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Your Morning Dump… We gotta get that look back

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“Oh yeah, I get a lot of that,” Rivers said. “But enough with the talk,
you know? I had a conga line in my office today. That’s great. Guys
want to do the right thing. I don’t think we have bad guys on our team.
I know we don’t. But we have to do them. And we keep talking about,
‘You’re right, and we’re going to do it.’ But we’re not doing it.”

“I think when you have a veteran team there’s several pitfalls,”
Rivers said. “One, you’re a veteran team. Two, ‘We’ll turn it on.’
Well, I don’t buy into that. I never have.

“Three, leaning back on your past success. Your past success is no
guarantee to future success, and I think this team leans back too far
on what they’ve done. And we’ve got to get to work on what we’re going
to do.”

“We have to get back to work. We have to get back to that workman’s
mentality. We have to get back to wanting to be the best defensive team
in the NBA. We have to get back to executing better.

“We can’t just keep relying on guys coming back off of injury. That
has thrown us off a little bit because of lack of practice time and all
that, but I think that’s become an excuse around here. We’re not going
to allow that. We can’t allow that.”

Herald – Doc Done Being Nice

It's time for Apollo Creed. He's the only man that can save this team. Doc's quotes about "workman's mentality" and wanting to be the best defensive team equate to one thing – Eye of the Tiger. Out west, Doc needs to have the entire team run sprints on the beach and awkwardly hug one another when it's over.

On Page 2, the Lakers are so good, they can win without Kobe and Bynum.

Pau Gasol
had 21 points, 19 rebounds, eight assists and five blocked shots to
lead five players in double figures, and Los Angeles beat the San Antonio Spurs 101-89 Monday night as Bryant missed his second consecutive game with a sore left ankle.

Andrew Bynum sat out with a bruised right hip.In their absences, the Lakers used a collective effort to win in their final home game before this weekend's All-Star break.

Ron Artest added 18 points, Lamar Odom 16 points and 10 rebounds, and Jordan Farmar and Derek Fisher had 13 each."

Gasol Double-double Leads Lakers Past Spurs

Sorry to tout the Lakers success, but there really wasn't any more relevant Celtics news out there.

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  • Jason

    Tout it. Hey C’s, the Lakers are succeeding despite injuries. Your move fellas.

  • Fire Doc AND Sheed, and maybe we can win again.

  • Jason, alot of teams have been doing fine with injuries, including other contenders such as the Cavaliers (no mo williams or delonte) the Nuggets (No melo, without billups for some time) and of course the lakers..
    Injuries are a stupid excuse, and something that didnt stop this team the past 2 seasons when they played great when KG or someone else was out.
    As far as all this crap docs saying, sounds nice, but i want to see it

  • Sheed = not playing well
    Sheed= Not the main problem
    people need to stop using him as a scapegoat…we were up 11, and our starters got blown out the other day…what exactly did that have to do with sheed?
    and I’ll take him over mikki moore anyday

  • Venus

    Funny Doc is talking about leaning on past successes. Maybe it’s time he takes his own advice and realizes what the team was doing in the past isn’t working anymore and adjust.

  • Agreed 100%

  • Something that is a little bit off base and a different way to look at it, Back in the offseason when tom thibodeau was looking to be a head coach, i actually liked it because i thought they need something new, a new voice, a new scheme…I love thibs but he’s not having the same effect on this team, and his schemes have been figured out…need something new

  • Lex

    You don’t like the current look, ie., a hit and run victim in a wheelchair dressed in a full-body cast?

  • Lex

    I would agree . . . if the Celtics were running Thibs defense. Do the rotations look the same as two years ago?
    I would say know.
    Instead, I call this defense THE AW FUCK IT, YOU DEFEND HIM, CUZ I AIN’T GONNA.

  • Congrats… you won ONE game without Kobe or Bynum. Hold on… let’s clear the parade route.

  • Joseph

    Uh, the Lakers won 2 games without Kobe and Bynum. The Lakers beat Portland in Portland (Bynum technically played but he only logged 2 mins). How about that, the Lakers are 2-0 without Kobe this season.
    You’re right about one thing. Clear the parade rout in L.A., because, it’s back-to-back this year. Have fun tearing apart your Boston team, because they’re done!

