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Chuck - Red's Army February 7, 2010 Uncategorized 90 Comments on Frauds


I hate this team…

How can a team with veteran leadership and championship pedigree play so inconsistently? They are incapable of delivering knockout blows.

The 3rd quarter may have been the worst quarter of basketball I've seen by any Celtics team in years. The Cs walked out of the locker room with an 11 point lead (51-40) and put forth the laziest, sloppiest, crappiest effort imaginable.

They were outscored 36-11. Committed 8 turnovers. Shot 4-14 FG with just two assists. Allowed the Magic to make 12 of 17 shots. Gave up a 19-0 run.

Anyone else tired of Doc Rivers saying his team decided to stop moving the ball and playing defense? How about calling timeout after timeout after timeout until the guys start executing? Do something, anything….

The 2nd quarter was a big tease. The Celtics second unit was playing well. Quis (8 points, 4-7 FG) displayed little rust and TA, Eddie, Sheed and Glen Davis were in a groove. I thought to myself – now this is what a solid bench looks like. But it all melted away in the 3rd.

True to form, the Celtics tried to make a run late in the 4th, but shot themselves in the foot at every turn.

As usual, Rondo (17 points, 9 assists, 3 steals) was the best Celtic on the floor. The Big 3 combined for 40 points on 14-for-38 shooting. Perk and Sheed combined for 4 rebounds. Any deal involving Ray Allen's expiring contract should also include Wallace. He is a waste.

It's your move, Danny.

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  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    I’m just curious…… your turncoat that shitty shade of green?
    A toddler has more balls than the Celtics at this point.

  • Most frustrating game of the year, not even close, terrible coaching job as well…just plain awful.. being up 11 at half just makes it worse.
    and im going to continue to say it until i see otherwise, KG is a shell of his former self

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    The moniker “Big 3” certainly should be retired regarding this team. I’m starting to agree about trading Ray.
    Rondo is awesome.

  • Jason

    I am so fucking disgusted with this team right now. FUCKING. DISGUSTED.

  • NbaCritic

    celtics really suck now….they are too old……..Sheed makes them worse, TRADE ALLEN TRADE ALLEN TRADE ALLEN

  • Couldn’t agree more…Big 3 is done, all 3 of them are playing terribly..sorry boys..
    And unfortunately for Ray he’s the expiring contract, because he’s playing up to his standards (or slighltly below but still better then pierce or KG) and is the only one to stay healthy..but i agree time to rebuild in my opinion, find a trade that keeps you competitive but adds future pieces around rondo as well…

  • NineSevenEight

    No focus in the third quarter. More of the same. At what point will Doc realize that this team needs a kick in the ass instead of just more of the same? This is the same starting five that won a championship in 2008. Age can’t be a factor regarding the focus of this team. Will to win doesn’t diminish if you’re a true competitor, I don’t care how old you are. They are just SO uninterested and want to coast all through the second half, until they realize they’re down by 17. Either play or get out of the game and bring someone in who wants to play.
    It pisses me off that after losing NINE games after having a double digit lead, all Doc says is, “we get what we deserved.” Really? You could take his postgames after ever loss and everything is the same, which makes me believe that he’s as disinterested in making changes as his team is. Change your tactic. Stop saying it and DO IT.

  • NbaCritic

    If u were on red’s army during the offseason u would have read comments like the Cavs are desperate cuz they got Shaq, Orlando will suck cuz they got Cater and Lakers will Implode cuz Artest will Kill team chemistry. Well the Cavs, Lakers and Magic have the 1ST, 2ND, AND 3RD best records in the league.
    And how has Sheed worked out for the celtics? Red’s army’s analysis of bball is a joke

  • KG is over. It’s painful to watch him play right now.

  • GarnettIntensity

    One and done fellas, one and done.

  • First of all…You’re an idiot.
    We, along with countless other NBA analysts, thought the addition of Wallace would put the Celtics over the top. Turns out all of us were wrong.
    And..VC has sucked in Orlando. This win aside, they are not playing well, at all.

