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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc’s threats are only good if he follows through

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"One of the things we made clear is that you'll be playing [based] on
your defense," Rivers said. "If we made anything clear [Monday], it's
that you can make 10 [3-pointers] in a row, but if you're not getting
stops, you're going to come sit next to me. That's the way it has to
be. We have to get back to thinking of ourselves as a defensive team."

ESPN Boston:  Doc Rivers: Enough Talk

Taken at face value, this is great.  It's a strong message to send to the team.  "Play defense, or sit." 

However, this is Doc Rivers we're talking about here.  He's notorious for saying one thing to the media and then letting that slide come game time.  I don't know if he's just telling us what we want to hear or if he just forgets once the ball is tipped… but I'll throw this in the "I'll believe it when I see it" pile.

If Doc sees a guy get burned a couple of times because he has just decided to stop playing D… then he's got to sit.  If he doesn't, then this is an empty threat.

By the way, when you look at that quote and you see "you can make 10 3-pointers in a row, but if you're not getting stops, you're going to come sit next to me"… do you think that was prefaced by "Hey Rasheed"?

Coming up, Page 2… where I need your help shooting a commercial

ESPN is bringing their RV to All Star weekend and I want to go there and shoot a Red's Army commercial.  Now… I'm sure the INSIDE of the RV I'm gonna see is not like the inside of this one.


That doesn't have to stop us.  Let's all put our heads together and see if we can come up with something.  Hopefully I can shoot something quick on Friday and cut it up before the end of the weekend.

Shoot me some ideas in the comments.

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  • so the “big 3” are going to get benched? who the hell can they defend right now? honestly? 2 gimpy guys in there 30s and ray allen? no, doc you will, if anything, bench rondo if he has defensive lapse….you wont bench the veterans, you dont have the guts, otherwise they wouldve been out quick in the 3rd of that magic game, and uh no you let the run balloon to ridicoulous proportions

  • Yea, I was thinking Sheed but I’ve got to agree with TTR, Doc’s not going to bench the Vet’s.
    As far as the commercial, it should have something about Red, the Celtics, and some scantily dressed women, not necessarily in that order.

  • DRJ

    Here ya go:
    1 second shot of KG finishing an alley-oop, with crowd cheering
    Quick cut to:
    (as crowd noise fades)
    KG being interviewed by someone whose face you can’t see (unless you get a shot of YOU doing it!)
    Quick cuts
    into website with several exciting headlines in a row, the first 2 featuring KG. Cuts shown at different angles
    Quick cut to:
    Paul hitting his amazing Q3 drive and over the head And-1 in 08’s Game 4, then cut to Paul smashing fists in air (with crowd noise)
    Quick cuts:
    into website (as crowd noise fades slowly down) with several exciting headlines in a row, the first 2 featuring Paul. Cuts shown at different angles
    Quick cut to:
    Paul being interviewed by someone whose face you can’t see (unless you get a shot of YOU doing it!)
    Quick cuts to:
    white words on black screen, one by one, intercut with action scenes reflecting the words:
    Inside Info
    Interviews (use an RV shot after this one, if you want)
    ending with…
    The Greatest Fans
    Cut to
    screaming fans at the Garden
    Cut back to white words on black screen:
    In The World (crowd cheering sound continues)
    Slow-Fade into:
    wild celebration, fans everywhere on the court, confetti, etc… after the 08 title win
    SLAM-CUT to logo slamming down onto mid-screen, with SLAM sound-effect. (All cheering sound ends abruptly with the slam.)
    Fade-in subtitle: Your Celtics Universe
    Slow-Fade-to-black video as crowd cheering ramps gently up

  • DRJ

    Actually, change that opening scene to a longer shot of KG finishing a dramatic alley-oop (not limited to 1 sec).

  • Lex

    This team needs to trade Rasheed, but it can’t.
    It needs to keep Ray Allen, but might trade him.
    It needs a Kevin Garnett from 2005, but that’s impossible.
    It needs to crap or get off the pot, but instead it will continue reading the newspaper as a pretty good team continues to prove that its pretty good, which is to say, good enough to tantalize, but not good enough for much else.

  • * a Mock of the ‘Re’ commercial.
    Re-ad the blog, (flashes of comments and KG face of the day, flashes of when we were Nuggets fans), Re-diculous women, (flashes of the galleries), Re-Alize how bad the other media sources are, (Shaugnessy’s face, Smith, Scott), Re-Lax about the recent slump, (flashes from RedSky)…. and closes of course with Re-d’
    * A reality show: ‘What happens when you put a Greek, an Irish, and a bunch of C’s fans who never met on one blog? It’s time to silence the noise, and start getting Red.’
    * A play on the ‘Learn to Read’ commercials, “learn to Red” “I was one of those C’s fans that thought Sheldon should get more minutes. Then my friend told me about Red’s Army”
    * A play on the Godfather. The chair, cigar smoke wafting, turn around, and instead of the Don it’s ‘Red’.

  • thetitleisours

    Trade idea
    Big Baby and Sheed for Big Al and Ryan Gomes!
    (hey a man can dream…)

  • lol… dream a little dream.

  • Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’m thinking more of a play on the RV commercials themselves since it will be there.
    There’s got to be one where I can make fun of myself/other bloggers… or at least the stereotype of blogging/tweeting everything.
    I hope they’ve got some personalities there that can play along.

  • So will the ESPN guys let you into the RV?
    Because if they do…
    Go into the bathroom and get yourself filmed reading the 2008 Globe paper from when the Celtics won the championship.
    See if you can get anyone else to help– this extra can knock on the door and say,
    “What the hell?!?!? Have you been in here since June 2008???!?!?”
    Or have them knock on the door and ask, “Ummmm… Is everything okay?”
    You reply, “Yeah, why?? Just reading today’s paper.”
    Other guy, “Dude, that was 1.5 years ago.”
    You, “Oh…”