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Still Unable to Walk the Walk

Chuck - Red's Army February 10, 2010 Uncategorized 40 Comments on Still Unable to Walk the Walk


Hmmm… Have I seen this movie before? Funny, I keep hearing the ending is going to be different, but it never changes.

The Celtics pissed away another double-digit 3rd quarter lead (12 points, 60-48 with 8 minutes left) and lost to the Hornets 93-85. 

How bad was the 2nd half?

  • They were outscored 29-12 in the 3rd quarter.
  • They shot 3-13 from the free throw line.
  • Paul Pierce and KG combined for 2 points in the final 24 minutes.

Pierce was brutal. He had 15 points (4-11 FG) and 8 TOs. He had absolutely zero quickness in this game. If it's a health issue (foot/knee), then he has no business playing in the All-Star game.

The bench was the lone bright spot. In fact, they nearly outscored the starters (40-45).

Marquis Daniels had 14 points on 7-9 FG. Can someone please tell me why Doc Rivers pulled him with 6 minutes to go in the game? 

Defense was not the main problem tonight. The Celtics offense was offensive. As Tommy put it, "it's like the guys are playing with rubber boots." Little movement, sloppy passing. 22 turnovers.

Don't look now, but the Raptors are just 4 games back in the Atlantic.

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  • G4L


  • NineSevenEight

    Pierce played, why? 8 TO’s? Oh that’s why. He looks like a cow getting tipped every time he falls to the floor.
    Paul’s idea of offense has become..”pass the ball to me…watch me dribble, guys…watch me pass to myself behind my bac- OH, I turned it over guys…let me give my Peyton Manning face.”
    “Hey guys, get me the ball…watch me dribble, guys…watch me get to the elbow and fake a shot to draw the upfa- OH, nobody falls for that anymore? Oh well, let me take the shot anyway. Oh it rimmed out. Oh, I’m the only one who was faked out on that upfake? OHHHH….Peyton Manning face.
    2-17 between KG, PP, and Perk (who looks like he’s regressing more than anything) in the second half.
    Another disgraceful performance from them. But Marquis takes a seat to watch Paul take the team down. He’s not healthy? OHHHH WTF IS HE PLAYING???!!!

  • Scott

    This team looks lost and apathetic. If I were Doc I would trot out a line up consisting of Rondo, TA, Scal, Bill Walker, and Shelden Williams because at least they would actually put in a full game’s effort. At least they would make losing watchable. After some resisting, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that this team NEEDS a trade to shake things up. Something, anything … because this is too hard to watch game after game.

  • Can’t quite figure out what’s going on with these guys. Blowing leads is scary business.

  • Scott

    oh and I love Quisy, he can’t touch the ball enough.

  • NineSevenEight

    We may be witnessing the fastest fading team in the history of professional sports. All the way down to FREE throws.

  • P-Dub never should’ve played. Absolutely not. Fitting end to 1st half of 2009-10 season. They will not make it out of the 1st rd if they don’t do some serious tightening up. Looking forward to Rajon in the HORSE game.

  • KY Celts fan

    Seriously? Is that 10 or 11 games we’ve pissed away? Do they really not give a shit? There is seriously no defense. Who are the Hornets without CP3?
    Fuck ’em all. Next games starting lineup should include Sheldon, Scal, Walker, and Giddens (even with the injury). None of the others deserve to play. Blow the team up. I’m sick of defending them.
    And don’t go using “last game before the break” as an excuse. That shit don’t fly no more.

  • KingJames2010

    celtics are way too old.

  • greenbeand

    scal was a +11?

  • KingJames2010


  • NineSevenEight

    +1. There’s no way to defend this team anymore.

  • DRJ

    Poor Quis… took a cut in pay to come to this great, contending team and make a rep for himself. Now he’s the only decent player on it. EVERYBODY else sucked tonight.
    Hornets sucked too… but in the who-can-be-more-pathetic race, the Cs won.
    Here’s the really troubling part: it wasn’t for lack of effort, or motivation, or focus, like we’ve been claiming recently. They just plain sucked. That’s scary.

  • KY Celts fan

    Holy crap!

  • Lee in Oregon

    I cant watch anymore. THEY SUCK and the whole world knows it.
    I heard Danny on WEEI today, trying to sell the “lack of health” kool-aid. I hope he was playing it cool for the radio cause a 3rd grader would know this current groups run is completely over.

  • JD

    Alright, so let me get this straight: the Celtics cannot win, we (the fans) are thinking of a million trade ideas a day to make the team better, and the only thing we have to look foward to is one of our young players participating in all star weekend? Is it 06-07 all over again? START TANKING, GO FOR JOHN WALL!

  • KY Celts fan

    Demarcus Cousins, John Wall’s partner in crime, would be a better fit for us. 6’11” and a serious banger.
    I know you weren’t being serious about Wall, but I can’t brag about the C’s anymore, so I got to brag about my Cats.

  • What happens if they dont do anything at the trade deadline?
    by the way, since the summer of 2008 danny ainge has made exactly 2 good moves- 1. not re-signing posey who looks worse than garnett allen and pierce combined right now and 2. somehow tricking marquis daniels to come here, thats it thats the list
    resigning tony=awful
    resigning eddie= equally bad
    signing patrick o’brian= ?
    signing miki moore=dont even go there
    signing stephon= didnt get it done
    damnit i cant go on….its too painfull
    the question i have though is, is danny really a good GM? really? if you just look at individual moves and tally wins and losses he loses in a landslide, if you look at the bigger picture he won us a championship
    but should we be content with that? 1 championship? i thought we were the Boston Celtics

  • Uncle Leo

    Yeah this team is hanging on by a very thin thread right now but I DIG THAT ABOUT THEM BABY.