  • Did y’all see Doc’s face during the 3rd and 4th quarter? He looked as sulky and desillusioned as can be. No fire, no trying to make the team play harder. For all the talk about Rondo becoming a leader, this team needs leadership. Someone that the players listen to needs to tell them that they need to focus, I don’t know who because they certainly don’t seem to listen to Doc, or captain Pierce, or Rondo. And why doesn’t Perk get to play? He was one of the better players when he did IMO…

  • He’s been in the league 15 years(?) played over 40000 minutes and is….limping after a serious knee injury..
    Yet people around here think hes all of a sudden gonna snap out of it, or hes some kind of superstar, deserving all-star or franchise player.
    Hes d-o-n-e.

  • As if this is a bad thing?
    1 is better then none….. right?
    And at least we have rondo

  • Do you guys think we can still win the title? It’s so frustrating. We lost last Sunday against the Lakers at home, and then we lose to the Magic today, at home. Both games we have a double digit lead and we lost it. Fuck the Celtics. I’m sick of their shit.
    Either the Lakers or Cavs are taking it this year boys, and if we don’t win it, I believe LA is taking it. Kobe isn’t even fully healthy and yet they’re on top of the West.

  • BigMck

    Just because I criticize my team, doesn’t make me a turncoat.
    It’s called “awareness.” Then again, I shouldn’t expect a SoCal moron like yourself to understand.

  • Scot Pollard would help us more than sheed right now.
    at least he hustles and plays d and will not force awful shots. right now sheed is getting close to Vin baker on my disappointment level!!!!!!!! We need something

  • BigMck

    No, the Celtics cannot win it all. And spare all the BS about having guys healthy and the schedule getting easier.
    This team is lacking “it.”

  • It is a bad thing. Remember Garnett had to guarantee another championship? I suggest he just shutup and play the game. His trashtalking is getting us nowhere.

  • Christopher

    The point about Perk is the one I was going to make. The Magic, with Toadmaster Van Gundy at the helm is smart enough to keep Howard out there, and yet Doc won’t keep out Perk to defend him? It’s a general consensus among analysts of the NBA that Perk is the one of the best defenders possible against Howard. Watch how Howard was racking up fouls when we had Perk on the floor and yet he was at the line or scoring when we just had him in sweats as an observer.
    Beyond frustrating. I’m only 21 and I still feel like my heart can’t take stress of losing these leads/keeping close to terrible teams. It would be easier if I didn’t KNOW this team was capable of more, but was just not bothering.

  • I’m not ready to say I hate this team, yet. In fact, I love this team (or maybe I love the thought of this team) it’s just that as a basketball fan, I get furious watching this team in the second half anymore. Someone said it up there, but I’m too pissy to scroll back up, this team is not losing because they are old, they are losing because they don’t seem to care enough to win. From an outsider, it’s as simple as that. If this team played like it wanted to win every game, all game, we’d be sitting up there with the Lakers and Cavs. They simply are not showing the heart to win, right now. We hear it with other teams, the big “tuned out” crap. Maybe that has happened here? Either Doc, Paul and KG are not getting through to the team as a whole, or they just are not trying to do so. Either way, the Celtics need a K.I.T.A. Whatever form that kick comes in, maybe that is entirely up to Danny.
    Excuse me now, there are kids to kick around and put in bed early and copious amounts of alcohol waiting for me. God damned Celtics!!!

  • DRJ

    Lol. Somebody’s in a bad mood… uhh, make that everybody.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    I hope the Celtics NEVER rebuild with old guys again. This is way to frustrating.
    And why does KG always kick it out to the perimeter when he gets the ball close to the basket? He is constantly passing off to players who don’t shoot as well as he does, or passing out to somebody beyond the 3 point line when he is RIGHT UNDER THE HOOP!
    And, Fuck Rasheed and his 6 inch vertical. He doesn’t seem to even try.

  • DRJ

    Tonight, KG was a shell of his former self… correct this time, TTR.

  • Just stop with the charade of being a Celtic fan you douchebag. The link under your name is

  • DRJ

    The hope that remains is that “it” will be there for the playoffs. In particular, that Sheed will acquire some “it” then. That’s my hope anyway…. not unreasonable…. could happen that way.

