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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s are handling things as men

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
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"Let me saying something," said Garnett. "I'm not speaking for [Rondo],
but on this team we have a lot of strong personalities. At the end of
day, we're all seeking, especially when you lose, man, I remember we
lost to Portland, we lost three straight, I could just sense that
everybody, within themselves, was trying to do more than they should,
or reverting back to being leaders on this team versus the way we have
been doing it. When I read the comments, I talked to him personally
because, we have a lot of personal conversations. That's what it was.
We're not a team here to point fingers, we keep everybody accountable,
everybody knows what this is in the locker room. If we have anything
that needs to be said, it will be said in closed confinement of the
locker room and among each other as men. I want everyone to respect
that, alright? Next question."

Rondo simply smiled and added, "Word."

ESPN Boston: Postgame Notes: Chemistry Questions

Rajon Rondo got a little lesson yesterday in how to diffuse a situation… courtesy of Mr. Kevin Garnett.  Rondo was asked the question, but KG stepped in and calmly, yet sternly delivered that answer to the crowd of reporters.

Boom.  Done.  No follow up in my allotted time?  See ya boys. 

And listening to it live, I could swear he said something like "c'mon Jonny" to Rondo.  And you could see the little smirk on Rondo's face… almost as if he watched his big brother come in and set some bullies straight.  

Not that Rondo needed to be protected there.  But he needed to be taught.  You said what you said… it caused a firestorm… and now here's how you quell it. 

Personally… I took yesterday's comments as a sign of leadership.  It was a "wake your asses up" moment.  And because the Celtics won last night I'm going to pull the specious logic lazy writers often rely on and say…. "hey, it must have worked… look at the results!"  I hope it worked and what we saw early on was the result of the comments.  That would be a nice period to the end of that sentence.  "Rajon Rondo is a leader who publicly chided his team and managed to coax a good performance out of them." 

The only thing we do know is Rondo followed up his public comments with a public display of awesome with a side order of "this is how you do it."  And that's enough for me to call this the next incremental step in his development as a team leader.  You go out on the day your words are published and you back them up.

Good for Rajon.

Coming up, Page 2, where Ainge sat Ray down for a little talk

“Danny just told me, ‘Look, I know you guys have been dealing with
this over the past couple of weeks,’ ” Allen said following last
    ht’s 107-102 win against the Miami Heat at the Garden. “He was like,
‘I haven’t made any calls in trying to get you traded. It’s always
speculation coming from other franchises and other newspaper outlets
around the country.’

“So anything could happen. For me, I just keep playing basketball.
It’s not my job to sit here and worry and let it stress me or bog me
down. You know, it was great to sit there and talk to Danny because he
and I have a great relationship.”

Herald: After Ainge talk, Ray Allen's in a good place

Ray has kept a good attitude about this all… but between this and the scare he had with his son's diabetes, I have a hard time thinking this doesn't affect him.  It must. 

Assuming Ray doesn't get traded, it will be interesting to see how his numbers improve post-trade deadline.

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  • Hrvoje

    KG is a deluded guy

  • ohio celtics fan

    KG is the man! Rondo is a stud but still has a lot to learn about being the man

  • Orb

    I’m glad people still say “word.”

  • PutDJintheHall

    Overall this is great to see. If Rondo is feeling comfortable enough to do what he did, sure it ruffles some feathers now. BUT, to know he is going to have the balls to step in and lead this team in the future is huge!
    Not a lot of guys have it. So now you have HUGE talent with Great leadership. THATS what you want from your point guard/ franchise player.
    It comes off as arrogance now, but you can’t argue with what he does for this team, its superstar numbers day in, day out.

  • Ummmmm Rondo called out the team as a whole and then backed it up on the court and the team seemed as spirited as they’ve been, and guys off the bench like glen davis and eddie house woke up…. um let rondo be a leader on and off the court and dont send hidden messages telling him not to speak up, cause the last i checked in the same article Kg and Pierce essentially said the same things, but for whatever reasons rondos words were blown out of proportion..he actually said exactly the truth, noone should have a problem with it

  • Danno

    Dude, just shut the fuck up already.

  • Perry

    When you break it down, who besides PP can get their own shot?
    Besides PP who’s been our most consistent player?
    Great players in NBA history have always called out their teammates…and with great success.
    See Jordan and Bird.
    Rondo was just speaking truth to power.
    This team lost their edge, played out of character and were not being called out by management.
    All he did was state the obvious.

  • DRJ

    Word, John. Word.
    How can you not love these guys?

  • Danno

    Better that they are talking about it, than ignoring it and claiming everything is fine. (like the post-championship Detroit)

  • Double P Reppin the B

    KG just made sure people understand what Rondo was saying. There are no problems in the locker room, hes just wanted people to realize that when things go wrong they have to many guys trying to do it all themselves, trying to pull this team out of a rut themselves rather than rely on eachother. and that is simply not how this team is successful. We all know they achieve success when they are playing free and unselfish and that has not been the case. That is exactly what Rondo was trying to say, just didn’t say it right. KG is the MAN and Rondo is straight up nasty

  • Double P Reppin the B

    and John, in the live video KG after the questions were done did say something like “comon Johnny” just like he was taking his brother back inside after beating up some bullies. Hilarious. and Rajon was laughing

  • word to that. love it

  • Just keep playing inspired ball, both the vets and the bench.
    I really love their post-games. Seeing him and Rondo playing around, (after a good win), is good indication. Now get the timing back on the alley-oop aight?
    * Wyc on talking to the refs: “I’m just giving them information” Classic

  • DRJ

    How much do you think Gatorade pays the Cs to make sure that every player who gets interviewed has a container of their drink in front of him, always with the label facing directly out to the media? Each player is taught to make sure to place it just so….

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Oh, man…..this is like a soap opera. When are they gonna hug it out and eat bon-bons on the couch while watching “Dirty Dancing”?

  • KGhaTTR

    Whenever they want – when u think kobe’s gonna front with Gasol and do this…it won’t happen cos Gasol hates the fucker…

  • KY Celts fan

    Either you don’t know the definition of that word or you need to explain yourself.

  • Sam

    Definitely Word. I’m one of the one’s that took Rondo’s words the way you did and that more importantly it worked nad he backed up his words on the court last night.

  • Chris

    I’m sure Rondo didn’t mean anything bad. He was only speaking the truth.