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Hey guys.
    Hell of a game.

  • Rodger

    Lost 14 won 9 since after christmas.
    Keep ray trade paul and kevin for lebron.
    Put ray on bench start perkins rondo tony allen davis lebron.Bring back posey somehow.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    The only possible reason I can imagine or really put into reasonable thought about what is going on with this team is pure contentment.
    They are now content with their championship. They are all getting paid (even Rondo) and have all won a championship so there is NO drive. They can say what ever they want about having to get ubuntu back and this and that but subconsciously they just simply don’t care enough anymore. They get leads early because they still are better than most teams then put it on cruise control and really have no desire to actually win games and be the best they can be anymore. Somewhere in the back of their minds when teams make a run in the 3rd or 4th they just think they’ll win because they are better but that is just NOT happening. This is more frustrating than having a bad team, because we have a damn good team that just doesn’t even give enough of a shit to compete.
    The core of the team is on the back 9 of their careers, all have the money, the championship, the wife and kids. They don’t have the true drive anymore

  • with the exception of kg, the desire is their, the legs arent

  • DRJ

    Not Apathetic. Just pathetic. (They seemed to try, but just can’t put together a decent game.)

  • DRJ

    Meaningless. +/- is meaningless in single games anyway… and this is a good case in point. Scal did nothing, but was out there when the rest of the bench did some good things for a change.

  • DRJ

    You see, I think it’s much worse than that, sorry to say. I think they DID try tonight. But they were confused, lost and finally desperate. They CAN’T get it done anymore… which is much, much worse than just not being motivated.

  • rav

    Hornets wearing alternative uniforms.
    I have a feeling that we perform poorly in games where other teams wear throwbacks (e.g. the last Orlando game).
    Can someone check that up for me?

  • InBigThreeWeTrust

    i cant beleive why Doc pulled Daniels out when he was playin terrific basketball. It’s not Ray that we should put are anger to. It’s the coach!!


    U think KG doesn’t have desire??

  • Shawn-cvd

    Um…Every time I see that NBA commercial with KG stating “defense is our backbone” I just roll my eyes.
    Why can PP play while management decides KG is getting 11 games off? We should have rested him for the past three games plus the All Star break.
    It would’ve also been classy for Paul to suggest House play the Three Point Shootout for him. Then Paul would’ve had two full weeks rest.

  • The problem is the Celtics are way over the cap… so Danny’s hands are tied. He’s got to use pieces of the mid-level and veteran minimums to sign pieces and fill gaps in the roster.
    So who can you get to fill those spots?
    Last year, Eddie was awesome. He was automatic. He’s taken a step back this year.
    Tony Allen is actually playing ok. And if I remember correctly, we only brought Tony back when we explored a lot of other options and we couldn’t work anything out.
    As for Steph, Moore, and POB… yeah… swings and misses. And all of them were vet minimum guys. Never a guarantee those guys will work out. Look at how PJ Brown worked out.
    So yeah, I think Danny is a good GM. He did bring us a title. I want another one too… but jeez… let’s not blow off the fact that we won one

  • Ray Allen– “back spasms” suddenly over-coming him during warm-ups? Wasn’t Ellis out w an injury last night too? Aren’t we going to Sacramento right after the All-Star break? Anyone know where Ray is spending the “holiday”?
    Do any of you sense a trade here? I could be wrong I am not good with the trade/salary cap stuff but that just all seemed too coincidental and strange…

  • Thought the exact same thing last night. First thing I did was go online to see who else was mysteriously benched.

  • Another awful quarter, another blown lead.
    ‘Quis for President. Given he’s got fresh legs but it looked like he as in fast forward compared to the other guys last night. Making them all look SLOW AS HELL. Horrible way to go into the break.

  • Shawna

    I’m so pissed I can’t even find the words so I’m just going to go with “Ditto” to this G4L. And me like the fan I am, I just keep watching this crap play out over and over and OVER and OVER. What the hell?!

  • no i was pointing out that he is one of the few still with the desire, he just doesnt have the legs to get it done right now

  • He definitely has to get credit for the championship no doubt, and its true that last year he didnt have anything he could really do, no real difference makers in free agency that he had a chance at getting (besides birdman) and absolutely no talent on the bench that anyone else would give anything for
    i still think he is a good GM, but he definitely has a whole lot of questionable moves under his belt
    my favorite part about him right now is his attitude that he doesnt want to let this team fall into abyss

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Well said. I wouldn’t want Danny’s job. Wait a minute – sure I would. Could I do better than Ainge? Hell no, but I could probably keep Wyc bullsh#tted for a while like I knew what I was doing. Look how long Doc’s pulled it off.


    Same shit different day guys….it’s getting tiring I know – good play for a half, a shocking quarter – WHAT DOES DOC SAY AT HALFTIME?? MUST BE MOTIVATIONAL!!!
    We’re tearing ourselves apart here thru this run – I’m actually over the negativity – here’s hoping it’ll be a clean slate after the AS break and we see some game from these guys…..

  • Joseph

    “He did bring us a title….let’s not blow off the fact that we won one”
    See, this is the difference between the Lakers and the Suckdics. You guys are just happy with one title. The Lakers want to win every year! I guess that explains why the Lakers have won 4 championships in the last 10 years, and why you guys are happy with your 1.
    By the way, Mitch Kupchak too had his team over the salary cap and still managed to make great trades. This is what good GM’s do. It also helps when you have an owner who has the balls to spend money like Jerry Buss. Face it, you wish the Suckdics had an owner like Jerry Buss. The Lakers are the far more superior organization.