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Maybe this loss is a blessing in disguise. I’m sure Danny and Doc are just as fed up as everyone on this blog. Hopefully, the anger will instigate a move. Had we gotten a win tonight management would have been fine to coast with the squad we have now. Obviously, the current group would come up frustratingly short in the playoffs. Lets ship sheed, allen & whoever else for iggy.

  • greenbeand

    saw it from day 1 and was angered that sheed was given that contract, very irresponsible from upper management. however, if you want ray to sign a “home town d/c” you need to hold on to him and next yr he will win 6th man

  • been visiting this site for years and enjoy it, not much of a poster but today was it. I must vent! For all docs talk about guys earning their time on the court, he should make the starters less rondo start the game on the bench until the get serious about doing their jobs. Where is sheldon williams? Where is bill walker? I would rather see a great effort form guys who give it there all then watch what this team is giving us now. I still think this team has the parts to get the job done but doc won’t change anything. I would give serious consideration to starting danials and perhaps tony allen and have paul come off the bench with ray and I would make rondo our first option on offence. Right now these guys look like they are not getting out of the first round.
    Also, I would love to see someone put a video together featuring all the times that butthole from detroit doesn’t close out or move his feet on defence and the the other team scores. It would be a long video. I never liked the guy but like the rest of us hoped he would step up for a chance at another ring. He doesn’t care and the big three along with him have lost touch with what it means to play hard the whole game.
    I’ll leave it at that for now.

  • KingJames2010

    Trade BIG 3 For draft picks, Give up ……..Start Over.

  • DRJ

    There were some good things about this game:
    – Davis played hard and looked very good, esp his jumper. He looks like he’s a game or two away from being all the way back. (But he will always be too short, and for this season anyway, too fat. Therefore, he will always be blocked more often than we want.)
    – Quis looked AMAZINGLY good for a guy who has been out as long as he has. That’s excellent news.
    – Rondo was great most of the time, and Eddie had a good game.
    Everybody else was terrible. Look, the Cs CANNOT win when NONE of the Big 3 plays well, and that’s what happened today.
    But Sheed… he deserves special mention for maximum turdiness. His continued presence on the court in Q3 and even Q4 was really weird to me — given that he was late on all his rotations, was never there to stop anybody in the lanes, just hung out at the 3-point line like a lazy fat bum, and managed to get just ONE rebound in his 19 minutes.
    And why Doc chose to keep Ray out there for ~40 minutes is beyond me. If anybody should have played long minutes, it should have been Rondo, who they really needed — NOT RAY who has been overplayed to death this season already (and sucked in this game)!
    The little good news may go a long way in the near future. It’s rare for all of the Big 3 to have a bad game at once. So there’s reason to hope that this is just a blip.
    And in the playoffs, who knows? Maybe Sheed will finally wake up and start playing like he gives a damn.

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    For the last two years we’ve been trading for dudes at the ends of their careers. While I thought Sheed and I hate to say it, stephon would be revitalized by the fraternity in boston, its clear now that the strategy isn’t working. The team is just too old to finish out games. Time to mix it up.

  • A female human enzyme has more balls than you PPWBG, so shut your mouth and quit posting baseless crap here. It’s pathetic and a disgrace to your team.

  • KingJames2010

    Celtics cant win this year. They will have to Beat Hawks, Magics and Cavs to even make it to the Finals. and even if they get there LA or Denver will Sodomise them

  • HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! is right you fucktards.

  • Don’t trade Sheed… if we keep posting the words “down low,” he can be incredibly effective for us. If he can’t understand, then sit him. But not trade. Not yet.

  • DRJ

    Btw… I do not remember ONE instance when Sheed went to the post on offense in this game.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    speaking of trading Sheed…what kind of contract does he have with us? How much longer are we going to be burdened by him? I doubt any right minded GM would want to trade for him unless he had an expiring contract.

  • DRJ

    One more year after this, plus a 3rd at his option. We’re screwed. (Unless he does an about-face for the playoffs.)

  • Exactly! He’s unbelievably effective in the post, but if he’s not down there, the only other use he gives us is ball movement, spreading the floor, and putting those good hands to use on D! Basically, if he’s not in the post, he’s Scal with better hands.

    I’m frustrated.

