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Rumor: Are the Bobcats after Sheed?

Via Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer:

There's a report on that the Charlotte Bobcats and Boston
Celtics are in trade talks involving Glen "Big Baby'' Davis. I'm told
the two teams have talked, but I wouldn't be so certain Davis would be
the guy the Bobcats covet.

The Celtics need another guard who can knock down shots, which
brings D.J. Augustin (or possibly Flip Murray) to mind. Obviously, the
Bobcats would love to get Rasheed Wallace, a longtime favorite of coach
Larry Brown, who hasn't played particularly well of late in Boston.

The beauty of Wallace in Charlotte would be his wide skill set, You
could pair him with any of three big men — Tyson Chandler, Nazr
Mohammed or Boris Diaw — and he could blend with whatever strengths
and weaknesses the other big man had.

Why would Charlotte want Sheed? Because at 25-25, they are fighting with the Heat and Bulls for the 6th and 7th playoff spots. He's a veteran presence and he's relatively cheap (2 more years at $5.8 million).

No way the Celtics trade Wallace. Despite his struggles, he's our best insurance policy for Kevin Garnett and there's always hope he will come around… especially in the playoffs.

(h/t Celtics Blog)

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  • Lex

    Why would Charlotte want Sheed?
    Would Sheed retire?
    No way the Celtics trade Wallace.
    Not so sure. I think that certain Celtics brass understand that Sheed is part of the problem. His lethargy is infectious. The problem is the void left were he to depart.
    My gut says that sheed is a big part of the problem, but trading him is no great solution either.

  • Jon with no H

    using the trade machine, Baby/Sheed for Augustin/Nazr works. The best part is it predicts both teams would be worse, the C’s -3 wins and the Cats -4. How can you go wrong with a lose-lose trade?

  • aaron

    trade him. he looks terrible. i’d rather have a TRUE back up PG and play shelden @4 (he is quick for a big)

  • thetitleisours

    It does seem like the chemistry is not there.
    Maybe DA would bring in Robert Swift or Nick Fazekas to replace Sheed lol
    Future rule – No ex-Pistons – EVER!

  • Perry

    I know it’s a snow day, but this rumor mill is growing more absurd by the hour.
    I can understand Danny listening to offers where Ray is concerned because there is an expiring 19 million dollar contract at stake. But it’s hard for me to believe that he would even consider shopping Sheed.
    It was only 6 months ago he, Doc and the Big 3 were knocking on his door — coaxing him to Boston. If you believe Danny is ready to blow the team up, then you probably think Odom married Kardashian for her brains. And by the way, just what constitutes an NBA source these days? This is all based on pie in the sky conjecture and innuendo — not facts.
    If we can agree this team still has a loaded roster, which incurred key injuries, then lapsed defensively and lost their edge – it makes it easier to pin point the problem. Now that health seems to be ascending (assuming Pierce recovers) it’s obvious to me what’s been missing.
    Two years ago this team had a pair of guys who made their living on hustle plays. When Pose decided to opt out of Boston we were left with Leon. How many games did he change last year with a key play not related to scoring? We all acknowledged the value of Posey, and it seems that this team misses Leon’s energy and hustle too.
    Blockbuster deals at the mid way point never seem to pan out — if winning a championship is the ultimate goal. This team is not too far away. They just wandered off the reservation.
    Tweaking the line up with an addition like Turiaf of GS or a Reggie Evans type guy is the juice this team needs. Somewhere out there is another PJ Brown. It’s up to Danny to seek out that noble warrior.

  • I just find it funny how anyone thinks sheeds “great skillset” would help the bobcats…um didnt we think the same thing?
    Just stupid..i find both rumours to be unbelivable dumb and unlikely…Larry brown doesnt like players or playing players that are out of shape, both Baby and sheed are out of shape

  • Trade both Baby and Sheed, with a bum KG on your roster? and get Nazr Mohammed for a backup big?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    You cannot even consider this as a possibility. This is getting ridiculous. How can you scream to trade sheed to the bobcats? Who the hell are we going to get in return that gives us a better chance at winning? and replace him with shelden williams? like seriously do you people even fucking watch basketball?
    it blows my mind how completely down on a player fans can get, the guy is a bench player and IS NOT affecting this teams drive and even arguing that is so fucking clueless. we sent every veteran on the team to recruit him and that is the problem here, everyone had such HIGH expectations for rasheed not realizing he is a 35 yr old 7 footer at the end of his career. He is coasting thru the reg season because he knows hes a bench player and he won’t really start to focus until the playoffs start and what else can you really expect from a 35 yr old bench player? Was PJ Brown really making HUGE impacts off the bench? he his that one jumper against the cavs and people think he’s black jesus. RASHEED WALLACE IS BETTER THAN PJ BROWN OR ANY AVAILABLE BIG MAN ON THE MARKET.

  • Jon

    What part of “how can you go wrong with a lose-lose trade?” doesn’t scream sarcasm? See, I realize that you don’t actually think I’m brilliant despite your use of the word. I simply used 3 people that are being discussed in these rumors and threw in Nazr to make the salaries work and so we get a big man back. IF we traded Baby for DJ we’d be down a big anyway and then left with Sheed. So, just for the hell of it:
    Sheed: 23.7 min 10ppg 4.2rpg .8bpg 40%FG
    Nazr: 16.9 min 8.3ppg 5.1rpg .8bpg 57%FG
    In 7 less minutes Nazr grabs one more board, blocks the same amount of shots and only scores 1 basket less while shooting a ridiculously higher FG%. Maybe Sheed’s wouldn’t be so low if he shot better than 30% from 3 but there’s no indication he’s going to start banging in the post soon. Nazr’s also 3 years younger. Is Sheed really better?

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    I agree. I think the Celtics fucked themselves when they let both Posey and Powe go. Big time negative karma there. The likelihood is that Powe will get redemption on us. The dude lived in a car! Hes a hero – how do you ditch him on a bad knee!

  • Perry

    Forsberg’s ESPN Twitter:
    Ainge: “We’re going to try to do something [in trade market]. It might be something very small, but tweak the personality of our team.”
    Reply Retweet Danny Ainge tells WEEI that he’s had no discussions with the Charlotte Bobcats.

  • C

    YOU’RE A BUM!!! Dont talk bad bout KG!! But seriously the guy is jus gettin adjusted to his body. 82 (plus playoffs) for about 12 seasons will do that to you. He will be healthy (enough) come playoffs. Sheed is the bum. Jus look at his beard lol. Seriously tho I like Sheed but we gotta get younger and keeping the core and gettin younger would be golden. I wouldnt trade Baby AND Sheed tho but gettin Nazr and Augustine would work.

  • aaron

    no. he isnt. he is a cancer. ask anyone in the pistons organization…