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Larry Bird is still awesome

Aside from Betty White getting wrecked on a crossing route… this year's Super Bowl ads were mildly amusing at best.

But this one, obviously, stood out in our hearts. 

If you missed it, it's the McDonald's updated version of these classic Larry Bird/Michael Jordan ads:

Nice warmups, Mike.  Did you give them back to Bill Cosby when you were done?

Of course, the updated version is all crazy CGI dunks that only exist in NBA Jam… but whatever.  It's fine.  The crowning moment is when LB shows up at the end and takes LeBron's and Dwight's lunch. 

Fitting, cuz back in the day, Bird would have found a way to do that on the court.

Unfortunately… it looks like he's literally stolen people's lunches a little too much lately.  Sorry Larry… I love ya and all… but maybe you should try a salad.

(bracing myself for the lightning strike)

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  • I don’t think Lebron should be allowed to be in a commercial showing off dunks until he mans up enters the all star weekend dunk contest. What’s he so scared of? I’m sure Stern wouldn’t allow in any judges who dared to give the Golden Child any 8’s or 9’s.
    Loved the Cosby line. lol.

  • Aw, cold, man! I didn’t think Larry looked too bad… I hope I look as good as he does when I’m seventy thousand years old!

  • Celtsfan33

    Yeah – Larry did look a little “chunky” in that commercial. I don’t care – he’s still Larry Legend! Great to see him in a commercial.

  • larry

    first of all i don’t think howard or lebron are even close to being basketball royalty.!!the funniest thing about the commercial is when they said “who was that” it’s just sad, the youth of today will never know what the nba was like when larry bird played.!!imo he was greatest of all time.!!

  • JD

    i dk about howard either, but if lebron can manage to win a championship, then hes gonna go down as one of the greatest of all time. the guy is unreal.

  • irisheyes9302

    I’m waiting for the Legend to show up with Valerie Bertinelli in one of those Jenny Craig commercials.

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Fat fuck needs a good dermatologist as well.

  • AWESOME! Larry Legend Baby!
    Bird and Jordan
    Superman and LeBron
    Good Game! Who’s win?

  • Dude, have some respect. That “fat f*c#” pretty much embarrassed the rest of the NBA when he played. He’s 54 and has a fused back, cut the guy a break. I bet he can still win the H-O-R-S-E competition at all-star weekend after downing a 30 pack of Miller Lite, a bag of Lays chips, a happy meal and a dozen wings.
    Lay off man!

  • Couldn’t have said it better!

  • You’re are right JR and I am sick of LeBron doing “practice dunks” in practice to taunt his fans. Taunting fans is about all that idiot is good at. I am glad we will not see him at the Dunk Comp. The NBA would have pre-determined the winner and I couldn’t stand to see him get praised for winning another meaningless award. Any award that clown wins, other than a title, is meaningless.

  • larry

    i thought he looked more old than he did fat.!!off the dad grew up in terre haute so he loved larry legend..we lived in the bay area at the time he started in boston, so in his second year in the league, also his second visit at golden state..i couldn’t wait to see him in person.!!well the celts were riding a 12 game winning streak.. the c’s lost the game and larry legend went 0for9..his only pro game that he never scored in.!!the celtics went on to win 13 more in a row. final score 121-106.broke my heart at the time..