  • Tbonepoppa

    Listen fellas,
    Terrible loss today, but no worse than their last loss to Orlando, or their loss to L.A.
    Let’s keep it all in perspective, the Celtics basically won or dominated 3 out of 4 quarters in this game. They simply got waxed in the 3rd and that was the difference. How can a team be “too old” when they are good enough to take double digit leads in these big games against elite teams?
    They’re not too old… yet. They aren’t focused enough and the effort simply hasn’t been consistent. That can change and it presumably will at some point.
    Doc’s performance has been as bad as Sheed’s. He NEEDED to take some sort of action in the 3rd but stood by as his team lost an important game. Unforgivable.
    He’s already given away a few other important games this year as well.
    This team desperately needs a signature, 48 minute, quality win… yet they continually hand over chances to achieve one. Like today.
    It’s foolish to overreact the way some have on this site. It’s a bad stretch with failures at key moments. It’s hardly something that can’t be recovered from. The tone on this site is getting a little ridiculous.
    One Month. Tons of Injuries and constantly changing line-ups. Tough losses against really good teams where the Celtics had big leads they couldn’t hold. They’re 32-17 with the 3rd best record in the East and we’re just now heading into all-star week.
    Calm down you nut-jobs. We’ve gotten a little spoiled by the way these guys have played the last two years, they haven’t forgotten how to play the game. They’ll hit a stride at some point. Whether or not it will be enough to win a title remains to be seen, but they’ll have their shot and be in position, that’s all we can ask for.
    Take a breath everyone.

  • James

    I don’t think this team is done yet…BUT they need a solid road trip after the AS break, and they need a strong push for the last 30
    As for all the Ray Allen rumors, I’m fine with keeping him around because i think this team will turn it around after the break, but if the c’s can get a kevin martin/nocioni or something like that, you have to look hard at it

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Touchy, touchy……
    I’m just saying, one or two (or three, or four…) loses and you HATE THIS TEAM. What happened to standing by your team, and having optimism? I know that the C’s are playing like retarded inbreds with blindfolds on, but c’mon man. Buck up. It just brings fickle to a whole new level. If you’re a Celtic fan, be a Celtic fan. Nothing wrong with a little criticism, but you sound like a bitter teenager spurned at the first attempt at scoring some tush! Calling it awareness is kinda weak. EVERYONE is aware of the Celtic’s play.
    As for the SoCal crack, have at it. The Hollywood assholes deserve worse insults than you could ever think up. I just went on a nice long hike in warm weather. Could be worse.
    Now as for that turncoat you’re sporting, is it reversible? Is the inside purple and gold perhaps?

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Stating that the C’s are playing with less balls than a toddler is far from baseless. But, if that type of comparison really gets under your skin……I guess I could just quote BigMck and say: “I HATE THIS TEAM. THEY ARE INCAPABLE OF DELIVERING KNOCKOUT BLOWS.” There. Now I’m just like ya’ll.
    Is that better, buttercup?

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    I will state for the record, as a LAKERS fan, that I truly want The Celtics to return to form. Wether or not you believe they can, I wish they would. I enjoy watching our respective teams play against each other.
    Like most of you here, I have serious doubts it will happen.

  • Why don’t you try understanding what I’m saying to you before you come back with a smart comment like that.
    Stating something with absolutely no reason to it and not even giving your own explanation is not only baseless, but its insulting. You’re using BigMck’s frustration and using it as some sort of sick parade. And then saying it’s not baseless because your reasons are in the article above.
    Stay classy, Laker fans/Celtic haters.
    Get my drift, pally ol’ pal?

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    LOL…nutjobs 🙂
    What about the NJ Nets game…blind man. 🙂
    We played like shit against the WORST team in the league!

  • paul

    trade them all and rebuild around rondo. this team is done, DONE

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    You really think that after an 11 point quarter my comment that “the Celtics are playing with less balls than a toddler” needs ANY kind of explanation? Baseless?
    Come now, I know it’s dim in Boston but…..I think you connect that dot there, schnookums.

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Great point! Tired of hearing all the excuses. There is no excuse for this years performance.

