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Your Morning Dump… where the C’s locker room is having problems

Celtics bench

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We are getting bored with it some,” he said, “but I think it’s a
little bit of different agendas maybe creeping in. It just all depends.
You know, I think if we all had the right spirit as far as one goal,
one thing in common, I think we’d be a lot better.”

“I can’t really elaborate on it too much, but I think we’ve just got to
be a team with no agendas,” Rondo said. “We’ve got to play unselfish,
you know? That’s on defense and offense. You’ve got to want the best
for the next man out there regardless if you’re in the game playing
well or you’re out of the game not playing well.”   

“In the locker room, you can feel it,” Rondo added. “You don’t feel
like it’s the same continuity and camaraderie in the locker room as it
was the first year. The first year, it was a crazy spirit in the locker
room. But now it doesn’t feel the same. It’s not the same right now.
We’ve got to find a way to get that back somehow, some way.”

Herald: Selfish trend top item on Celtics agenda

This right here is my first "oh crap" moment of the season.  The injuries didn't bother me as much… and the losses seemed surmountable. 

But a loss of continuity and camaraderie in the locker room is the crack in the foundation.  If you don't get on that now, forget it.  THIS can kill a team quickly.  If that player, or players, can't change ways… then it's time to see if a trade is possible.  This can't stand.

This, my friends, is not good.

Coming up, Page 2, where Danny talks about Paul Pierce's foot

Photo by Jim Rogash /Getty Images

“I was concerned right from the time he got hurt,” Ainge said. “It
looked terrible when it happened. Then Paul’s foot was sore when he
woke up (yesterday) morning. I didn’t stop being concerned until Paul
met with Dr. McKeon and went over the test results.”

According to Ainge, Pierce’s return will be based on the level of discomfort in the foot.

“He can play when it feels good enough,” Ainge said.

Herald:  Danny Ainge, Celtics upgrade Captain's condition

Now THIS news is good.  Have a seat for a couple of games and don't rush back, Paul.  There's NO need to come back too soon and risk it getting hurt even more.

I'm sure Paul will talk at some point today.

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  • Danno

    Three people I see being the culprits here:
    Big Baby.
    Ray Allen.
    Rasheed Wallace.
    I say – ship ’em out for something better.

  • I’ve been concerned that this might be the problem. The team certainly has plenty of talent and the veterans that Doc wants. There were a couple of instances in a recent game where Perk and Ray seemed to be having an arguement on the court and it was more than just two teammates clarifying a botched assignment, they both seemed disgusted with one another. What happened to Ubuntu?

  • Danno

    Ray’s game has been off all season. and I believe everyone is calling him on ti, because he is one of the only guys who isn’t injured to some degree.
    And when Ray’s shooting is bad, his D goes out the window with it. and his shooting has been bad for a while. People always talk about “oh but his percentages aren’t much worse than last year..” but that’s a load of malarky.
    The problem with jump shooters like Ray is the streakiness. He’s have 5 or 6 games where he’ll go 3-15, but then he’ll have 2 games where he goes 8-10, and his percentage stays decent, but meanwhile – we lost 6 games and won 2.
    And the motherfucker is absolutely a WORSE ball handler than E. House or Tony Allen. How many fucking times is ray going to bobble an inbounds pass between his legs and lost it behind him with a few seconds left, and only get off an awful shot – or worse – dribble it off his own foot out of bounds?
    It’s time for Ray to go.

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    “Your team has underlying problems that will bite you in the ass come playoff time.”
    Oh, the green tinged irony.

  • Alex

    I have to admit, this Laker troll made me laugh. The irony is so big on this one, it’s just damn hilarious.
    At this point, with all these injuries and this locker room drama going on, it will be a miracle to see the Celtics win the hardware this year.

  • CFH

    Can the trade deadline please get here already, with or without a Celtics move?
    Not having players wondering where Danny is going to send them won’t fix the problem at its root, but it might alleviate the symptoms so the problem can be worked on better.
    And an all-star break vacation– especially for old man Ray playing a million minutes and being scapegoated– might be useful too.
    Stupid early February.

