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Closer to the bottom than the top

Tony Lee of

The question is, will the second half of the season be like the second half of so many recent games?

The Celtics could not afford such a scenario. At 32-18 they are closer to the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference than they are the top spot, a position which they once held before closing out games became such an issue. Toronto has crept to within four games in the Atlantic Division, and the first four games after the All-Star break involve roadies against some of the best the West has to offer.

The Celtics are 8.5 games behind the Cavaliers and 7.5 games ahead of the Chicago Bulls.

When will the bleeding stop?

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    now that the celtics officaly SUCK its funny to go back and see all the shit talking you celtics fans said about being able to beat the lakers and banner 18 is guaran-SHEED LMFAO. the dumbasses in the front office dont even know how to put a team together. danny ainge and doc rivers are 2 stupid fuc*s and it surprises me everyday that they still have a job. have fun on your first round exit leprachauns

  • The greatest argument against professional sports can be found after a five minute discussion with a diehard fan. Winston Churchill was right!

  • Joseph

    It will be just a matter of time before the Lakers have the most titles in NBA. Face it Suckdic fans, you guys are done!

  • The bleeding has to stop at some point… right?!!? Right?!?!?!? Right?!?!?!?!?

  • YA know what last nights game showed me?
    The problems with this team have virtually nothing, zilcho, nada to do with ray allen, who before last night hasnt missed a game and played more minutes then anyone else on the team…and people wonder why his 3 pt shot has been off? because doc rivers has run him into the ground searching for wins with the others injured.
    Last nights game proved to me, Its Paul Pierce and Kevin garnett that are killing this team, and while I agree with trading ray allen, just because we gotta start looking to the future, its not necasarily gonna make us better, because our problems arent Ray Allen in any way, shape, or form… He’s in great shape, great condition, is getting run into the ground, and is the classiest professional and quiet leader of this team…while Paul Pierce is planning 3 pt competitions and going 1 on 1, an KG is just flat not half the player he use to be, it amuses the continues ray bashing

  • PutDJintheHall

    whoa whoa wait a minute.
    I agree they are playing like crap and I don’t recognize this team.
    This sounds like the fools are calling Global warming a myth because DC got a snow storm in WINTER.
    Celts have issues, but its nothing that can’t be corrected.

  • Danno

    Ray Allen’s 3pt FG percentage is down to 33% from his career average of over 40% this year.
    4 points lower than any other time in his entire professional career.

  • bostonfanatheart

    i see everyone keeps posting that last nights game showed that ray isnt the problem, which is absolutely right.
    if ray is traded, its not because he is “the problem.” the team needs a shake up, and hes our most valuable commodity (or his contract is at least). i highly doubt allen is involved in any deal not including iguodala or martin, so the goal here is to trade him for a young athletic guard/forward who can provide some kind of spark to our team.
    the sad part is, even if we are able to land a young star, will the problems persist?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Before we begin the watch out for the raptors in the Atlantic Division talk let’s see how this team responds in the second half of the season. It amazes me the bandwagon jumpers leaping from team like they are irradiated.
    This team has the talent to beat anyone in the league. ANYONE. They just need to get back to what made them so successful. Before everyone starts engraving their tombstone let’s give them a chance, they did win a title not even 2 years ago.
    and I normally NEVER address trolls that come lumbering into this website to spew hatred at the team that manhandled them in the playoffs but wow. Have you ever seen fans who are so clearly still riddled by those memories? It’s like they want SO badly for this team to not make it to the finals because they know the only chance they have at getting a championship is by playing the Magic. Whose frontline consists of Dwight Howard who makes Erick Dampier’s post game look good. and Rashard Lewis who is slimmer than a model in calvin klein.
    Your frontline has NO BALLS and the only way you get another championship is if either the cavs or celtics don’t make it to the finals

  • Because he is getting overplayed and run into the ground by Coach Doc Rivers, because the other guys cant get healthy and theyre searching for wins.
    KG hasnt had double digit rebounds all year
    and Pierce is playing like a selfish turnover machine and neither of them are in NBA game shape, and Pierce may just flat out be out of shape.

  • Also i love how you will defend Kg, and make excuses for his career low in rebounding and inabiity to stay on the court, yet rip the one guy whos healthy and getting overplayed about shooting percentages…moron


    mr double p reppin the b f g h whatever ur fuc*in name is….can you remind me again what the celtics record is and then also remind me what the lakers record is. oh and also before you make an argument, make sure your argument makes sense and doesnt come back around to kick you in your dumbass. So since were taking a trip down memory lane, which team eliminated the celtics from the playoffs last year??? OH YEA it was the magic whose frontline consists of dwight howard which makes erick dampiers post game look good and rashard lewis who is slimmer than a calvin klein model…..ya thats the team that eliminated the tough macho celtics last year LMFAO your such a dumbass

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    I love memory lane, remember when the kobester raped that maid in the ass and then had to sit next to his wife’s great big new diamond ring and explain to all of us how he was an asshole but not a rapist cause rapists are bad and assholes can be better people and he’s gonna be better and not rape maids in the ass anymore. Ah memories.

  • Joseph

    HAHAHA, That’s a deflection if I ever saw one. Live in the present…you know the present being that your precious Suckdics are terrible and couldn’t beat a playoff team to save their lives!! HAHAHAH


    so whenever ur dumbass is ready to talk about basketball and what happens on the court, ill actually give you a logical response you stupid celtic bitch

  • Sick of Faker bullshit

    You fucking dumbass Faker fan. You dumb fuck assholes only have 9 championships, MORON. Minnesota don’t fucking count. Piss off back to your rock, idiot. Get yourself a team that actually PLAYS BALL rather than relying on that diamond-buying rapist Bryant and then maybe we can talk. Take your bullshit trash talk and shove it up your ass, you cock juggling thunder cunt.


    cock juggling thunder cunt? lmfao what a fuckin retard

  • Sick of Faker bullshit

    Yes. Yes you are.