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Red’s Army does All Star Weekend – Presented by T-Mobile


This evening, I'm hopping a plane at Logan and heading to Dallas to cover All Star weekend… all courtesy of T-Mobile. 

I will be doing a lot, and I'll be using a lot of social media tools to give you all the full experience.  Obviously, I'm going to post just about everything here on Red's Army… but… I'm not going to have my laptop with me everywhere I go.

So to get the full experience, follow me on Twitter.  I'll be posting pictures, videos, and tweeting in general about the things I see and do.  I've also set up a UStream page… in hopes of scoring a few interviews and quickly broadcasting them live.  You never know when something is gonna happen… but I'll try to keep everyone updated as soon as I hear something.

And yeah, you're going to hear me mention T-Mobile a lot… that's because they're paying for me to go and do this for all you guys and bring you All Star Weekend from a fan's perspective.  They're really reaching out to blogs like ours to let real fans in on the experience.  And since I can't load up a plane and bring you all with me… I'm going to try to bring it to you as best I can.  So a big thanks to TMobile for the hook up.

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  • Have fun John, and thanks in advance for hooking us up with pics, video etc. Don’t forget to pack Tylenol for all the hangovers! LOL

  • Lex

    btw, the green is walking the walk. It’s just not the kind of walk we’d like.

  • My flight got canceled. I’m trying like hell to book on something else…
    … but my trip is in serious jeopardy.

  • idaho.jim

    common’ weather…..cooperate…
    don’t do anything I wouldnt do once you make it to TX….hahahahah

  • JRose

    just need a little help from Larry Legend…..

  • JRose