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McHale: C’s are coasting… and that’s OK.

Kevin McHale knows a thing or two about playing in the NBA.  So when he says older guys conserve energy pre-All Star break and then turn it on later… and that it's OK to do it… then I'm OK with it.

"They are getting where they want to be," McHale said. "When you get
to the age where Kevin Garnett is, and Paul Pierce and Ray Allen is,
it's always going to be after the All-Star break. You do pace yourself.
When you're 22 or 23 you're out there going gung ho, you have no idea
what you're doing anyway. You're playing on energy and running around.

you get older you start conserving your energy and you start to realize
you can be 40-10 at the All-Star break. If you play poorly down the
stretch and don't get in the playoffs on a roll, healthy and playing
well, it doesn't make any difference."

It's hard for us fans to comprehend that.  We want 48 minutes of hell on a nightly basis.  We want guys to run through walls… dive into the stands… and when it's over… say "thank you sir may I have another."

But it doesn't work that way.  These guys start filtering into camp in August or September… and they play, if you're good, into May and June.  10 months of pounding.  Basketball is a rough sport on the body.  All that running, stopping, quick changes of direction, and jumping takes a huge toll on you.  To do that for 82 games… plus preseason and post season games… and all those days in practice is tough.

So yeah, we all hate the notion of coasting.  We all want to say "you're being paid millions so suck it up and play."  But it doesn't work that way.

That's not to say the C's don't have problems.  But maybe… just maybe… they're not as big as some might think.  Maybe we fans need to rethink our own perceptions of the NBA and what a team like the Celtics should be playing like. 

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  • ajm56

    i’m cool with this, but in the same mindset, get the bench/young guys our there for little stretches and see what they might bring you. I get that you earn playing time in practice, but you rest vets during games too.

  • It sounds good, but I don’t know man…if some of these guys just don’t have the work ethic now, I don’t see why they’ll magically get it later. We all know how hard it is to win a championship once, let alone multiple times. Those Celtics teams of the 50’s and 60’s, the Bulls team of the 90’s, they all knew their role and they all sacrificed something, whether it was playing time, ego, whatever. We’ll see if these guys are just as willing..

  • I agree with that. I’d like to see more minutes for some of the young guys. If you’re gonna get them them any experience.. it’s now.

  • Agreed KWAPT. The challenge is the C’s themselves were saying ’85 Bears’ at the beginning of the season… which sounded to me like giving hell for 82 games and then some.