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Uninspired and Unimpressive, Part II


For the second time this week, the Celtics have played like a giant pile of crap against one of the league's worst teams… and won.

While the stink bomb they laid on Monday in Washington was bad, tonight's performance at home against the 4-win Nets is a new low.

This New Jersey team might go down as one of the worst teams in league history, yet they led by four at the half, one after 3 quarters, and trailed by four points with 3 minutes in the game.

Why can't this team just focus, play hard and blow out bad teams? Their lackadaisical play is driving me f-ing crazy!!!!!!

Give credit to Eddie House. Without his 10 fourth quarter points, the Celtics do not win this game. Ray Allen had 26 points on 9-17 FG. Rajon Rondo had 17 points, 11 assists and 3 steals.

Anyone else annoyed with the referees spending 5 minutes to review Eddie's three point shot vs the shot clock in the 4th? The replay provided by Comcast was inconclusive. I don't see how they could take those points off the board. As Tommy pointed out, the delay also killed the Celtics momentum.

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  • Not happy. Thank God Eddie House chose tonight to break out of his slump. I really hope they bring alot more to Sunday’s game-if not, it could be really ugly.

  • bostonfanatheart

    THE worst possible quality a team can have is being lazy. Its clear that they have no drive, which is really unfortunate, given the level of talent we have.
    And for those of you who aren’t worried, you can’t just “turn it on” come playoff time. Seems to me that these guys are content with one championship. We need some kind of spark.

  • DRJ

    I missed the game. You’re saying Eddie broke out of his slump… but I see he went 4-10 for the night… not exactly lighting the place up… tho another look shows that he went 4-6 in the 2nd half… so he must have sucked in the first half, picked it up in the 2nd.
    But yes… the hope, the plan, is to turn it on in the playoffs, and until then, do what you have to do but not a LOT more. That’s seems to be the plan, and they seem to be stickin to it.


    Also didn’t see the game, I don’t buy this ‘well turn it on’ crap.
    I just finished watching the Miami game again and totally focussed on Sheed – his defence was horrendous – no pick and roll rotation led to easy dunks, every time anyone faced him up and drove he just grabbed them. He is seriously going thru the motions…Dunno what he was like today but there’s no effort coming from that fat bastard….

  • DRJ

    The highlight for me from that Miami game, regarding Sheed, was when he threw that no-look over-the-shoulder pass to Scal on the right side. It was stolen of course. I remember cursing and thinking Man, now he won’t even TURN AROUND! How lazy can you get?!

  • i know noone wants to hear it but KG continues to look like a shell of his former self, i dont even see the same intensity or focus or chemistry with his teammates, im sorry but hes also lookin awful on pick n roll defense, post defense, and even perimter defense….sorry i know everyones in denial about it, but its pretty clear to me why we’re strugglin, hes barely half the player (right now could get better) then he was in 2007
    rondo solid, ray decent, glen with some hustle minutes, eddie huge in the 4th, KG shooting the ball efficiently, but other then that hes a shell of his former self guys, sorry

  • bostonfanatheart

    If the season was over today, I guarantee KG would be having surgery on his knee. The other night against Miami, I remember he was posting up a player (he actually traveled on this play) and he couldnt even put his bad knee on the floor. Seemed like he was afraid of injuring it. He actually took a freak one legged hop and either made it or got fouled (dont remember).
    Point being, hes not himself because he literally isnt himself yet, this injury is limiting him.

  • Nick

    Kid ur a fool. WE WON! That is all that matters. Aslong as K.G plays we will win and win almost every single game. Since K.G took Scal’s minutes we are a 10 times better team…and Ray was decent?!?! I want to trade him more than anyone but the guy scored an effecient 26 points and 7 boards so wtf do u mean decent? Glen played his best game of the season and looked like the guy from the playoffs last year, just try and show a little positivity dude we are going to win the NBA title if Doc doesn’t destroy us

  • If KG doesnt have a shot at coming back healthy, Ainge would be stupid not to trade Ray’s expiring deal and start slightly thinking about the future
    i dont see any scenario where if after the season it comes out that KG wasnt healthy, and the celtics knew it at this point, ainge could justify not trading allen, because as the big ticket goes this year, so will the Celtics
    lastly i am rooting against the saints in the superbowl, because their city counterparts could quite possibly have cost us two championships by overpaying the shit out of james posey, i hate dumb gm’s, all kg needs to get healthy is a posey man hug and he will be fine

  • nick

    In Response to the headline… WE WON! Quit complaining, their ain’t no free wins in these league don’t u guys get that???! Title contenders often have lapses during the season, its hard to stay focused, we will be fine, washington always plays us well, and the Nets faced us without our best player. Denver is beating L.A right now by 4 points in the 3rd quarter and they are playing without Carmelo, so are u worried about L.A too? U gotta look at the long run, not meaningless games in February. Step ur games up.