  • DRJ

    Sheed over Mikki? Yeah, for sure… except that Mikki got no minutes, thank goodness, and Sheed is killing us with his.

  • DRJ

    Doc’s right about getting back to basics on D… which is all about just working hard. Uhh… Sheed ain’t listening, but maybe others will.
    And yes, I am surprised about the Lakers’ last 2 wins. They ARE better than I thought. In some games (when he was injured), Kobe has looked like a liability on the court. They’re good. They’re gonna be tough to beat, for anybody.

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    You KNOW the green shit has hit the fan when a Celtic’s blog is reporting on the Lakers and how good they are playing.
    But I agree with Red’s Army here (cue a severe case of the shit shivers), although you’re overreacting to Jason a bit.
    No time to inflate the Laker’s dominate play without Kobe & Bynum with just one win.
    Jason does have a point though. Your move, Celtics. Your move.

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Rest Kobe Weds against the Jazz. No one cares about Utah.
    And screw the All Star game. Take a rest, Kobe. Ignore that circus.
    Here’s hoping that the C’s use the time off as well, and get healed up. No excuses when The Lakers pummel your old, flabby, non consistent asses into the Staples Center floor. I’ll be there to watch it all, and close enough to try out some new nicknames I have for the green clad douchebags.

  • Exactly my point…Thibs isn getting through to them like he was at first…exactly why a new voice preaching new schemes would have been good in my opinion, players start tuning out the same old after a while


    Yeah don’t care about Utah – 8 straight wins by 7 or more….might go put money on them…
    Agreed about what is said above – even with TTR!!! (WTF!!) I don’t think it’s the right time to fire coaches but Doc has to try something different. I don’t think it’s that teams have figured out the D (except maybe Orlando who take their chances bombing away) – it’s that the same guys aren’t as good or quick at their roles so the whole team concept HAS turned into – fuck it u stop him cos he just blew past me!!!’ defence!!!


    ALSO TTR – don’t take this the wrong way but what makes u think Ray Allen is playing well? He’s had 2 20 pt games recently against NJ and MIA – in the last 3 big games vs LA, ORL and ATL he’s shot 10-36! He been schooled defensively…I don’t think he’s playing well at all……

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Holy f*ck move over mark jackson TTR is Doc’s new chief apologist. Its coaching all right ttr, but don’t even try to lay this steaming pile at Thibs feet. If they are tuned out it is the HEAD coach who must get their attention. And I know you don’t agree but look at the film, Sheed is a lazy f*cktard who makes no effort to rotate on D. But then you may be right, don’t blame sheed- he’s just being sheed. Blame the dumbass that sent him to the scorer’s table.

  • im not a doc apologist, he just wasnt the one looking for a new job this summer, and thibs was, my whole point, even then, was bringing in different coaches for the staff would have been better then bringing back the same one….just a theory…Im not blaming a thing on Thibs, he just isnt getting through to them like he did in his first year, when he was fresh to everybody, and neither is Doc…so calm down

  • Um because Ray Allen has 1. stayed healthy (KG and Pierce have not)
    Ray Allen’s Numbers and level of play are closer to what he did the year we won the championship then Pierce and especially KG’s.
    Pretty simple

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    That would be money well placed, me thinks. Utah on a roll right now. Big chance Lakers could lose this one, with or without Kobe & Bynum. But as we all know, The Jazz give up quicker than Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety after 2am at some point near the end of the season. I’m saying it’s not worth putting Kobe is to try and snag the game, as Utah won’t be a post season threat. We’ll see how we do……
    I meant it more a dig on the entire state, as it’s a stepford population with horrible food.

  • Sheed=the main problem.
    Take a look at this year’s team and last year’s team and tell me why we’re 3-1 against the Orlando Magic.
    You can’t, unless you factor in attitude.
    Yes, it’s possible to turn tables THAT much. And Rasheed’s doing it.