  • Lmao, sheed and baby, fine.
    But ray allen? thats fuckin absurd, he is the last person dividing the locker room

  • Im not going to sit here and argue with you wanting to trade ray for younger talent, fine.
    But to blame ray fucking allen for the divide in the locker room is really ignorant, if anything i see him being the one holding things together with the young guys and older players…
    Oh yeah, ray is struggling so everyones getting on him about it…thats another absurd theory, hes the one guy thats stayed and healthy and given his all every single fucking night while the constant KG is he/ isnt he going to play cloud is constantly over there heads, i think thats what it is more then anything, KG isolates himself away from teammates and is quite frankly, a jackass

  • PutDJintheHall

    Danno and Totheruins arguments are baseless.
    You got the Allens mixed up brother.
    I do believe Sheed is the cancer of the team.
    When Marbury came people were looking for it, with sheed it has just festered. I’m already sick of his crap. Shut up and play.

  • I can’t blame any one person. I just see 4 dudes that are 30+ and all have rings. No reason they can’t sort out the chemistry and the locker room.

  • efthetrolls

    Hey Dude if PP is a wannabegansta, we know Kobe is an alreadybeenrapist
    I do agree with others that Sheed messed up the chemistry. That is what we get looking for Pistons to help the team

  • Danno

    Have you been watching any of the last 5-10 games?
    Ray has been consistently awful, and TA has been good to outstanding.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    You guys can’t sit here and say its Rasheed or its Ray or whatever. The simple fact is no one has any clue what or who is causing it. KGs injury questions I’m sure play a part. Big baby being selfish not accepting his role plays a part. I honestly don’t think Sheed is the reason this team has problems. He has accepted his role as a bench player, and his techs are completely unwarranted so you can’t really get on him for that.
    Donny Marshall was talking about Ray allen the other night saying he thinks all this talk about trades and what not has really effected his play, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was having an effect on the rest of the team. I’m sure it is a whole crew of problems all taking down the morale of the team.
    I think it is pretty clear that this team won a championship and now feels pretty content with that. They were hungry last year to repeat and were playing out of there minds, but when KG went down it all changed. They lost the hunger, and I think it is because in the back of their minds they know KG isn’t healthy and they don’t want to fight and scratch for it if they don’t think they can win it all

  • Danno

    You’re kidding, right?
    Ray’s health hasn’t helped him put the ball in the hoop, or not turn the ball over at pivotal moments late in the game by dribbling off his foot or making slow, errant passes into the middle of all the defenders.
    You’re actually trying to blame the one guy who hasn’t been on the court for things happening on the court.
    You don’t like KG. We get it.

  • zauer

    Agree, TTR is a total KG hater

  • FSantos33

    Enough said:
    Pierce then shook his head and added, “It’s like you have the answers to the test and you still fail. It’s just like that. We know the answers.”
    The last statement was repeated to Rondo.
    “That’s a great quote,” he said. “I can’t really describe it any better. He’s exactly right. We’re just not getting it done.”
    The cat is out of the bag folks. Coaching staff and players fix it.

  • adubson

    Hey Danno, if you look at Ray’s game log for the season ( you’ll see that he’s had 6 games where he shot below .400 in January.
    He’s had one inconsistent month, the rest of the year he’s been shooting above .450.
    So you’re solution for the teams recent troubles are to trade Jesus Shuttlesworth because of 6 bad nights?
    Kobe shot under .400 7 times in January.

  • Filipe

    No big news here. Anyone who watches the bench closely could tell the honeymoon is over since late last season (which is probably why there were some trade talk about Rondo). now that the team is struggling it might have got worse. I suspect its a young guys/old guys thing that might be turning into a Rondo-Pierce proble, but I hope I’m wrong.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah I can imagine a bit of a power struggle between Rondo and Pierce, and also Rasheed and Perk, because late in games we know where Doc goes. He picks pierce over rondo and rasheed over perk. This may be an underlying problem

  • PutDJintheHall

    Yes, i base everything off the last 10 games.
    its a marathon not a race

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta


  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Brilliant! Get this man on Comedy Central, STAT!!

  • Al

    Get used to it…..KG’s his favourite player he said a while back – loves his emotion – Now he’s a jackass for being injured – apparently ‘isolates himself’ from the team etc – u need to take everything that freak says with a grain of salt….no a chunk of salt

  • Al

    THAT makes sense……
    The Ray Allen crap doesn’t…dude is straight up…
    TTR’s ‘KG is a jackass’ rant doesn’t make sense either but no surprises there!!!!!