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Rumor: Danny is after Kevin Martin


Via CBS:

Though team president Danny Ainge has publicly ridiculed the Allen
trade reports, several NBA executives told that the
Celtics have been actively trying to parlay Allen's $19.7 million
expiring contract into an asset that could keep them in the mix during
the upcoming playoffs and also help them for the next several seasons.
The most recent inquiry, sources say, involved Sacramento sharpshooter
Kevin Martin,
who'd be a good fit with Boston's remaining core. Kings officials might
be talked out of their reluctance to deal Martin if they could pry
a prolific big man out of a third team brought into the discussions or
in a separate transaction before the deadline.

If the Celtics kept Allen and let his contract come off the books,
they'd still be over the cap this summer with no avenues besides
sign-and-trades to acquire a starting shooting guard. That's why Boston
also has expressed interest in the
Bulls' Kirk Hinrich,
an excellent defender and ball-handler who would give the Celtics a
starting two guard next season at $9 million and in 2011-12 at $8
million. The Bulls' motivation would be cap relief.

The Kings,
who are not planning to be big free-agent shoppers this summer, aren't
seeking to acquire cap space alone. They want assets — and the Celtics
don't have a young big man to offer. The Bulls, who almost certainly
will move
Tyrus Thomas, might need to be invited into that conversation to satisfy everyone's needs.

Kevin Martin (27-years old, 6-7, 185 lbs) is an intriguing option. He can definitely score – 24 ppg the last two seasons. There are injury concerns. He missed 31 games last season due to an ankle injury, and another 32 this season with a wrist injury. His contract status (after this year): three years remaining and $36 million.

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  • G4L

    It probably wont happen.

  • Danno

    But I bet something will.
    Danny’s going to make a move. I dont’ know if it will be a good move, but he’s going to do something. Season Ticket Holders are going to be asked to renew their packages next month. If this team continues on they way they’ve been playing in January throughout February – they will DEFINITELY make some kind of move, if for no other reason than to give those Season Ticket Holders a reason to renew.

  • DRJ

    It’s a question of will – not talent, health, or age. We don’t absolutely need a big trade.
    The reason I can be quite sure of that is related to something Doc said post-game. He said (paraphrasing now) that “they could have scored ZERO points in that 3rd quarter (and that would have been something he could accept) but they should NEVER have have allowed 36 points. That was unacceptable.”
    You can have a bad game. Your shot can be off (see Allen, Ray). But if you do your job… the job they know perfectly well how to do… you can still win on the strength of your defense. That’s the whole point of being a “defensive team”. It’s smart, and it wins championships. But… you gotta actually DO it. If you take a quarter off, as the Cs did, and let the other team — in this case a well-known 3s-shooting club — run riot… well, you’re gonna lose.
    So my need, my urgency, to trade and trade is not great. This team is ready… it needs to be better motivated. It needs focus. But it can go all the way as constituted.
    However, if motivation and focus are the issues, there is one player they need to get rid of. Sheed. Because that guy is toxic to this team… he’s the least motivated, he’s a vet, and he’s in the top 6. If anybody’s pulling motivation out of this team, he’s suspect #1. Perk’s recent Sheed-like changes attest to that.
    So… bottom line… other than getting rid of Sheed, I don’t think there’s a strong urgency to make a major move. Adding a backup PG would be nice. Another wing guy to spell PP, sure. But it’s not a sine qua non.

  • Lex

    At this point, a prevalent theory very well could be

  • Lex

    Theory among doc, danny, ownership, that is

  • Rondopaula

    What gm in his right mind would take wallace right now? Maybe a team which desperately needs allens ec? Iggy and dalembert for allen and sheed? Dunno if the math works . Chicago?

  • DRJ

    A team that desperately needs a legitimate big. Don’t know if the deal can be swung, but I’m convinced Danny needs to try.
    If things continue as they are now, their only hope may be to bench Sheed at some point… a la D’Antoni’s benching of Marbury. It was never made clear why that happened, but I got the impression it was for similar reasons… toxicity of the player to the team.

  • Danno

    I don’t think Sheed’s really been toxic to the team, chemistry wise though.
    I think he’s just been toxic to the rim, what with all the masonry he’s been throwing at it.

  • DRJ

    I have no direct evidence. But we are seeing changes in Perk that smell very Sheed-like. And having a top-6 vet like Sheed sleepwalk through just about every game just cannot be healthy to the team’s psyche.
    And then there’s the effect on Doc and his ability to influence the team. Every game Sheed plays – continually ignoring Doc’s wishes for him to play the post more, chuck less, jump for rebounds, help on D, etc. – further erodes Doc’s authority and ability to motivate this team.
    So I think “toxic” is a fair conclusion re Sheed. I’d love to see them find a deal, any deal, that moves him out.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Sheed is NOT the reason we are having motivational problems people! He is a bench player who plays 20 min a night, how on earth do you think he is going to have KG Pierce and Allen stop wanting to win anymore? They are in a lull as a team, and feel very overconfident. Perk’s struggles are directly related to teams adjusting to his offense and he is struggling mightily because of it. Not because Sheed is telling him to not care? or turn the ball over? come on!