  • Um….Nope Sheed isnt the main problem
    And in case ya didnt know bud Sheed wasnt on our roster the previous 2 year and we were below .500 in the regular season againt them, and lost to them in the playoffs.
    honestly, get a clue
    “sheed the main problem” hahaha…

  • Also, Ray Allen has played more minutes then anybody on this team this season,and hasn’t missed a game, hes been overplayed, doc has run him into the ground because other players cant stay healthy… maybe thats why his jumper is off? and people like to rip and get on ray? lmao….
    KG cant stay healthy and is half the player he was just 2 seasons ago…but somehow hes had a better year then ray

  • Yes… without Kevin Garnett for HALF the year, Rajon Rondo a younger player, Perk not evolved as much, Glen Davis a nonfactor (until last year’s playoffs), without Marquis Daniels… and on and on. We should have a much better team this year. In fact, we should be no. 1 in the East.
    But we’re not raging lunatics like we were the previous two years. We’re not mindless savages the previous two years. Guarantee you if guys like Rasheed was on the Boston team like year, we would’ve been swept by Orlando.
    The team is lazy now. We don’t hustle. And it all comes back to Rasheed Wallace. What kind of guy shows up to camp 30 lbs. out of shape?? At least Davis had SOMEWHAT of an excuse for chrissakes. And you KNOW Davis is a hard worker. This is a guy that hasn’t proved anything to us yet, we chased hard, and comes lazily in like he’s going to change the team when he can’t even run at an NBA pace. Davis showed us what he can do in last year’s playoffs, and worked extremely hard to do it.
    Rasheed’s a dog. Rasheed’s one of those guys who could’ve been an All-Time great but never wanted to. Rasheed pours talent, charisma, and basketball IQ. That’s the only reason he can still succeed without putting any effort in. But he doesn’t have any integrity for himself.
    Rasheed Wallace is a loser.

  • Jason

    You know I’m a Celtic fan, right?

  • Oh and “honestly,” quit being so concrete and start looking between the lines.

  • Jason

    Be a little more reasonable comparing injuries. Have the Cavs lost LeBron AND Shaq and kept winning? No. Their injuries don’t compare to not having Kobe AND Bynum. I hate Kobe as much as anyone can (and I don’t mean sports hate, the guy is a detestable human being), but his talent and basketball value are unquestioned. Yeah it’s only two games, but they were impressive wins. Portland hasn’t tanked. Etc. etc. The point is, the team (and its fans) need to move beyond the injury issue. This is an extended slump and there need to be accountability.

  • Hah.. no.  You kinda came off as a Lakers fan there

  • C’mon, Sheed is the main problem? We’re talking about a bench player. Dude doesn’t get enough minutes to be the main problem

  • You can’t unless you factor attitude…
    Or unless you factor that Carter played out of his mind, that Howard developed a semblance of an offensive game, or that their starting PG wasn’t hurt.
    I’m not saying the Magic are a solid indication of how we’ve played but there are two teams on the court and I suggest that their starters have more impact on the wins than our bench.

  • Agree with the point. Though old dogs and new tricks. I’m not sure if the vets would be inspired by a fresh voice.
    Just play for 48 damned minutes! They show good-to-great defense in spurts. The players need to decide to play a complete game, and/or Doc needs to shuffle the rotations to create a spark.

  • The Ray bashing is lost on me. I can see the value in him as a trade option, (not even suggesting a trade, I can see the argument for it though), but to blame him is just odd.
    I see him busting his ass which I think all the players could do a bit more of right now. Sure he’s missing shots, not a good thing at all, but he’s trying like hell to find wins.

  • NorthernGreen

    That is the reason “Doc” needs to go. Could it be that he (Thibs) is being overridden by “Doc”?

  • The MAIN problem. The MAIN problem. Doesn’t mean the sole problem. And I’m talking attitude cancer hear. To affect the team’s play, he doesn’t necessarily have to be on the court.


    So he’s playing better cos he’s stayed healthy?? I agree he’s being overplayed – but that doesn’t mean he’s playing better, and being overplayed may well be the problem…
    Career lows across the board from Ray and he’s playing WORSE defensively THAN (not then) he ever has. U could argue the same numbers wise for KG and Pierce as well i suppose but at least KG is shooting 50% and Pierce is 44% in 3’s. Small comfort if the C’s are losing though….

  • rav

    idk about that. Our defense is still league best, but the problem is A) our offense is stalling often and B) we are not putting in the same defensive effots conssitently through the game
    These aren’t problems that will be oslved by bringing a new defensive coach. there is no better defensive coach than Thibodeau

  • Maybe, just Maybe instead of looking at the stats, watch a game or 2…the defense has been awful