  • DRJ

    I missed the game, but if KG didn’t play hard in this one, it could just be because hey, it’s the friggin NETS… why not take it easy for a change, since this team is SO bad? (Truth be told, their roster is NOT bad… some good players… but as a team, they’re terrible. I don’t care enough to figure it out, but it would be interesting to know why that is…. must be the coaching, but I don’t know/care enough to even think about it.)

  • RyPThomas

    You want uninspired? Try Dallas’s 117-108 loss to the T’Wolves tonight!!! And yes, the Lakers are down to the Melo-less Nugs in the fourth. Point is, teams can’t bring it every night and we are w/ out PP right now. Am I concerned about KG’s health? Yes? Am I concerned about ‘Quis having too much pressure on him once he gets back? Sure. Would I like to see more of Billy Walker? Absolutely. Let the kid get some minutes for Christ’s sake.
    But bottom line, I like this team’s chances as a 2 or 3-seed come playoff time.
    And another nugget of thought for y’all, from a Clips fan I’m friends with: Why not give Garnett a healthy scratch once every four or five games? It’s no mystery he’s struggling. Save him up for the big games and the playoffs.


    other THAN that………no need to apologise, no one takes it seriously anyway…


    KG only played 25 minutes tonight and the bench played big minutes so maybe Doc took it easy like DrJ said – it’s the nets!!!


    And Lakers got pounded by Nugs…not a bad day in the NBA…..


    Dunno about winning every game with KG but we’re 26-10 with him …5-6 without…

  • KY Celts fan


  • We struggled to win against possibly the worst team of all time, would u just knock it off already? and would people stop posting stupid records with/without KG? the defense (right now) doesnt improve at all with him or without him…the record is decieving with him because the team as a whole and everyone was playing better, aside from maybe rondo at the beginning of the year, people were saying oh this is pierces best year, marquis was healthy, people were fresh .
    And im sorry nick, i really am, and im sorry to all the KG fanboys who cant tell with their own eyes hes a shell of his former self.
    Ill take the win and also give ya, ray allen did play better then decent, the only reason i said that was because he missed a ton of shots, but he had a good night on the glass and was the leading scorer, so a good night for ray

  • This is decieving and ignorant…so does this mean KG sucked 2 years ago and last year, when he went out and the team didnt miss a beat? they were something like 14-2 without him in 07, and went 62-20 last year when he missed over 30 games.
    This season everyone started off fresh and playing great basetball, people even saying pierce having one his better seasons(my has that changed) Marquis was healthy, the schedule was easier, the team was closer, ray wasnt being shopped, the list goes on and on….so keep preaching the dumb, irrelevant with/without KG record, when there alot of variables to include in that, and keep the denial going with actually getting upet with the mere fact KG is a shell of himself….just accept it

  • Why do you come up with weird theories like this to make everything ok?
    KG not playing hard?
    the team not wanting to win now? and just “turn it on” in the playoffs?
    That doesnt work, and KG didnt play like that for 15 years for a single game, now he is?

  • Danno

    KG went 5-8 for 10 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 steals in only 26 minutes of play.
    Anyone who criticizes that is a fucking complete retard.

  • DRJ

    Resting our vets, many of whom have been overplayed, is not weird, it’s a good idea. Pop’s been doing it for years of in SA. And it worked out.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    It’s not like people are saying KG had an awful night. But it is VERY clear that he is no where near what he was even two years ago. His defense is suffering badly, and our team defense as a whole is so poor its unbelieveable. We won because the Nets are absolutely attrocious. The way we play D right now we aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs. A tight win over the nets doesn’t show me things are back on track. they are not, and there are some major issues with this team that will be exposed in the playoffs. Complete lack of rebounding, and horrible defense. Two things you need to win in the playoffs we are not doing well at all. and KG is not the guy he was. I seriously hate to say it but it’s really obvious

  • Um, why is that? its his team defense, work on the glass, and oh yead being defended and defending yi jialian…you are the complete retard to overrate a performace cause he knocks down the wide open jumpshot effiecently, open up ur damn eyes, hes a shell of his former self, period

  • What vets exactly are we resting? pauls injured and theyre playing KG against a team they have no need to play him at all, and he got limited minutes, quite frankly, cause he adding anything guys off the bench were, he was awful defensively, not an upgrade over glen davis for chrissakes.
    yeah, resting the vets. is that why ray allen has played more minutes then anyone on the team? being injured isnt resting vets, and doc rivers isnt greg popovich.
    stop the nonsense where this team isnt trying and wants to just turn it on in the playoffs, its never been there mentality, they dont have healthy scratches, and ray allen is getting severaly overplayed.
    they are just an average basketball team right now


    26-10, 5-6 that’s all I’m saying….


    That’s gold! haha!!