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Tony Allen dances a little jig

Nice steal… nice pass… nice finish…

Sure Tony… why not do a little dance?

He's also got us talking.  He was a Twitter trending topic in Boston last night.

Tony is having a generally positive impact on the Celtics right now.  He's a set of young legs that we need right now.  He could be a key guy to get Paul and Ray more time on the bench.

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  • Danno

    Actually, I said that to my wife last night.
    Doc should send Ray to the Second unit, a’la Manu Ginobili in SA a couple of years ago, and start TA.

  • Robby C

    I was thining the same thing after the LA game. Bring Ray off the bench and start Tony. The extra rest would do wonders for Ray and Tony’s explosiveness and defense are greatly needed. Doc can always pull the plug and bring Ray in if Tony starts losing his focus out there.

  • Spiraea

    I’m not against Tony starting and Ray sitting. In fact, I’m sure Ray would have no problem with it either. He knows he’s in a slump and will likely do anything to get out of it (and at least get out of the limelight a bit to calm down the trade rumors)

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Can Tony go back to Chicago yet?

  • JRose

    Tony is having a generally positive impact on the Celtics right now. He’s a set of young legs that we need right now. He could be a key guy to get Paul and Ray more time on the bench.
    Does this mean he is deserving enough to get on the banner on the home page yet? Thats a damn disgrace! The man contributes more to this team than scal or fat ass sheldon the landlord of the pine williams. And I was thinking the samething in the verizon center last night watching the game, we need to start tony and bring ray of the pine. Both players may benefit from that!

  • Hrvoje

    love ya Tony
    let the haters do their thing now

  • Tonys been playing good and parts of his game fit with rondo (mainly defense and transition), but the fact that he cant shoot and give rondo space in a half court set makes it impossible to make the switch and start him instead of ray

  • Danno

    Ray can’t shoot these days either, and brings almost no defense. And the worse Ray’s shooting is, the worse his defense gets too. At least with TA, you’ll have better stops.

  • I’m starting to get superstitious about him not being on the banner. I don’t want to fuck with the cosmos.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Look, the TA show has been interesting and I like the idea of Ray coming off the bench, but you can’t tell me that most of you aren’t on the edge of your seats when TA’s in the game waiting for him to completely f*ck up. Ray’s in a slump but he doesn’t get in Rondo’s way as ruins points out and he generally doesn’t commit stupid fouls ot turn overs the way that TA will…its just a matter of time.
    But If Danny could bring Ray back next year at a reasonable price to be a bench player that would be huge. No disrespect to Ray, its just where he’s at in his career.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Ray coming off the bench would be excellent. TA could get about 20 minutes per game. With ten minutes for House Ray could be playing 25-30 minutes a game. Ray would also be matching up against other team’s bench players (aside from crunch time).
    Ray guarding Kobe all game? To much. Guarding Sasha for half the time then Kobe in crunch? I think Jesus would then have more in the tank to hit a few more shots.
    Dallas does it with Howard. Lakers with Odom. We’ve already mentioned Manu. Come on Doc lets give it a try for ten games or so. The time experiment is now.

  • nick

    LakerHater…no I dont think anyone who likes Tony waits for him to go in and mess up, I wait for him to throw down a filthy jam or play 15 minutes of stifling D and have 3 steals…the guys a major spark for us and the more confidence he gets the better he’ll be…fans who arent bandwagoners still remember when he was aving close to 20 a night a few years ago prior to the injury. I just feel as if the Tony haters literally just wait till he messes up and its so magnified because its almost expected by some but noone talks about when ray turns the ball over or perk misses bunnies or sheed misses dunks…haters just need something to hate about and jump on the first thing, people say hes outta control but hes extremely agressive and thats exactly what this team needs we dont have anyone that takes it hard to the hole other than rondo…anyways keeping doing you tony! your exactly what this team needs some serious spark