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Red’s Army does All Star Weekend: Minor blip in the road

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So I should have been in my seat right now, listening to pre-flight instructions.

But Mother Nature had a different idea.

It's been absolute hell getting to Dallas.  Flights are canceled all over the country… including mine.  So I'm staying in town for the night and flying out tomorrow.  I hope to get there in time for the Friday night events… but I might not. 

I will make it for the Friday night parties… assuming that all the flights can make it out tomorrow.  Considering the weather is moving away from Dallas right now, I fell good about my chances.

On a side note:  8 inches of snow in Dallas?  The weather is better in Boston!  Can't say I'm happy about that.  I brought my 1986 Celtics short-shorts and I won't be able to wear them.  

Your loss, Dallas. 

Stay tuned for updates.  Sorry about the delay.

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  • JT

    Please unpack those short shorts and leave them in the car, Love. No one wants to see that, I assure you 😉


    So I just have one question for you celtics fans. Ya im on the other side but theres no reason we cant have a logical and mature discussion. So let me begin…I know that we call the celtics the suckdicks and all that other crap which boldy states that the boston celtics are cocksuckers. Now in return, you celtic fans refer to the lakers as Fakers. Fakers??? seriously?? Now exactly what are the lakers faking again? I dont understand how Fakers is supposed to be a diss or a putdown. What exactly are the lakers faking? Please explain. Again, I’m not trying to piss anyone off. I just never understood the putdown or diss of calling the lakers the fakers because it makes absolutly no sense. Ya it rhymes but it doesnt mean anything.