nugget:

Although one source warned Friday that it would be a mistake "to sleep
on that one," another source close to the situation insisted to that a Boston-Washington swap looks "very doubtful" because of
the considerable long-term expense Boston would be taking on — for
players who play the same positions as
Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett — and because of Washington's reluctance to part with Jamison.

Caron Butler is on the books for $10 million this year and next year. Antawn Jamison is making $11 million this year, $13 million next year, and $15 million in 2011-12.

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  • FSantos33

    That is “A LOT” of money to add on the books… Think about it you are going to add two Injury Prone guys along with PP and KG which they are starting to be injury prone as well. I will be surprised if it happens this will go down to be the big ball sack roll the dice deal for the Celtics.

  • its a lot of money yes. but if the wizards will do it we pretty much have to say yes, we would be giving up too much talent not to
    the only other trade possibility i like close to as much as this one is the iggy and dalembert one

  • G4L

    IT would make more sense for both teams if they swapt Mike Miller with Caron Butler

  • We can only hope.

  • Filipe

    Nope. Mike Miller is an EC, Wizards has no serious need to trade him unless they get talent back. They need to trade Butler and Jamison this week if they hope to start rebuild next year (they have more than 1/3 of the cap on Arenas and even if they trade him they are certain to get another awful contract back so they need as much free cap room as possible). If there’s any appeal for them on this deal is making sure they do get the clean slate.
    I questioned if the Celtics would do this deal for the money issues given how Ainge seems afraid to add someone like Nocioni, but this one is more appealing because the extra bad contract (Jamison) actually corrects the terrible Sheed hiring and give us KG backup that’s solid enough he can rest and we get 2 overpaid very good starters intead of some overpaid very good role players. So I see why they might think more serious about that. Even more if the organization is certain that the lockout will happen (which would make Jamison and KG final year worthless), then they extend the window till next season and rebuild around Rondo post lockout. Unlike Kevin Martin, Ellis or Iguodala none of this contracts run post lockouit so if the cap changes a lot there s no risk of them suddenly starts to look like an albatross.

  • Danno

    AJ Wojonarski went on Felger & Mazz, and defended his claim. Said he had solid sources and talks have been had, and Danny is now bringing it to Owners.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Wojo is the worst NBA writer on the internet. Anything he ‘reports” is usually a load of crap.
    BTW, has anyone noticed the Bulletts are way worse than the Celtics….I can see maybe wanting Butler, but old man Jamison? What’s he gonna bring (weak D & launch 3’s) that KG or Sheed cant do??
    Might as well just resign ‘Toine Walker.

  • Filipe

    Jamison is playing pretty well (much better than Butler actually) and unlike Sheed he gives a shit.

  • KY Celts fan

    Looks like we are heading into a few years of NBA limbo. Not good enough to be contenders, but not bad enough to get a decent lottery pick, especially when playing in the east.

  • GQguy1177

    Although we have to be concern about taking on more money to the cap, we also have to remember that Pierce’s contract will or can come off the books after next season.

  • it-is-what-it -is

    yes we can sleep on it, all that trade talk was just a big freaking rumor people.