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    There is a ring of truth to what NbaCritic says, but the ring is so distant I can’t really agree.
    The move for Sheed was a good one for the Celtics. It just didn’t work out. At all. Oopsy.

  • Um actually, yes I do think it needs an explanation. Paul Pierce played on a sore foot, the same level of injury as Kobe Bryant’s finger. But he doesn’t have balls and Bryant does? Wins or losses aside, he played and tried.
    Tony Allen and Marquis Daniels were two bench players that worked hard to keep this team afloat in the second unit when the starters were resting. And they have no balls?
    Rajon Rondo was down in the paint a lot tonight, and he’s a PG. He has no balls?
    Kevin Garnett is still suffering from leg issues. But he doesn’t have balls for going up against a strong frontcourt like Orlando?
    Just because we played bad doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to positive to say.
    Baseless, young buck.
    Wanna try that again, sweet pea?

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Not them all. Ray is on the block. He’s got to realize that to support the team, it’s time for him to step aside. He should sacrifice himself to rejuvenate the team’s championship run and potentially he can come back next year when he’s a free agent and willing to take a reduced salary.

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    So players get props for just showing up and trying?
    I guess when you’re having the kind of season that the Celtics are having lately, you grasp at anything positive. Which is both admirable and sad. In this case, I think it’s plain old sad.
    Do you expect promotions and raises where you work just for showing up and clocking in?
    I’ll give you the win in this here debate, only because Boston is in short supply of those lately.
    Happy Valentine’s Day, sugarpants.

  • No absolutely not. But they’re not little sissies just because they ultimately lost. The ones I just mentioned put in a strong effort and in no way deserve to be BASELESSLY insulted like you just did.
    And when the Lakers actually have to start trying and don’t go out there expected the game to be like a bunch grown men playing against pee wees, you can come talk to me. And believe me, it will happen.
    My love to you, pumpkin.

  • DRJ

    You need to learn to read with a little more understanding. Think of it like a parent saying “I hate that kid” after the water balloon lands on his head.

  • Nick

    Ray has g2g….I love the guy but wtf, we just don’t got it right now, weneed a shot in the arm, I’m all for the wait and see approach, I’m with the lets see what happens when we’re at full srength, but c’mon now, Marquis Daniels being worked back into the lineup shouldn’t result in a demolition…1-8 against ATL,ORL,LAL…C’mon he’s g2g nowwwwww…T-Mac..Iguodala..Maggette, I don’t care whom, but a message has got to be sent…Sheed is fine, we knew what we were getting, he plays good D he’ll be fine come playoff time but the shakeup has got 2 happen now.

  • The real problem with this team is “DOC”! If he can’t motivate this team, find someone who can. Utilize some of the young talent if the old fellas can’t or don’t get it done.

  • zippittyay

    Hey, except for one stikin quarter of bad basketball, I was feeling pretty damn good about this team. So we got killed one quarter. Marquis looked great, Rondo is hitting outside shots with confidence and TA is playing somewhat intelligently. We are getting healthy and deep. We will finish strong. We won 2 quarters and split the other… I would still favor us in a series vs Orlando, about even vs Atlanta and underdogs vs Cleveland.

  • Athanacropolis

    Agreed about Sheed. He fucking SUCKS.

  • JD

    Enough with the “blessing in disguise loss.” We use that everytime haha. BigMcks right, they just don’t have “it” this year. Rondo is the only consistent one out there, and he cant do it all himself.

  • InBigThreeWeTrust

    32-17 yet everyone is panicking. celtics fans are better than this. loses to the lakers, magic and atlanta are below 10 points despite celtics playing a mediocre game.

  • Wasn’t cool seeing the Garden empty out again with 3+ minutes left. It’s very clear what’s going on here. A trade is not the answer-the C’s were playing very good ball early on. It is a lack of focus and intensity for 48 minutes-period. Sure, they could trade Ray for Kevin Martin and get younger, but will that really fix things? I think not. These guys have the answer right in front of their faces. Whether they can find it or not is the key to the rest of this season. That, and more obviously health. The one bright spot today was ‘Quisy-this guy is more important to this team than most people understand. And what’s up with all these trolls? LOL..ignore them-they just want attention like 5 year old kids. Just ignore them and they’ll go back to picking their noses-just like 5 year old kids.

