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The Clinic invited to play HORSE

Rondo dribbling

The word is spreading like wildfire, Rajon "The Clinic" Rondo is going to be in the All Star Weekend's HORSE competition.  Word came in today from Trags and Forsberg that Rondo's in.

Can't wait to see what the kids pulls out of his bag of tricks.

Other quick note:  Pierce was pulled from practice today and is questionable for Wednesday.  I say just sit him.  Don't be stupid.

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

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  • FSantos33

    Cool pic that should be Rondo “Face of the Day”. I am not feeling the nickname “The Clinic” it sounds like something medical related patient or place. Could be bad luck… That’s cool RR will be participating in Horse, you can bet there won’t be any jumpers taken.. I kid I kid…

  • Nice. I really had no interest in watching HORSE last year or I was busy-I forget. But I’ll def be checking it out this year. Rondo is a very creative dude so this should be very entertaining. KD will have some serious s#it up his sleeve also I’m sure.

  • scott

    is it on tv?

  • Joseph

    the clinic??? How STUPID!!!!

  • Joe

    The Clinic? Really? WTF???
    How about Mr. 2 Quarters since that’s how hard he plays for?

  • FSantos33

    “THE USS RONDO” (A Navy Boat) sounds good

  • JD

    You serious dude? Its not like he’s going to dominate entire games. But he’s playing his ass off out there, watch the Orlando game again bud, he made about 5 or 6 hustle plays that guys like Rasheed Wallace can’t even make one of, so quit making dumbass comments.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Can’t wait to see ‘Shakes’ play HORSE. 360 through the legs off the glass FTW.


    The word is spreading like a bad smell – I’d prefer ‘Jet Shoes’ to ‘The Clinic’
    Would watch Jet Shoes play Horse for sure….

  • Rav

    Oh boy. They start off with 12-foot jumpshots and its over. Seriously though, Rondo is in trouble when they bring out the lame FTs and Corner 3s they were doing last year.

  • Joe

    the problem with rondo is that he disappears and slows the game down at crucial moments by walking it up and aimlessly dribbling until there’s 8 seconds left on the shot clock. and then on defense, he either gambles and fails or gets glued to a pick and allows the opposing guards to penetrate. this is either because he’s young and doesn’t know how to pace himself or because he just gets scared to step up and lead when it matters.
    rondo does some amazing things on the court. but as he goes, we go. those 5 or 6 hustle plays don’t mean anything if he’s not willing to step up and take us home when the game is on the line. and so far, he is miserably failing that test.

  • Joe

    one more thing…when pierce was a young stud like rondo is, he used to be mr. 4th quarter. he made sure we got a bucket or drew the contact and got to the line. but rondo dribbles too much, thinks too much and makes bad decisions in the 4th. it happens way too much for me. now i know why ainge looked to trade him last summer. his effort is wildly inconsistent in any given game (8 assists in the first half, 2 or 3 in the second for example).

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Is “The Clinic” a reference to where Rondo needs to go after all that rollerskating through boys town?