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Pierce Pulled from Practice

Chuck - Red's Army February 8, 2010 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Pierce Pulled from Practice

Via Chris Forsberg:

Coach Doc Rivers said the Boston Celtics pulled captain Paul Pierce
out of practice Monday afternoon to rest his sprained left mid-foot
injury, and that he is questionable to play Wednesday night when the
team visits the New Orleans Hornets.

"Paul didn't do a lot today," said Rivers. "We actually pulled him out
early. He practiced, but he wasn't moving well and we just took him
out. He's questionable. I think he's going to play, but right now we'll
wait and see."

On the bright side, Marquis Daniels went through a full practice and looks "great," and the guys worked hard.

"They responded with a great practice, so that's good. We have to get
back to work, back to that workman mentality — back to being the best
defensive team in the NBA," Rivers said. "We have to get back to
executing better. We can't just keep relying on guys coming back from
injuries. That's thrown us off because of a lack of practice time, but
that's become an excuse around here and we're not going to allow that.
We can't allow that."

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  • Jason

    I’m sick of hearing about practices. I’m sick of hearing promises of better play, smarter play, harder play, more rest. Sick of injury excuses. Sick of blown leads. Sick of apathetic play. Sick of losing. For six weeks they’ve been saying the right things, but what has it produced? Aggravation. Time to put up or shut up. Production and results on the court are all that matter. Let’s see some actual results for a change,

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    I’m tired of Doc providing ambiguity around his strategy for dealing with injuries: “I think he’s going to play, but right now we’ll wait and see.”Shouldn’t he say they are taking every precaution to prioritize wellness/health and he’ll give it a final call on game day? Its not like injuries are a new issue – shouldn’t you have a game plan by now?

  • Alex

    Hear, hear!


    I think the guys are caught between trying to get back and help the team, and resting which is probably what they should be doing…By the sounds of all the roaring and chest beating going on perhaps they’re not helping anyway.
    How bout we tank and sneak into the playoffs as the 8th seed and then tear all before them like the 99 Knicks!!! (well until they got to the finals!)

  • Still have no idea why Pierce played against the Magic, he was awful and slow, we would’ve been better off playing tony allen those minutes…stop rushing back and trying to be a hero pauul, for crying out loud, until youre healthy your not gonna help

  • not to mention we beat the magic 1 time this season, and it was with Paul on the benchm, the 3 times he played, we lost…did he actually think coming back on a gimpy foot was gonna help?

  • I agree, I was surprised to see him out there. REST!!!!! Don’t play in the All Star Game and get healthy for the playoffs.

  • Perry

    “When you look at all the retired numbers upon the banners, all of them except one has a ring,” Pierce said. “In order to be great, to be a legend, you have to win a championship. Those are the things I’m inspired to do.”

    PP also said only compare this group to the legends we when they win multiple titles.
    …I’d like to hear more of this talk, which was so prevalent two years ago.
    It’s not like talent isn’t there.