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Pierce is in the 3 point shoot out

At least according to Eddie House.

"Paul is actually going to be the one representing the Celtics in the
3-Point Contest," said House. "Hope all is well with that and he gets a

I'm looking forward to seeing him participate.  I hope I'm a good luck charm.

Oh… what do I mean by that?  Stay tuned for the answer… at 3pm.

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  • Spiraea

    Meh. Eddie gets snubbed again. But Paul has been the better 3-pointer shooter this season so I can’t really argue with it. Wish they both could be in it

  • Pierce has the highest three point percentage in the league this year
    eddie has sucked, he got snubbed last year, this year he doesnt derseve to be anywhere close to dallas
    and besides he probably wouldnt get his feet past the three point line anyway

  • tune in at three huh?
    what a tease

  • I feel like Pierce does not set himself up quick enough to be good in a 3pt contest. He is a great shooter, but Eddie seems more tailor-made for it.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Ya I’d rather see Eddie or Ray. Both have quick releases and are extremely streaky. Pierce’s release is way to slow, although he does hit them at a better clip than anyone in the league.. haha

  • Ferdinand

    love eddie but go paul pierce!!! hope he throws up his finger on the last shot! that would be vintage shiznit!

  • Like the cred. But Paul needs to rest. 3 pointers from the recliner contest