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Your Morning Dump… Where the Defense was MIA

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“Lackluster,” Wallace said of last night’s defensive effort. “We
didn’t pick it up probably until the six- or seven-(minute) mark in the
fourth. But what my high school coach once said was true – winners find
a way to win. We dug it out, they kept it close the whole game, and we
just pulled it out in the last minute.”

That, right now, is the problem.

Herald – Celtics Need Safety Net

"Kris Humphries got a couple baskets on me. I wasn't proud of that," Garnett said.

And mind you, Humphries is one of the least-abled Nets to beat anyone,
let alone a former Defensive player of the Year like Garnett, off the
dribble with such ease.

"I messed up a couple times. I am
human," Garnett said. "I will get better at that, but for the most part
my focus right now is rebounding better and continuing to talk. I did
miss some assignments tonight, which is something I don't usually do."

CSNNE – Garnett Not Yet on Defensive

While the Nets tallied 30 points in the 2nd quarter, they managed only 32 points in the entire second half.

Yes, the Celtics defensive effort remains inconsistent, but a quick check of the stats reveals they are still doing a better job than most teams. PPG – 93.7, T-1st (Cleveland), Opp. FG – 44%, 6th best.

As for KG, he did collect 7 rebounds in 26 minutes. At the very least, when the knee/leg reaches 100%, guys like Kris Humphries won't be able to drive past him.

On Page 2, what Doc told the troops at halftime.

“I don’t think I need to talk,’’ he
told his team, which at that point had been more than adequate
offensively, getting 14 assists on 19 field goals, but had been a
downed stop sign on defense, letting the Nets shoot 63 percent from the

“We’re a defensive team and tonight we want to outscore them.’’

Then, Rivers gave them his last words.

“Good luck.’’

Globe – Celtics Have Some Left in Reserves

I like Doc's approach. He could have thrown some chairs, but can't you see Sheed and KG trying to hold back laughter during a tirade?

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  • Double P Reppin the B

    But is it really all about effort anymore with these guys? When does it stop being about effort and start being about ability? I think KG has all the will in the world to rebound and play defense, but he doesn’t have the ability to do it at such a high level anymore. Sheed, I question his will more than his ability, but there are questions with both. Watching them play defense last night, all night I kept thinking they really can’t get a stop when they need it. I don’t know what is going on

  • I’m sick of Sheed being lazy and then fouling when he gets beat. That’s the one thing that really drove me crazy last night.

  • At least he gets his money worth on the fouls…the dude can hack with the best of them.