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Rumor: Celtics, Kings have yet to speak about Martin

Via the Sacramento Bee:

is legitimately interested in Martin, but that scenario doesn't look
likely to go anywhere at the moment. A source close to the Celtics said they have not spoken to the Kings, but the two teams will likely talk soon.

If the Kings were to accept a deal giving them Ray Allen and sending the Celtics Martin and Andres Nocioni,
the deal could very well get done. I don't see Petrie doing that,
however. That move would free up approximately $17 million off the
Kings' cap this summer and free up Martin's money that runs through
2013 and Nocioni's through 2012. It doesn't bring back talent beyond
this season, obviously, as Allen's contract is expiring.

Despite the Kings' hopes of landing an impact big man, don't expect Celtics GM Danny Ainge to give up center Kendrick Perkins (or point guard Rajon Rondo, for that matter, if I even needed to verbalize that part).

(h/t Celtics Fanatic)

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  • Filipe

    For what is worth Martin come from the bench for the first time yestarday in the Kings-Knicks game.

  • The more n more I think about Martin, I want him…nothing against Ray, he just happens to be the expiring contract and this team needs to get younger, i think a rondo/martin backcourt is pretty formidable for the future

  • But its not gonna happen…should also add that

  • KY Celts fan

    Could Davis be that big man Sac is looking for? I’d rather package Jim with Ray and get Martin rather than get Augustin. I’d suggest sending Sheed, but I doubt Sac would want him.

  • KY Celts fan

    *him, not Jim

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Doubtful, taking on Nocioni’s contract would cripple any future plans this team has.
    Martin can be pretty good, but the injury issues just turn me off so much. I’m not willing to get rid of Ray Allen for Martin and take on his contract for the next 5 years when he has major injury issues. I’d rather ride it out with ray because we have $31 million off the books next season and we can fill in as we go.
    Unless KG comes back to form his contract is going to cripple our franchise worse than the Miami Heat had it with Shaq. As far as I know, he is making $16mil this season but it goes back up to $20 next season and the final season is somewhere around $22 mil. Which means that if KG is going to continue downward we are going to paying him $22mil when hes 35/36yrs old and his game is basically all the way diminished

  • aaron

    this is a phenomenal trade and we need to take it immediately if the numbers can be worked Andres Nocioni would be great coming off the bench

  • C

    martin isnt as good as everybody thinks… Ray Allen jus put up 50 in the playoffs last season. Changes need to be made if its for a young guy. I wouldnt consider Martin part of the Celtic breed. If we get him it’d be good to see that resurrect his career then trade him. But with a lockout comin up this will be stupid for the Celts to do.
    Nocioni intrigues me in this deal more than Martin.