  • I will state for the record that you are a clown/internet gangsta wannabe.

  • steve

    The Celtics are a disgrace to the city of Boston right now. They should be ashamed of the effort they put out there today. Hopefully they can turn it around, but with each loss to the good teams I’m starting to lose confidence in them.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Ya wow these trolls are obnoxious. But it’s almost as obnoxious as so many of you people screaming to blow this whole core group up because of a loss to the magic in february. Jesus christ people.
    The only way you trade ray, and I mean ONLY way, is if it is an offer you cannot refuse.
    This team is not playing up to what the talent says it should yes, but they are still right in the thick of things. Placing second in the East is not a bad thing, and I think it is what this team is really shooting for. They don’t want to go all out and get the 1 seed this year, they want to stay healthy. If you people can just get over it for awhile you will realize they are priming themselves for the playoffs. A couple losses to top tier teams is not that outrageous, we just have been so damn spoiled here the last two years its sickens me to see how some fans act. Let them get healthy, cruise through february then see if they crank it up post all star break. If we are having these troubles in april wake me up and I’ll be worried. Until then, enjoy what you have, a top 5 team in the league who still has a legit chance at a championship. What more can you really ask for? So damn spoiled

  • …in DC

    My thoughts after this game…
    –The Celts look too old to get it done. They’re still talented, but they cant hold up late in the game.
    –Rasheed still looks like he can play in the post…so how come he won’t…how come Doc won’t make him. Is he not a team guy? still, we should not be surprised–he’s been going down hill in recent years.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    I have a feeling one thing going on with some of these trade-talking posts, including mine, are the equivalent of PTSD in war vets (granted on a much lower level).
    The Trauma is what happened to the Celts at the end of the real Big 3 era (and the highly reported opinion of Danny Ainge back then that Red should have broken up the team earlier). The Stress is the fear that same situation will repeat itself, and could be at its very beginning right now.
    Add into this situation the fact of Ray’s huge expiring contract, and his very un-inspiring play this year. All on top of a definite PATTERN that has developed over the last 20 games of not being able to hold leads at the end of games, and losing more than your winning.
    And uninspired play by supposed wily vets that should have figured the mental aspects of the game out long ago. I feel that most likely scenario is not one where we get banner 18. So, why not see what you can get with Ray’s 19 million?
    Many are talking like they want to make a trade to help us win this year, and I think the unspoken bottom line for them (and myself) is they want to start building a younger team that can challenge in a couple of years. Of course, why not try to upgrade for this year as well, because we aren’t THAT far away from being contenders…but, the main thing is to look to the future. After this year, the new big 3 era is most certainly finito.

  • paul

    Trade Ray for Kevin Martin.


    Didn’t see the game but have questions for those that did.
    Did Doc do anything remotely clever to change the momentum when we were getting torched in the 3rd? Does he ever own up to coaching badly?? I know we all laugh at SVG at times but he owns up if he sucks (see Baby Davis’s game winner last year….Lebron’s game winner in ECF’s – SVG took the hit for bad coaching) Doc just seems to put it on the players – I agree with the idea of putting out there guys who play well – BENCH THE STARTERS if they suck. I’m all for the idea of keeping guys in the game if they’re playing awesome – I don’t care who they are…The 76ers last night had 2 starters in for most of the 4th cos the 3 bench guys were getting it done….
    Doc is not flexible enough.
    I wrote a while back we r currently not good enough to beat the best teams, only really playing like a 500 team who can beat other bad teams…

  • Rondopaula

    We must wait til feb 19.

  • prefuse

    think about this, they lost by 2 or whatever but who gets a series point if its in the playoffs?

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    There was numerous times in the game today that the camera had a close-up of Doc’s face. His expression most often seemed to be one of being lost-in-far-off-thought, the opposite of being totally game focused.
    I remember being surprised seeing this the first time. The next time and thereafter I remember thinking, “wow, Doc is really lost in thought there, almost like he was daydreaming.”
    It was very noticeable to me.

