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Rumor: Glen Davis for D.J. Augustin

Via ESPN's Chris Brousard:

The Boston Celtics and Charlotte Bobcats are discussing a trade
centered around Glen "Big Baby'' Davis and D.J. Augustin, according to
league sources.

The sources cautioned that nothing is imminent, but said the clubs are having discussions.

The Bobcats have been searching for a power forward, and the 6-9
Davis could be their man. The Celtics, meanwhile, have been longing for
a backup point guard, and Augustin, who's fallen out of favor with
Charlotte coach Larry Brown, would be more than adequate.

A straight-up trade would not work because Davis is a base-year
compensation player, so other players would have to be involved to meet
the financial requirements. That could be a sticking point in the deal.

Augustin, a second-year player, is averaging 5.8 points and 2.3 assists in 18 minutes for the Bobcats. He's shooting 37% from the field and 36% from 3.

I guess he would fill the void at the back-up point guard position.

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  • I’m not sure how this can happen. I’m no capologist or trade expert… but those Base Year Compensation guys are insanely difficult to trade.

  • bostonfanatheart

    sounds like we’ll be unloading a lot of pieces. if this rumor is true, seems the organization has had enough of davis.

  • NineSevenEight

    Don’t like it. BBD brings more to the table and finally starting to get back into playing shape and contribute. If the Celtics want to make a move, it has to be a move that’s going to improve them. Don’t see much of that here.

  • Nick

    They have 32 million in expiring deals and they are trying to trade the BYC guy?

  • NineSevenEight

    Plus we all know Doc won’t play a guy that’s been in the league less than 3 years with Rondo and the Big Three out there. Not to mention having to get a young player like Augustin up to speed on the C’s offense/defense game plan (if there even is one).

  • bostonfanatheart

    i think theyre trying to save allen for a last minute trade. if they cant get good enough players through small trades (which is highly unlikely), then they’ll break the bank with allen.

  • gustusias

    this is a stupid trade. i can’t believe danny would be considering this unless davis is truly hurting the team in ways we don’t even know about off the court.his thumb injury didn’t bother me. i mean he’s a kid and was aggravated by a negative comment about his girl. guys respond that way sometimes. we need more glen davis not less. to trade him is ridiculous.

  • NineSevenEight

    Add to the fact that BBD is a better offensive and defensive big man than Shelden, which is what the Celtics would be left with for big men after an aging KG/Sheed combo.

  • if it was just for augustine the only trade that would work would be baby and sheldon for augustine
    that would leave us razor thin at the backup 4 and in need of another trade

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    I bet one of the Wall St. whiz kids could come up with a formula…

  • Danno

    Sounds like we know now who Rondo was talking about in his “locker room chemistry” conversation.
    I don’t mind this trade. 2nd rounder who’s fallen out with the team for a lottery pick genuine backup PG.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Except, what none of us on the outside knows…is what BBD is like in the locker room these days. Maybe he has become a bit toxic?

  • or augustine & graham for baby and giddens would work too

  • greenbeand

    dumb idea- big baby knows the system and his role. too bad his shooting sucks. however, i’d love a future 1st round pick

  • NineSevenEight

    You could say that about almost anyone in the NBA. Trading a big man and getting a 2nd year back up point guard will do little to solve this team’s issues. BBD may have the slightest tinge of toxicity, if we’re going with that argument, but he was the one of the only Celtics I saw hustling for loose balls and grabbing offensive rebounds against the Magic…something this team needs desperately.
    Let’s choose to go on what we do know instead of what we don’t. Just my opinion.

  • nick

    wow thats a weird deal is all I can say…Also I feel like clearly Augustin is a stud player and has a higher ceiling, but they say never trade a small for a big. but man Augustin is a lot like rondo and I remember he torched us 2wice last year, Bib Baby is balling right now though, we shAll see, i think it would make us better

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Not to start an argument, 978…but we do know things about BBD and his emotional state. We got the fight he was in with his best friend. We got him shouting expletives at a fan. We got his attitude in the off season when he didn’t get what he wanted regarding his contract.
    Thats just some stuff, but it ain’t chopped liver.

  • FSantos33

    Maybe this is just part 1 and part 2 to follow. This trade alone won’t make us that much better…. unless… Part 2 would be unloading Ray to really shock everyone. I am not going to sit here and doubt Ainge this is the same guy who got us KG, Ray, Posey, PJ, and Cassel. But…. since then Ainge has been on a slump. (Marbury, Mikki, Sheldon, Sheed, waived Hudson.. etc.) It will be very interesting to see what’s going to happen before Feb 18.

