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Alston wanted to come to Boston


When the Nets let Rafer Alston go… he made sure his people reached out to Boston.

“I think it was my interest,” he told “But I don’t think Doc
[Rivers] would have opposed it knowing that you can grab a guy that can
give you minutes at backup point for this team, and who’s a willing
passer and just a natural point guard. Then understand, I played for
[assistant coach Tom] Thibodeau before in Houston. So I’d always had
them on my mind before I came here.”

I'm not a big Alston fan… so I'm ok with him not coming here.  And besides, Miami swooped in with an offer before the ink on the buyout paperwork was dry. 

But I know some people do like him… and he's a point guard who was willing to come here and be a back up.  I find it interesting that the Celtics responded with a resounding "meh" when he approached them.   

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  • JD

    He would have been a hell of a lot better than Cassell or Marbury, IF he dropped the gunslinger approach that he always seems to have, I think he’s been shooting around 40 percent or lower for the last few years.

  • FSantos33

    Alston is a loose cannon. He lost his cool and smacked House on the head in the playoffs last year and went nose to nose with Rondo right at tip off for no reason two years ago. (When we ended Hoston’s 22 gm win streak ha).

  • Agree with JD, a hell of alot better then cassell or marbury.
    Not a huge fan of Alston either, but cmon the magic made it to the finals with him as there starting PG…him as a legit backup to rondo…um i could think of worse things

  • Not sure how it would have worked out financially, (would it have prevented signing ‘Quis? or ‘Sheed?), but a backup PG would be a great compliment. Also not a big fan of Alston either, but better than any backup PG in recent memory.. aside from Rondo backing up Telfair… puke in my mouth.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    probably the best backup PG on the market at the time, and still maybe now. He is a great ball handler, can shoot the 3, and plays pretty solid defense, especially for a second unit guy. I would have liked to see him come here. Doesn’t matter if hes a loose cannon. Doesn’t anyone remember Cassell taking a big swipe at rondo’s head too before he came here? I like the fire! haha and yes if orlando had him starting all the way to the finals I don’t see how we could have had a better option on the market at backup

  • PutDJintheHall

    I don’t know what the contract is, but wouldn’t Chris Duhon be a nice fit for Boston?

  • How would it prevented signing quis or sheed? Alston was cut by the nets about a month ago, quis and sheed are already signed… we have an open roster spot to add someone like alston

  • KY Celts fan


  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I wouldn’t have minded him coming to the Celts. High IQ, decent enough shooter, has passion….I like him.
    But to get OT, who are the losers who don’t want KG and Paul in the all-star game? They can’t be Celtics fans. One time a year, for 20 or so minutes….I’ll take that risk of injury. And hell, Paul has never been a big part of any All-Star team. He plays well when he’s in, but it feels like he’s always on the pine. I want him in there and poppin’ shots!!! \o/

  • Rav

    Are you kidding me???? Backup PG is our biggest (or 2nd biggest, depending on who you ask) need, and we had a chance to get Skip?
    He is a starting-caliber PG! Why would anyone not want this guy – especially since he was willin to be a backup?

  • Rav