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How do you say “shimmy” in Spanish?

Antoine Walker's need to find a way to pay off gambling debts… I mean… love for the game cannot be stopped. 

No one in the NBA wants him?  No problem… he'll just go somewhere else….

Like Puerto Rico.

Yep, Antoine will be shimmying his way up and down the floor with Marcus Fizer.

Welcome to Rock Bottom, Mr. Walker.  Party of two?

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  • FSantos33

    Translator App showed “Vibración excesiva”
    I would take Toine’ over Sheed right about now.. Sad… Sad….

  • FSantos33

    See “WALTAAAAAAAA” Screaming in the back.. LOL

  • Rondopaula

    I thought hes friends with pierce. But i havent read pierce lend him a few hundred grands. How can that happen? Maybe if he turns out to be in shape some desperate nba team could pick him up. I wonder if there are puerto rican kenyon martin out there?

  • irisheyes9302

    I sort of miss the shimmy…

  • Filipe

    A good thing for Toine: if Porto Rico teams plays like their national team usually does he can shoot 20 3s a game and no one will complain about it.

  • Um…so because pierce is “friends” with walker he should be giving him money?
    thats absurd…its walkers own fault
    Not to mention if he stayed in shape he could still be making millions in the NBA, once again his own fault, hes the same age as Kevin Garnett

  • Rondopaula

    I wrote lend not give. Yes its his fault. The other week one of my friends’ “friend” got jailed. But they literaly bailed him out even tho hes an asshole and it was his fault.

  • Rock bottom wtf????

    Hmm let’s see…Puerto Rico…fantastic tropical weather…oodles and oodles of ridiculously fine women…paid to play basketball, which he basically just needs to do for cash flow…still basically a rich guy. Also, I wonder how the lack of an income tax in Puerto Rico plays into this, or if it does, he probably still has to pay it I’d guess, but maybe not…

    Seriously, Antoine is nowhere close to rock bottom. “Sioux Falls Skyforce” or “Rockford Lightning” or plenty of other destinations would be worse…and yet even then it’s not like he’s shoveling radioactive cow crap or something horrible…

    Toine isn’t even to “asset liquidation” and while that is bad, really, think about it: “penis cancer and amputation,” “arrested while sucking dick to pay his bar tab” etc etc…there are lots of horrible fates that are really down there in the realm of “rock bottom.” Plenty of people would still trade places with Toine if they could.