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Ainge criticizes Rondo for comments

Rajon Rondo raised some eyebrows with his comments that the Celtics have some issues in the locker room.

Danny Ainge responded to Rondo's comments on WEEI:

Ainge agreed with Rondo's assessment that different players have been
focused on elements other than winning a championship this year. At the
same time, he suggested that the point guard's public assessment of the
team — in contrast to players such as Kevin Garnett, whom Ainge
praised for identifying areas of his own game that required improvement
— was not ideal, a message that Ainge said he and coach Doc Rivers
delivered to Rondo on Wednesday.

"I don’t think that’s leadership," said Ainge. "Even though it may be true, that’s what all of a sudden brings speculation."

I don't have a problem with Rajon's comments. He didn't call out a player by name. Did his words create speculation? Hell yes. But something needs to be done to jumpstart this team. Whatever the current leadership (Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and KG) is doing, it isn't working.

On Page 2, what Ainge had to say about Pierce's foot injury.

On Pierce: "There is no broken foot. He’s got a sprained mid-foot. The
only question for us now is when we play Paul," said Ainge. "There was
just too many people that were trying to find, speculating, too many
sources out there, I don’t know who these sources are, but it’s

"I believe what I’m dealing with today, with
Paul, if this were a playoff game, Paul would be playing. He’d be
playing tonight if it were a playoff game. … Paul was contemplating
playing today. … I’m not concerned about the foot. That’s been put to

That's great news. Boy, David Aldridge really screwed up this story.

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  • Eh, first of all his original comment was
    We gotta make a change and do something about it quick,” Rondo said last Friday after Atlanta finished a season sweep of Boston.
    “Not a trade or anything, but just making some changes in the locker room, amongst ourselves. Every guy has to look in the mirror and hold themselves accountable.”
    And then was asked to elaborate the other night, and he responded with what came out today..
    Ainge is frustrating, and so is the team and doc…rondo is 100% right, they just dont like that hes 23 and calling out veterans…RONDO IS FUCKING RIGHT

  • If Ainge criticizing Rondo for what he said to the media isn’t the pot calling the kettle black than I don’t know what is. If anything Rondo learned this particular leadership skill from Ainge this past summer when he held nothing back criticizing Rondo in multiple interviews. I give Rondo credit for not naming a specific teammate which allows that teammate to save face with the public. You can bet that whoever he was calling out got the message, whether he does something about it or not is yet to be seen.

  • Also, i heard the interview and i dont think ainge criticized rondo honestly, he also said that rondo was right but he didnt exacyly word it right, although i have nothing wrong with wht what he said…I think he’s right

  • Ainge also said Pierce would play tonight if it was playoff game, and that he hasnt had talks with other teams about ray allen…lets face it hes talking out of his ass.. part of his job.
    But back to rondos comments, i agree 100% with what he said, and he should say it.. the team needs to hear his voice as a leader now, and Ainge not liking it makes no sense, he should be thrilled

  • Double P Reppin the B

    right there with ya man, Rondo speaking up is a good thing, and taking some leadership is what I love to see him doing finally

  • putdjinthehall

    a changing of the guard.
    If Peirce will hand the team to Rondo, they will be better off. Larry was able to do it for Reggie. Injuries helped that…
    Peirce just can’t shoulder the load. Im not talking numbers, Im talking about intangibles. I think the C’s will be better off to transistion to Rondo as the leader of the team.
    I just can’t watch peirce in isolation at the top of the key in the last 2 minutes of a game continually anymore. let Rondo pick the defense apart and go from there.

  • DRJ

    Rondo’s comments were perfectly parsed and perfectly correct. Well done. I think that’s EXACTLY what this team needed. And from exactly the right guy.
    Rondo is this team’s future. Anybody who doesn’t see that is blind. When the future talks… especially as he did, calmly, carefully, accurately… everybody on that team should listen. I think they did… they certainly played that way vs. Miami (well, everybody except Sheed).
    Jury’s still out on Paul’s reaction, but the captain always does the right thing (except when he follows Doc’s ancient 4th quarter plan of walking the ball up and doing his me-against-the-world “game saving” routine.)