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Live chat tonight on!

The Boston Celtics have invited Red's Army to join in a live chat tonight on  So I'll be heading over there at 8pm to join Peter Stringer and Marc D'Amico from and Couper Moorhead from… as well as Greg Payne from CelticsBlog.

So head on over to at 8pm tonight and check it out.  I'm psyched that the Celtics asked us to join.  I hope you can all join us tonight as well.

Just remember… this isn't the typical "anything flies" Red's Army chat.  I'm going to have to rein it in a little and put my analyst hat on.  I might even wear a tie.  Hope they don't mind that it's a clip on.

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  • Aren’t they playing the Heat at 8?
    *And looking forward to the dancer scouting report

  • yes. It’s a live game chat.

  • Good point about “reining it in” RedsArmy. Their chats are def “family friendly”. So if you go over there folks, don’t be surprised if they don’t post your comments unless they’re P.C. I found that out the hard-way one night…lol.. “Hey Beavis..that dude’s last name is Moorhead…!” “Huh huh huh..”