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Celtics primed for a second half run?

There's been WAAAAY too much "woe is us" stuff going on around here lately… especially for a team that is now 31-16.  That, by the way, is good enough to be a game out of 2nd in the East and have the 5th best record in the NBA.  I'm sure the fans of a couple dozen other NBA teams would like to have our kinds of problems.

But I digress…

The All Star break is around the corner.  And the Celtics are primed to come out of the break blazing for a couple of reasons.

1: Health

Kevin Garnett is getting stronger.  Paul Pierce will get through his little nagging injuries (after avoiding what could have been a bad one).  And Marquis Daniels is coming back in a couple of games.  

The Celtics will come out of the break (knock on wood) with something they literally haven't had all season:  A fully healthy squad.  Now we can toy with lineups based on matchups.  Glen Davis can play one of the big spots if Doc wants go small.  A big lineup of Quis, Pierce, Sheed, KG and Perk can be rolled out there.  Doc will have options that haven't existed yet this year.

2: Schedule

The end of February is not going to be easy, but March will.  Yes, the Kings, Knicks and Nets help round out February… but so do the Lakers, Blazers, Nuggets and Cavs.  But the C's March opponents currently have a mediocre 388-385 combined record.  And if count Detroit for a second time (the only team we play twice in March), that record is 404-416.

Then in April, the C's close out the season (after the April 5 Cavs game) with the Knicks, Raptors, Wizards, Bulls and two games vs. the Bucks. 

Get it?  After the grueling gauntlet of a first half schedule, things lighten up for the Celtics… and the C's came out of that gauntlet, as I said before, with a 31-16 record while dealing with injuries and a sprinkle of locker room tumult.

How are things going to go for a healthy C's team against a lighter schedule… especially as they find more cohesion?  And then once the playoffs start, the days of back-to-backs (the C's have 6 after the break) are done.  There's at least a day of rest after every game.

Yeah, the C's are older than most teams.  But things are shaping up to break favorably for an older team.  The C's have weathered a storm… now when they stare across the water from the bow of their weathered and beaten ship… they see blue skies, and calm waters.

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  • DRJ

    And then there’s the other side of the coin. The Cs have played fewer games than most other teams: 4 less than CLE, 3 less than the Lakers, 2 less than ORL… gotta make those up sometime, which means fewer rest days going forward. Also – The Cs have proven that ANY team in the NBA (except the Nets) can beat them. And truth be told, every team in the NBA (except the Nets) is dangerous this year. There are no easy games (except the Nets).
    More worrisome to me is the play of Rasheed. I don’t like that he’s so clearly putting out a lazy half-effort. Don’t like what it might be doing to the rest of the team in terms of spirit and chemistry, and don’t like that it’s costing us games. Whatever happens, we’re going to the playoffs. Once we get there, I don’t think it’s likely that this team will go all the way unless Sheed turns it around (or they find a way around him). Other than health, he (or rather, his position) is my biggest concern.
    (Anyway, don’t wanna be too sanguine, do we… you KNOW what happens when this team gets overly comfy.)

  • Any team in the NBA can beat any other team. We’ve seen every good team lose to some bad teams. It happens.

  • Very true. Even though the Celts have lost to teams like the Clippers (and almost twice to them), so have the Lakers. Every good team has shown that they can be beaten this year. Much more parity than there usually is, or at least has been in a while.

  • PutDJintheHall

    The Celts need to just play basketball. Get healthy (somehow) and just play Celtic basketball.
    The ball doesn’t go in the hoop every night.
    The bitching at the refs needs to stop.
    You watch highlights from 2008, Kobe cried and complained ALOT in the finals. It has an effect.
    The Celts have cried and complained more than they should this year. Just F-ing play.

  • Ohio Celtics Fan

    If we get and stay healthy…WE WIN IT THIS YEAR

  • Lakerhater

    Right on the money on Sheed. I don’t get to see as many games as I would like here on the west coast, but in everyone I’ve seen Sheed is pretty much just walking through. I realize he was the best available when Danny got him, but in the words of my 10 year old – “He ain’t James Posey or PJ Brown. He gets more technicals than rebounds”. Hater-tot is right.

  • Perry

    Yes, let not a favorable schedule in March obscure the fact that this team has lacked the focus it takes to win a championship. At the start of the season we all thought getting to the finals was a fait accompli, but that’s when our defense did indeed resemble the 85′ Bears.
    Now Doc is no longer making that bold prediction. So this team won’t go far if they think they out score their opponent on any given night.
    I too am worried about Sheed and his shot selection. However, the dude is not over the hill. His post up game is money. Get him a few easy baskets and his percentage from downtown should rise. When you break it down, can any second line player stop him on the block?
    The pattern I’m waiting to see unfold is when the starting five start dominating the competition in the first quarter. It wasn’t too long ago that we saw them sprint out to double digit leads within the first seven minutes. They simply took you apart then demoralized you in the 3rd quarter. When that happens I’ll feel a lot better.


    Stopped reading after you said KG is getting stronger.

  • hater

    dream on, seniles!