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Your Morning Dump… where some Celtics are dilusional

Celts huddle distance

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"One of the guys said, ‘We're better than Orlando.' And I said, ‘No
you're not. That's a bunch of crap. They beat you three games, two at
your place. They're better. They knocked you out of the playoffs last
year.' Orlando's better than us right now. Atlanta's better than us
right now. L.A.'s better than us right now. Those are the teams that
have beaten us. That doesn't mean that we can't be better than them at
some point, but right now, those teams are better than us."

ESPN Boston:  Celtics not among the elite

I feel like I'm watching an episode of "Intervention."  Everyone but the subject knows they've go serious problems.

Honestly… how can any member of the Celtics sit there and say "we're better"?

During my frustrated Twitter ranting during and after yesterday's game, I kept getting messages that the Celtics are too old… and that age is responsible.  That's crap.  That's not the case at all.  That quote right there is the problem.

If it was age, the Celtics would have come out of halftime strong, then faded down the stretch.  But they came out like they had already won the game.  In the first half, we were all celebrating the return of "Celtics Basketball."  They were moving the ball, they were aggressive, they were playing defense.  In the second half, they stood around, they walked the ball up the floor, and they just stopped rotating out on the wings and let Orlando…. a team everyone KNOWS likes to shoot the 3… shoot uncontested 3's. 

The problem isn't that the Celtics are old.  It's that the Celtics are overconfident.  They're a great team… IF they play like a team.  They're a mediocre team if they just stand around and expect everyone to bow to their greatness. 

Some of these guys need to wake up.  You're not better than anyone until you accept the fact that it is going to take 48 minutes of effort to beat most teams.

It's odd… the only way the Celtics can get to the level of play that makes them this cocky… is to stop being this cocky. 

I hope they realize that soon.

Coming up, Page 2…. where there's nothing Doc can do about it

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

“Right now we’re trying to win consistently and be effective,” said
Kevin Garnett. “We can sit up here and give y’all the answers, and you
can write it down and put it in your papers, but until we do it, it’s
what it is. This is more of a Celtic thing than anything. The coach
can’t help you out there, the assistants can’t help you out there. It’s
the guy who’s beside you. That’s what it’s going to come down to.”

Herald: Beat goes on for Celtics

I mostly agree with KG… except that Doc DOES have something he can do.

He can sub guys out.  He can recognize what's happening and start pulling guys out of the game and letting the second unit try.

Now… I know Doc is the type of coach that will let his starters stay out there in the storm so they can figure it out.  I get that he'd let them suffer through it because he hoped they'd find some pride to stop Orlando's run. 

But it's also incumbent on him to say "you know what… I'm not going to let you coast here."  It would send a message to his starters that their effort is unacceptable… and maybe you get a boost from a newly fortified bench to stem the tide.

But I do agree with the spirit of what KG said there.  This is on the players.  In the end, it's up to the players to not give up a 36-11 quarter.  They're mostly to blame.

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  • KG is a shell of his former self in every aspect of his past game, and Pierce looks like hes running in wet concrete and has been injured and awful the last few weeks…have no idea why he played yesterday.
    Ray Allen not much better, but the only one of the “big 3” anywhere near the level he was 3 seasons ago.
    Love Perkins but the guy is complaining way too much to the refs, and even to his own team about….touches…what the fuck perk?
    Sheed has indeed been useless but hes way down on my list cause im not gonna scapegoat a bench player, but Glen davis is right there with him

  • Oh and doc rivers coaching performance was beyond pathetic, his sulking? disgusting…. he just sat there and watched them collapse and did nothing but “stick with his guys” … and proceeded to put lineups of 4 old farts with rondo and then 4 bench guys with ray allen….makes no fuckin sense

  • rcry

    I have to agree about Perk. After starting the season so well, he really seems to have regressed. His FT% has declined, his FG% has declined, he’s slow on his help defense, he doesn’t look like he’s communicating out there so the guards (especially his buddy Rondo) get caught on screens. He’s slow to pass the ball and is a turnover machine. He just doesn’t seem to be playing with a good attitude. Maybe I’m just imagining things, but there seems to be a rift between Perk and the rest of the team.

  • Lex

    Several members of the GB packers concluded this season by saying that they thought this was there year, after just giving up 51 points to st. louis and getting smoked twice by MN during the regular season.
    It’s part of an athlete’s mentality.
    I don’t get it.
    But that’s how there minds work.
    Just think of Joe Forte.
    He was going to be rookie of the year, an all star, and so forth. That’s how he assessed himself.

  • Venus

    Doc needs to wake up the hell up and realize it’s not 2007 anymore. Ubuntu, Big 3, letting the guys figure it out etc. won’t cut it anymore. The same old same old isn’t working and the team needs to find what works after the break or it’ll be an embarrassing playoff exit this year.
    On the bright side we’re seeing what Rondo man would look like if he was the best player on a mediocre team without other superstars and he looks pretty damn good to me. Give him the keys stat.

  • I find it highly amusing that someone actually thinks we’re better then the magic or hawks after going 1-7 against those teams…and find it troubling someone in the celtics locker room is ignorant, stupid and naive enough to say that after yesterdays game…just pathetic

  • I agree KG.
    Funny, Lakerhater and I just debated this topic, ‘up to the players to win, but Doc does need to work the rotations better’

  • Am I the only one who thinks that it is absolutely Doc’s job to get the team prepared to play each game? Isn’t it the coach’s job to work with the team on it’s physical AND mental short comings to improve the team’s entire performance? If the team is mentally not prepared to play games, isn’t it one of the reasons he is paid to better prepare them?
    Now I’m not suggesting a “fire doc” uprising, it just ticks me off when I read about how Doc doesn’t seem to be taking responsibility for the consistent mental lapses. A game or two is solely on individual players, a month (two?) is, in my mind, squarely on the coach.

