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Ainge Denies Talking Trade with Bobcats

Danny Ainge addressed the Glen Davis for DJ Augustin trade rumor on WEEI:

There have been new trade rumors since the last time we talked. What about this Glen Davis to Charlotte rumor? Any truth?

Any truth to what? That he’s going to Charlotte? No.

Any truth to it?

None. I haven’t had any discussions with Charlotte.

You have had zero conversations with Charlotte?

Right, I haven’t had any conversation with Charlotte. There was
speculation that they were looking for 4 and we were looking for a
backup [point guard]. People try to put things together, but I have not
had conversations. I like the player mentioned in the trade rumor [D.J.
Augustin] but we like Glen Davis a lot too.

So… do you believe Danny? It's possible someone besides Ainge had low-level discussions with the Bobcats. If that's the case, Ainge would not be lying here.

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  • FSantos33

    Yea right.. I feel like all this trade talk about BBD and talk about how valuable the expiring contracts are all bull shit. All the trade rumors are a joke and the expiring con. of Ray, TA, Scal etc are as overrated as the Sheed signing.

  • BrickJames

    ray allen out tonight with ‘back spasms’… hmmmmmmmm

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Just watch you dumbass.