  • Lakerhater

    I agree but with Elgin Baylor and Kevin McHale gone wht GM would be Dunmb enough to take him. Good luck Danny, I hope you pull it off.

  • Perry

    I’ll echo your comments, but no way Sheed’s contract can be moved. Doc should be limiting his minutes — especially with Baby coming on. I don’t like the proposed Ray for Hinrich/Thomas/James trade. From my perspective it skews the age down, but does it make us formidable against contending teams?
    Even with league pass I don’t get to watch Martin play, but I doubt he can match up with JJ or Carter any better than Ray. We also don’t know what the salary cap will be for 2010, and how much Ray will settle for. I don’t like surrendering our Bird rights either.
    Unless a killer deal comes along I would like to see Danny make a pitch for Hinrich — dealing some expiring contracts (TA/SCAL/Giddens). Will Chicago bite? Who knows.


    I think the team are in a funk because what they’ve been doing for the last 2 years just isn’t working anymore – probably because of age, injuries etc creeping up on them.
    It’s sad that because of this people are starting to HATE these guys. KG, Allen and PP brought us a title only 18 months or so ago and yet now they’re being totally hated on….
    My eternal hope is that with a bit of a break and perhaps a trade we’ll come back stronger after the allstar break and at least crack 50-55 wins and put some pressure on the 3rd spot in the east.
    As for trades – I’d do Allen/Sheed for Iggy in a heartbeat and if they wanna throw in Sudden Sam Dalembert I’d take him too.
    Not so keen on Martin – he can shoot the 3 and score but is he any different from Monta Ellis other than he gets injured more??

  • G4L

    Martin is 4 Inches taller and doesn’t handle the ball as much as Ellis.. If I were to pick a trade that would work better it would be for Martin, because I think he could work better with Rondo & the rest of the offense.

  • DRJ

    Yeah…it’s a long shot. Esp since we’re on the hook for a THIRD year… when he’s 38… at his option. OMG… OMG.

  • nick

    DO ITTT. Can everyone please shut the Fuck up with all the Sheed hating, I mean seriously..we knew he was like this, his focus is very spotty, but I’ll tell u what..he can D up and we will be much happier we have him covering low-post scorers this postseason than Leon Powe, Big Baby, or Mikki Moore…He’s up and down, but he’ll come around. For all u guys who haven’y seen K-Mart play, he’s very tall and deceptively athletic..he doesn’t blow you away with dunks and crazy hops, but he gets to where he wants to go and he scores ALOTTT… He’s like a slimmer version of Paul Pierce..I love his game and his D is better than Ray’s and he’s 3 inches taller so we shall see but I’de do this move in a jiffy

  • Ive nver liked Martin, Always thought hes overrated, not good in a team concept, and not a winner …so im not gonna change that opinion because we’re interedted in him…although i am for trading ray allen at this point, and ill say it again, ray allen is the only one of the big 3 playing up to his standards, KG and Pierce are the ones really stinking it up, but unfortunately for ray hes the expiring contract.
    And im sick and tired of people pinning anything on sheed.
    is he playing good? no…but theres so much more to the problems, using bench players as scapegoats, i cant think of anything dumber

  • Stop hating on sheed, who by all accounts is a good locker room guy and teammate, and stop acting as if perk was some kinda angel and didnt get techs or complain before sheed was his teammate

  • C

    Thats gonna be a liability on defense but in the East I dont see us having a problem til we see Kobe. People might not like this idea but why not send Big Baby with him. I like Davis and his size does cause problems but
    1. The guy dont dunk. How many times did he get swatted in the 2nd half? Also that’ll cause us to miss alot of gimme shots under the rim and layups.
    2. I actually like Shelden. We were playing well then too. Hes the kind of hard nosed defender we need in there. In the title run our bench had stiff defense as well. Posey was a big reason for that but Powe and PJ Brown helped establish that.
    3. How much better will he get? I cant see him improving that much more at his game. Not to say he’s reached his peak but I wouldnt be surprised if his numbers all went downhill from here.
    I thought we shouldve moved him or Rondo in the offseason while their value was at their highest. But I like Rondo and his effort on the boards esp. offensive. I think Ray is a class act and think if they trade him they should trade him to a contender out West like Dallas but Kevin Martin is a quality 2 Guard. Hes not the superstar his numbers potray but if we are going to make a deal like this happen it needs to happen NOW!!! no more delaying we have an intricate enough system that is really gonna take longer than this 2nd half to get used to.

