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Pierce Sits, Daniels Returns to Practice

ESPN's Chris Forsberg updates us on today's practice:

Celtics forward Paul Pierce was in good spirits despite sitting out
Thursday's practice session. He ran on the treadmill and met with
reporters after the session. While he's unlikely to play Friday vs. the
Nets, he is hoping he might be ready for Sunday's game against Orlando.
Pierce also talks about being invited to the 3-point Shootout at
All-Star weekend, and noted it's one event he really wants to
participate in seeking redemption for a poor showing in 2002.

Marquis Daniels went through his first full session, dubbing it like, "the
first day of school," and expressed hope that he could also be back on
the court as early as Sunday's game against the Magic.

We could see Daniels and Pierce back on the floor for Sunday's game against Orlando. Sweet.

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  • FSantos33

    I remember that poor shooting performance back in 02′. This time try not to wear those huge ass baggy shorts that kept falling off during the contest.
    Cool, Daniels will be back. You know despite all the injuries and drama we are only a few games behind the top teams (Record wise).
    Celtics inability to beat good teams, whack rebounding, taking quarters off, turnover prone are concerning but lets give these guys more time see if they can get it together.
    It will be difficult to overcome those weaknesses but just maybe just maybe when the guys get healthier it will have a positive outcome.
    (I was the same guy who said unplug the big 3 yesterday and built for the future but today I am feeling different. It’s too early to write them off. I don’t like how they are playing so far but it can only get better. We are still in it to win it. So, fuck it let it ride.)
    Bartender give me another!!! My boy Jester is late where the hell is he.

  • he’s probably 15 deep already, look around he might be on the floor somewhere lol
    even with quis coming back, i dont like the combination of tony allen and daniels playing together, and even though tony’s playing excellent right now, im still a little more comfertable with quis going into the playoffs right now, TA is just too inconsistent
    it seems like we need to add rebounding, defense, and scoring to our bench
    like i said earlier Raja Bell wouldnt be a bad pickup coming off his injury if we could get him, daniels and raja would compliment eachother nicely, than again so would daniels and hinrich, prince, or leandro barbosa, i guess its just about who we can get

  • FSantos33

    I like Bell’s toughness but do we know if he can play coming off wrist surgery? Bell is making over 5 mill per… Matching Salaries would be tough.

  • Just saw a stat on TNT that rondo scores or assists on 42% of our fg’s, which is top 5 in the league and actually above kobe bryant, lol
    Excited to see daniels get back

  • nick

    No disrespect 2 u guys or Raja Bell, but whats with everyone on this sight, especially that Douche (to the ruins) and even though I respect big BigMck him too, hating on the idea of Corey Maggette on the C’s. 2 words..Jamal Crawford. They are both insanely talented scorers, they were both labeled falsely as awful team players and ballhogs, they both can put up starting numbers while being given only 20-25 minutes per-game. Essentially they’re both HIGH-VOLUME SCORERS who have had their reputations sullied 4 no good reason other than the fact that they’ve had to take up a HUGE responsibilty 4 shit-bag teams. Raja Bell? C’mon now the dude is a FORMER solid defensive player who gets hurt 2wice a week. People’s opinions would change about Maggette just like they did about Crawford soon as he comes off the bench when the C’s are in a battle and scores about 12 points in 10 minutes and leaves a path of bodies and carnage on his way to the free throw line. U dudes need to re-think the game of basketball in general and not just here a name, here rumors about this name and say ewwww we don’t like him, this ain’t fucking High-School whats wrong with u guys. Corey Maggette is better than Ray Allen Kevin Martin Andre Iguodala or any of these other scrubs who are being rumored to be coming to the C’s…c’mon now

  • paul

    Doesn’t Scalabrine make almost 3 million a year

  • FSantos33

    Bro I like Cory as a scorer but dude is making 10 mill per for the next four years. Do you really think Ainge would go for that? No need to call your blog boys Ruins Douche come on man you are better than that.

  • FSantos33

    Something close to that but it still doesn’t match 5 plus mill…

  • Filipe

    I think Bell is a very likely buyout guy, so we probably could get him for nothing.