  • Shawn-cvd

    You can’t trade/let loose all our back up bigs from our championship run. Or certainly not for this. If it’s the only way to have a legit back up PG then so be it but I’m not a fan.
    I’d prefer a veteran back up PG. Imagine how much better our offense in the 2nd unit would run if we had managed to get J Will (instead of the Magic). Try and find someone like that for our EC’s Danny!

  • NineSevenEight

    No offense taken. I’m just giving him the benefit of the doubt. We were all in our 20’s once — hell, I’m still going through them. I was as ticked as everyone else was when I heard Baby broke his hand. But no one knows what happened or what was said to provoke that kind of response. No excuse for violence, but no one is perfect.
    You’re right, Baby did get in a fight with his “friend” and get miffed at a taunting fan, but who really knows how he interacts with his teammates? I still see Baby as young kid still learning how to adjust to the NBA life. Growing pains.
    Just don’t think giving up a big, with an already aging corps, for a back up PG who may or may not play.

  • Baby has been playing bad for my expectations for him this season, and I like DJ augustin, but i just dont see how this trade helps that much or makes us better, it gives us a young backup PG instead of a young backup Big
    DJ Augustin was also the rookie who said if you dont back down they sorta quit, talking about us…lol

  • Dude, hes a backup PG and averages like 5/1
    Stud? no
    More upside then Davis? eh

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Never really watched Augustine, can he defend?

  • Eh, not many 6 foot guys can defend in the NBA anymore, no hes not some great defender, hes a backup PG (and will never be more then that here even if he has potential to be) he averages 5/2/1 on the Bobcats, and Larry Brown took him in the draft before Brooke Lopez, and already has him on the trading block..
    more info on him

  • I dont think Rondo actually ever said anything about locker room chemistry, he talked about different agendas creeping in, which could be anything, thinking about stuff off the basketball court and out of the locker room, and needing to turn around the play on the court, people for whatever reason interpretted this as there is some locker room cancer ripping apart the team…and i dont think this trade or rumoured trade, possibly not even true means anything about what rondo said, not even related..
    And Davis was a great 2nd round pick, Augustine one of the worst lottery picks in recent memory, yeah on paper we’re getting a lottery pick (so was shelden williams) for a 2nd round pick…but that means nothing now that we see who the players are in the NBA

  • what are the people smoking who think a 23 yr old bench player is causing locker room problems with this veteran team? i mean really?

  • C

    uh Big Baby a better defender than Shelden??? I dont kno wat peyote u smokin on.. Shelden was an awesome defender when the Celts looked like one the best teams in the league. Big Baby maybe might rotate a lil better and understand the defense but I think Rivers can do the team a favor giving Shelden those minutes to prove himself. You can only lapse so many times on D before KG is in your ear….
    With that said pull the trigger. Baby’s ceiling isnt really high and the Celtics have decisions/extensions coming up for the Big 3. I’d like to see the core stay together and to do that you have to inject new talent and develop it. Augustine could very well help us with his scoring and speed. Him and Rondo some nights could brutalize offenses when the slow it down defense aint workin. But he also could sit alot of nights to watch House…. ‘Play the right way’. Words that will forever haunt that young PG’s nightmares….

  • C

    And I believe personally Rondo was referring to Pierce. I can see it with their chemistry on the court. Rondo LOVES KG (and should for gettin him that very comfortable deal) but Pierce still feels the Celtics are his and sometimes tries to hard. But like KG said they are a team and they need to address it DIRECTLY to whoever he was talking about. And Rondo def. wasnt a leader gettin his teams name in the papers that way.

  • this would be a seriously sweet solution

  • larry

    really guys, at this point can this trade really hurt anything.?for gods sake bbd gets in a fight with his “best friend” and screws up his thumb.!!celts should have cut him just for being stupid.!!he had the best job in the world.!

  • nick

    Hey moron…How many 23 yr olds get alot of Burn for Larry Brown?? D.J Augustin is only 6’0 but the dude is nasty. He was starting over Ray Felton for awhile and he’s a lottery pick. If we got him we could not play House any more which would be huge. Larry Brown is notorious 4 benching great young talent..He gets into young players minds. Just in terms of talent its not even debatable..I love Glen but Augustin is a Rondo Like talent..I don’t get the trade for that reason..they are too much alike, But for you to come on the site and bash a great player like Augustin who killed us 2 times last year in BobCat wins is just silly

  • C

    we only got 41 games left but I like the trade. Problem is how long its gonna take to get Pierce trusting Martin and Nocioni and vice versa. Plus Kings for some reason seem to be a team who doesnt want to build around Evans the 2 guard. But Evans and Martin the incongruous duo. Maybe they are hoping they can net Al Jefferson or something IDK. but it’d be good for a team that isnt goin anywhere for sure. they could even (gasp) buy out Allen and let him return to us….

