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Pierce Will Play vs Hornets and in All-Star Game

Via Boston.com:

getting better, it's still a little sore," Pierce said of his left foot
sprain. "I'm hoping over the break, with some time off, I can continue
the process of getting better. Definitely, the weekend is going to
help. I plan on playing tonight and plan on being in the All-Star game,
plan on being in everything."

Pierce will also be involved in the 3-point contest.

"I have been practicing, I feel pretty good about it, I
like my chances," Pierce said after the Celtics completed a
late-morning shootaround. "I don't see a lot of wear and tear if I
participate in the weekend activitites, play about 10-12 minutes in the
All-Star game. The 3-point contest, I don't really see too much wear
and tear, I don't look at it as something that is going to hinder me."

You can't tell me the foot won't benefit from 5 days of pure rest.

Is that what Rondo was referring to when he called out some players for having "agendas?"

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  • rcry

    It’s certainly reasonable to think that this counts as an “agenda.” Paul has been talking about this 3-point contest forever and it seems like he’s been taking a lot of 3-point shots during games when we should be getting the ball inside. In the Orlando game, he was 1/6 from the 3-point line…

  • FSantos33

    Also, House wanted to compete in it but he was snubbed then Paul got selected. You are right I’ve noticed more 3’s brick launcher by Paul the last several games.
    I am not in the locker room to observe their behavior but I can picture friction between House and Paul having the 3 pt contest agenda, Sheed having his Lazy eating burger and fries agenda, big baby crying about something, Ray dealing with daily trade rumors and playing heavy minutes, Kg wants to be the old Kg again agenda, Perkins angry man agenda and Rondo (23) having to deal with it all. Can’t be easy.
    Obviously, it has damaged the team’s chemistry and the Celtics are just a .500 ball club nowadays. Sad but true.
    Paul’s shooting style is awkward anything but smooth very herky jerky line drive type of shot. He is not going to win it. Maybe Curry will win it. Smooth and quick release usually does the trick.

  • Yep, I love Pierce but i think he is the one with agendas and is the one who has absoultely killed us when hes played the last month or so…and im pissed off hes playing tonight, first of all he hasnt been helping us, hes been bad defensibvely and stagnating the offense, im not hating on paul, im statingg facts, and tonight hes taking minutes away from a younger healthier player, who quite frankly has been playing better, when there is absolutely no reason for paul to play tonight- none, none whatsoever.
    If he starts bring the ball up himself and going 1 on 1 im gonna wanna flip the channel..yes pauls a warrior, yes hes among my favorite celtics ever, yes he started the year great, but hes gottan away from celtics basketball and hasnt been helpin.. what epitomizes this theory is the fact that we are 0-3 against the magic with paul, and 1-0 against them, and had won 3 games in a row when paul was out with injury, he prematurely comes back for no reason against the magic and plays terrible in a losing effort

  • FSantos2008

    I hate that 1 on 5 play too.. just run a normal play you know. Doc and Paul still think it’s 2008 and Paul athleticism of 2001.

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Great analysis! Whatever happened to umbutu? I want the Celtics to stop with all the talk about how they are going to do “this and that” – no more predictions – no more agendas. Play focused, determined, team basketball.

  • 100% agree. All the love for PP, (as evidenced by my icon), but ENOUGH with the dribble down to 6 seconds and taking the other team 1 on 5.