  • paul

    Doc sucks, we need van gundy

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Shouldn’t you be tending to that blog of yours? Here’s a template you can use for the foreseeable future:
    Tonight, The Celtics lost to ________. They started out going up by 14, but threw it all away in the ___ quarter. Despite a few spurts here and there, the C’s were never able to regain the lead. This is the teams ___ loss in a row.
    Free of charge, you are welcome.

  • I love how people bag on ray allen when hes the only one of the big 3 whos stayed healthy, and the only one playing remotely close to the way he did 3 seasons ago and KG and Pierce are often injured, and not playing anywhere even remotely close to 3 yrs ago, mentally, physically, anything…theyre simply put, theyre dreadful right now, and why Pierce even came back to play in this game is beyond me…must be because theyre just looking to turn it on for the playoffs and the regular season doesnt matter….lol

  • InBigThreeWeTrust

    it’s not the playoffs yet sir..they’ll figure it out that basketball is played 4 quarters and if you don’t bring it every game,you’ll be owned..have faith =)

  • DRJ

    They need to try to move Sheed. Lots of teams need a cheap big… see what you can do. The man is too toxic to keep… starting to affect Perk, and probably others.
    And he’s not likely to improve. MAYBE in the playoffs… but there’s no evidence that he will, and there are no levers to pull with this guy. Move him if you can.

  • Point – LaRusso!!! sorry KWAPT that just funny

  • Here here

  • aaron

    you can say what you want, his numbers in the last 10 have been a joke.
    enough excuses have been made, he is above average… he has hit his ceiling and gets out rebounded by guys he should be owning.
    rasheed wallace is also a liability because he basically only cares about jacking up threes and NOT playing defense.

  • Perry

    I’m not ready to brand this team a failure – nor will I use the word hate to describe my feelings. My previous threads always referenced a lack of focus, especially on the defensive end.
    Part of me wants to believe that they will get back on track now that the roster is at full strength. No longer should we point to health because even without the missing parts they were blowing double digit leads.
    It’s something deeper, and not even the insiders have a clue as to what it is. The scary answer is maybe they just aren’t good enough any more.

  • DRJ

    They are good enough. What lost this game was the disappearance of their defense, allowing 36 points in Q3. That points to will and motivation, not talent.
    They’re good enough. But they lack focus and motivation. Sheed may be sucking it out of them, by his very presence. I would favor trying to move Sheed now… see what happens.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    DRJ is right this team has the talent but seems to lose motivation. I could do a well thought out 4 paragraph essay on why it lies on Doc’s doorstep but I don’t think i need to. Coaches are hired to motivate, make adjustments and manage games. Doc has never been great at the management portion but used to be able to motivate. If the C’s fail with this roster- its coaching. Ray is not the week link, Doc is. Oh and Sheed is a lazy fat ass.

  • Joseph

    Boston Suckdic fans have no pride. All bandwagon fans. I hope the next 22 years are even more painful than the previous 22 years with no title.

  • I can’t believe the negativity in here by some Celtics fans. Are you really already counting these guys out???? Really???
    I don’t know about you but it is pretty clear to me that without any huge mental collapses this team can beat ANY team in the league. We have had double digit leads against LA and Orlando and outplayed both teams for 36 minutes of each game. As the year goes on you have to expect this team to get tougher and continue to bond together.
    We currently sit .5 game back from second in the East.. SECOND!!!!! And your already quitting on them, are you kidding me? Without KG, without Quis, without Davis, without Pierce, without Rondo for a short period of time, this team is still right there. We are going to make the playoffs and we have the team on paper to win every single seven game series.
    We do not need to make a move, we don’t need to trade Ray, we need to get healthy and establish a form of mental toughness and focus to win games.
    It really is a disgrace to see some of you in here already quitting on this team. I guess there is a reason why we get labeled as “bandwagon” fans. It’s because of you people that quit on the team at the first sight of failure. Just wait, in June you will be the same people in here claiming that you stuck behind the team through thick and thin.

  • And by the way Joseph is right. Have some freakin’ pride.

  • NorthernGreen

    Which Van Gundy are you talking about

  • NorthernGreen

    Doc has been in that fog for a while!

  • NorthernGreen

    I would like to see what Tommy H would have to say about motivating a team. Oh, if he were a few years younger and still wanted to coach.