  • C

    With that said… I always thought Ariza had ‘Boston Celtic’ written all over him…..
    seein him go for the midlevel kinda hurt…Esp. since he really wanted to stick it to L.A. and sign with a rival. No disrespect to Sheed(Hes kind of the Horry mold that will appear in the playoffs) the full midlevel was a steal for both but moreso Ariza.

  • That’s what I liked about this article, “Kings officials might be talked out of their reluctance to deal Martin if they could pry a prolific big man…”. Hopefully they could consider him one of those. On the other hand, what would we get more than Martin? Need to fill out the contract of Allen in order to make the trade legal…

  • Nick

    Yaa…Coming from a guy who’s probably seen Martin play 2wice, Listen dude,everyone knows ur game, Your a hater and u just are one of those guys who hate and hate and hate until we win the title and then u say YAYYYY we did it I told you so or when we get knocked out U talk like u were the prophet who saw it coming. Ray Allen couldn’t wear Paul Pierces jockstrap thats the 1st thing u need 2 realize. Secondly, when u see K.G playing shut down D come playoff time ur gona finally shut the fuck up and crawl back into whatever ditch u resided in previously. U call urself a C’s fan? People like u make me ill, u just conjure up all this hate and negativity…. Larry Bird ain’t walkin through that door, Kevin MChale ain’t walking through that door and Robert Parish ain’t walking through that door, and if they do they’re gona be old and gray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The negativity coming from ur mouth sucks

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    I don’t hate on sheed for his locker room antics, its his lazy f*cking defense, his brick chucking from downtown and all around slacking that makes me hate on him. But its not new, I’ve been hating on him his entire career. But maybe I should hate on Doc for having him in when the score is close…

  • You’re just as bad as i am if you’re the one who wants to run ray out of town, a guy who helped us win a championship, dont sit on your pedestal and act like thats any different then me “hating on KG”
    And I’ve seen Martin play plenty, im assuming you havent since your so quick to assume hes better then ray allen, yesh hes younger but thats about it , hes always injured, hasnt been able to play alongside Tyreke Evans and is shooting an abysmal % from the floor, all while playing defense no better then ray…but like i said I am for trading ray at this point, but only becuase hes the expiring contract and we need a change..not because its his fault for our problems…Pierce and KG are playing worse then him…just deal withit already nick, KG may never get better

  • Also, Im a realist, not a hater…I love the celtics…I call it as i see it, and you like to live in a fantasy land where KG and Pierce are gonna find the fountain of youth, Ray Allen is a waste and every game we lose is Scals or Houses fault.
    You call me a bad celtics fan but you were the one ready to ship rondo off in the offseason for another one of your stupid players that u like, and havent shut up all year about trading ray, the only one of the big 3 to stay healthy…and live in complete and utter denial about KG and Pierce…I have confidence pierce will turn it around, but fact is hes terrible right now, KG is done in my opnion and would be thrilled if I was wrong

  • Filipe

    Mauritz, on the good news among the moves the Kings this year are:
    – signing Sean May
    – blowing their cap space for Hilton Armstrong.
    That’s two lottery busts bigs in a few months. To bad Shelden has already played for them, they might think he was enough. Also they really tried to trade for Samuel Dalembert and his awful contract, but that fel trough because they didn’t find a third party willing to take Andres Nocioni.
    So the good news is that Kings is in the short list of team that might give a thought about trading for Rasheed Wallace. The “bad news” is that any deal with the Kings likely involves us taking Nocioni contract (7.5m a year for another 2 seasons). Ainge seems to really like him (he almost trade for him twice already) but that contract is bad. That said he is a tough guy that plays hard every night, has good D, by all accounts is a good team mate and can shoot 3s. If he doesn’t jack those 3 early too often I’d almost call him the anti-Sheed. We might also get one of their less used kids (Sergio Rodriguez is a good backup PG, Jon Brockman is a good rebounder), May (who is bigger than Big Baby the last time I notice him in their bench) or Kenny Smith EC (he is likely useless giving that they refuse to play him while doing dumb deals for other bigs).

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Hey sweetheart, unless you have the power to change history, who fucking cares?!


    TTR what makes u say Ray Allen is playing well? He had 2 good games with 20 odd pts recently but has stunk it up in the big games recently and his numbers are down across the board for the season except for…his turnovers. He’s getting torched on D…just wondering what you’re seeing that I’m not…
    By the way – small challenge for ya – try an answer without bagging KG – good luck….

  • Wow-epic battles being fought in the comments! I LOVE IT. We have the most passionate, dedicated fans in the world.