  • Yea Leon powe Couldn’t help us right about now!!!!!!!!! for the leauge min…..Dumbs move DANNY has ever done

  • This won’t work…It’s just another rumor that will remain a thought

  • Augustin is not a rondo like talent
    Larry Brown was the one who took Augustin over Brook Lopez, and he isnt playing well this year enough to get minutes and is on the trading block.
    Doc Rivers is very much the same with young players as Lary Brown.
    Nowhere did i bash DJ augustin, I like him alright, I just dont think this improves us a great deal, kind of a weird move

  • lakers4life

    Lets go boston, make sure this “great” trade gets done 😀

  • bostonfanatheart
    the bobcats apparently WANT rasheed, and larry brown really likes him.

  • DRJ

    Larry Brown loves Sheed? May they live happily ever after.


    Agreed (did I just write that?)


    Interesting theory there……


    Oh fuck – private jet the fat bastard!!!!

  • Lee in Oregon

    I like it.
    Really tired of watching Baby get his shot blocked. Seems like it happens more now than when he was heavier. Too bad Leon isnt around to take his place, but Williams isnt that much of a downgrade, and is actually better defensivly & rebounding wise.
    Time to start rebuilding around Rondo, this team peaked 2 years ago and isnt going anywhere.

  • Perry

    Don’t like it. The math doesn’t add uo unless multiple players are included. Baby’s 3 million/ would amount to only half off the Celtic’s books while Augustin’s incoming salary would total 2.3 million. That’s adding to the cap, so there’s no value. There would have to be either a second deal in the works for a front line player or another team involved in the acquisition.
    My greater points are:
    1. Why trade a front line asset especially when Baby is finally finding his rhythm?
    2. What if Sheed breaks down? Can we really count on Scal and Shelden Williams in the post season?
    …And can we count on Sheed?
    3. Can Augustin be counted on to provide the necessary scoring punch needed off the bench?

  • Ryan

    Yes baby does get his shot blocked but give him a little more time to get in a groove like last year when he was using the hoop to ward off defenders in the air. A lot of that is timing. He is the only one going hard after offensive rebounds with some help from rondo. Davis moves quick, finds openings and sets the best picks….perk as well(setting picks). I can’t decide on whether I would do dj for davis but if charlotte is interested in Wallace, I would give him up in a heart beat even for someone less that dj. He just doesn’t look good taking jump shots and missing them, and never helping on weak side defense. He just appears lazy and his offensive talents can’t make up for that anymore as he is 35. Maybe he is saving it for the playoffs and he does currently do a solid job 1 on 1 post defense. I just really feel that now all of the celtics have seen his lackadaisical play and it is almost like a huge let down that has negatively impacted the team. Everybody is in a difficult position if they realize there better off without wallace after making suck a huge attempt to lure him to boston.

  • Ryan

    Also, taking away wallace’s min would allow davis and sheldon to energize the team and eventually wear out the defense. They both go hard after boards and sheldon is one of the top shot blockers and rebounders record wise at duke. Wallace isn’t doing anything on offense anyways so let these guys get most of the min while perk and kevin are on the bench. However, kg will get better if you can remember those 5 or 6 games before he re-injured his knee, there was a lot of chatter that KG was back and even he was getting amped up again(all those alley oops from rondo) So give KG time and paul as well to get back to health and if everybody stays healthy, this team will go on another long winning streak. KG healthy obviously makes everybody else more focused and willing to go all out.

  • Um, how did KG get rondo his deal? he didnt.
    And rondo calling out the team as a whole through the media was good, not bad, if you dont interpret it as leadership, fine, but that next game he stepped up and led on the court while certain other players seemed to wake up and take notice to what he said.
    Also, Im not sure if it was pierce he was talking about, but it could be likely, Pierce had gone 1 on 5 for a few games straight (losses) at the end of games, the ball wasnt moving, it was very odd and not celticss basketball

  • Nope, Leon Powe cant even play right now, and the last thing we need is a guy who cant play half the season and is coming off a 3rd serious knee injury.
    Liked Leon, but cmon