  • Rondopaula

    The players aren’t pushing themselves too hard this time of the year coz of what hapend last year. Got to 62 wins, pierce carried them after kg went down, pushed hard, then simply ran out of gas in the playoffs. Maybe theyre saving themselves for the real season. This is the worst stretch in the b3 era. If no major trade is done that means this year they put all thr eggs in one basket. Maybe go cost cuting til all b3 are gone. Then retool cheap around rondo. Or use the big expirings to get top talent starting this trade season. About perk maybe hes mad about not making the alstar. I thnk he dserves horfords spot. Bk to the team, thnk they to just make top 4 in the east. In 95 6seed rockets aging too became champs. Thnk most fans are lyk wat snipes said in the fan. But i thnk celts fans are lyk dniros character.

  • OK, first, I nly gt thru hlf of wht u jst sd, how cm u cnt uz al da ltrs on ur kybrd?
    Second, I am also upset by the thought that a professional like Perk would purposefully downgrade his game because he didn’t get selected to be an all star. Is he 5 years old? Maybe you’re suggesting he is upset and it is affecting his game, in that case I say trade his sorry selfish ass and get us Noah or even that sideshow Bob guy in Cleveland.
    This whole team was out in the media pre-season saying how great they felt they were and would be. The only guy who has been great all season has been Rondo and he probably was the most humble this summer talking about how he’s working on getting better and realizes his short comings.
    I’m not saying they owe us better play, but we sure as hell don’t owe them excuses either. Man up and play the game, not the games…

  • It’s a shame. A total shame!
    I’m disgusted and stressed out with this team. Doc’s comments last night were great. He finally put the burden of embarrassment and inexcusable play on his “guys.” They are over confident and the “deer in headlights” look after getting decimated by “inferior” opponents is getting very old. When are these players going to realize that they have to be accountable for their own poor and humiliating performances? They just shouldn’t be shocked any more. This has now been going on for 3.5 months and the C’s have been more consistently disappointing than dominant this season.
    I have not given up but let me say this, I no longer have the “deer in headlights” look when the team blows leads or plays poorly. I am not shocked by poor play, I am not expecting a W versus any team at this point. The Celtics playing poorly no longer surprises me. When are the players going to be less “shocked” and more mad?
    If this team is having “issues” in the locker room, the boos raining down from the TD Garden, the fans exiting before the end of the game, the national media questioning their focus, heart and desire should be enough to piss these guys off and make them band together to prove everyone wrong!
    Sorry for the length of this comment guy’s. I am just still bitter from that loss.

  • Rondopaula

    Im using a cellfon. Im not making excuses for them just trying to explain. Maybe it’s like drinking. as one gets older his drinking capacity gets lesser. I think drinkers peak like basketball players from 25 to 30. After that you pace yourself if you want to finish the party

  • Rondopaula

    Maybe it’s the thought that their time together is nearing its end(kg’s knee). Like what barkley said about teams like the jazz going through constant trade rumors, the bulls last year, guys arent going through the wall together coz they might not end up together at seasons end. These are human beings too. Or maybe the overconfidence is just a mask for insecurity that they no longer hav it

  • Double P Reppin the B

    The reason Perk’s game has regressed is because teams have adjusted to his offensive capabilities now and throw some double teams at him and he has no clue how to deal with it right now. He is not very capable offensively unless the team lets him go 1 on 1 down low, which doesn’t happen anymore. It’s just a product of teams adjusting and he is REALLY struggling with it, and the celtics keep going to him down low and its causing a lot of turnovers

  • Ferdinand

    wtf? loss to orlando and panic mode is in full effect. u call yourselves fans? pierce and quis just came off the injured list. KG has played a few games. this team has not had a lot of chances to play completely together. from day 1 Glen “dont call me big baby” Davis was out and this team has had one injury after the other. its not wins or losses in the reg season. wins count in the playoffs. im so ready. go cees! stop worrying guys….

  • “‘It’s not just the players,’ Rivers said. ‘I’ve got to get this right with the team as well. You know you’ve got to point your fingers everywhere. We’re 30-what, I don’t even know what our record is — 32-17. That sounds like a great record. But it’s not good enough for us. And that’s the way I look at it. So I’ve got to get the message through to this team. It’s got to be more clear. I have to do more things and, obviously, I’ve got to get the message through.'”
    Seems to me like Doc is saying pretty much exactly what you want him to say…

  • Thanks for the quotes.

  • NorthernGreen

    We have some young guys on the team who would move heaven and earth to get some PT and would give an all out effort if given a chance. Maybe that would open the eyes of some old farts!

  • NorthernGreen

    I have been saying the same thing. He looks like a ten year old sitting on the bench brooding and does nothing to change what needs to be changed!

  • I understand the injuries, the Celtics faced them all season last year and still won 62 games BECAUSE they had the fire in their eyes! That’s gone for now. Lets see if they can find it again during the all-star break. A much needed rest.

  • ossurworld

    I would have more respect for the opinion if it were coming from someone who exhibited care in his writing.
    “Delusional” is not spelled “dilusional.” If you want to be a serious writer, learn how to write.