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Is the time right to trade Tony Allen?


Tony Allen is playing his best ball in years. He's been a key contributor off the bench over the past few weeks. He's averaging 20 minutes, 7 points, 52% FG and 3 rebounds.

Prior to this revival, TA was trade bait because of his $2.5 million dollar expiring contract. You could package Allen (along with Scal) for a veteran who could provide consistent play off the bench.


Now that we are seeing the "good" Tony, should the Celtics keep him?

Or is it a matter of time before the "evil" Tony returns and the Celtics should move him now while his value is at its highest?

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  • Double P Reppin the B

    Not unless you’re getting a guy like Shane Battier in return. I’m all about getting a glue guy like battier. Plays incredible D and shoots the 3.

  • Ohio

    I think Tony can play consistently well if given the playing time…I am more worried about injury.

  • Danno

    Let’s see here:
    Trade a guy who is playing well with an expiring $2.5 mil contract that won’t really get you anything back in the trade that is better than the guy playing well for $2.5 mil….
    Trade a guy who is a declining star who isn’t playing well with an $18 mil expiring contract for arguably WAY more in return.
    The point of dangling expiring contracts to teams looking to dump salary is to get as much of the books for the team taking the expiring contract as possible.
    Which one looks more enticing in what is going to be the best crop of upcoming free agents in decades?
    Getting 2.5 mil off the books, or getting 18 mil off the books?
    Trading TA won’t get us shit in return. He’s not worth enough alone.

  • Shawna

    The problem is that Tony is playing good “For Now”. We all know he’s wooing us again with this good play. He’ll turn on us soon enough. But until he does, I wouldn’t be willing to let him go unless it’s for a damn good return player.

  • I’m ok with keeping him now and letting him walk when his deal is up.
    of course.. if a deal comes up that requires him to be part of the package… so be it.
    But he’s helping right now… so there’s no point in shipping him out for the sake of getting rid of him.

  • G4L

    I agree with Reds Army.. If the right deal comes then ok, but as of now we stay with him on this hot streak of his(which will hopefully not end soon)& maybe do a sign and trade or let him walk. I want no part of TA in the future.
    But lets be honest with our selves this season is our BEST shot at winning another Championship. It could happen next year depending on some off season moves but this year will probably be the easiest & last year with the big 3. So keeping TA & not trading him is the best move right now unless a trade for a better player comes along.

  • It all depends on Pierce and the foot sprain. I don’t doubt for a moment that it’s not serious, but age on this team is becoming a factor. TA is playing inspired ball. Assuming Ray starts and remains a Celtic, pairing TA with Quisy gives us a lock down back court.
    The odd man out could be Eddie. Or at the very least we could see him playing a limited role much like he did when Casell was bought in. If I’m not mistaken Eddie’s has that option in his contract for 2010.
    Let’s see who’s available first. Not pleased about the negative locker room chatter we heard about today. My guess is it could be Sheed, and maybe Eddie who’s play has suffered the most without Quisy.

  • Fully agree.
    Is there any sense is just getting rid of him for the sake of it? Contract is expiring, we have a 12th spot if needed, (right?), and he’s playing well off the bench. If someone attractive comes up that can help this year or long term, no qualms packaging him especially with ‘Quis set to come back.

  • Shawna

    Definitely agree that I want no parts of TA in the future