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What’s up with Pierce?

Pierce fall

I'd like to personally thank Shelden Williams for freaking us the hell out today.  He got the "what's up with Paul Pierce" ball rolling around 3:30 or so with this tweet.

Man when it rains it pours!!! Yall will find out what I mean soon!!!!

Thanks, Shelden, for freaking us out with a cryptic message alluding to bad news as we await word on an injury to our team leader.  Now instead of being blindside by the news, I was blindsided with the POTENTIAL of the news… and now we're sitting on pins and needles to get blindsided again.

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  • NineSevenEight

    I wonder if Shelden’s tweet will get him packaged right up as part of a deal before the trade deadline if this has anything to do with Paul’s foot, as it looks like we’ll probably lose the captain for extended minutes. If as if there weren’t enough reasons to pull the trigger on a good deal as it is. Will this put Danny over the top? Hmmm…

  • Maybe the bad news is that Shelden just got traded back to Minnesota for Al Jefferson.

  • Maybe the bad news is that Shelden just got traded back to Minnesota for Al Jefferson.

  • NineSevenEight

    LMAO..Bad news for Shelden. Good news for us…and Santa really IS real.

  • JD

    If only Kevin McHale still worked for that organization…

  • JD

    I hope Shelden gets trade after this BS, why torture the fans??? Just tell us or shut the fack up.
    Maybe he’s just making an allusion to how Paul has been on fire with threes lately and he was especially good at practice today. So Paul has been makin it “rain” so bad that it is now “pouring”….
    I try to stay positive. But yeah, this is gonna be bad news.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I was thinking the same thing- That Sheldon has been dealt to a losing team. His tweet could be not about the team but him personally. Like his minutes are first cut to nothing (rains) then he’s traded to an awful team (pours)… We’ll see…

  • AARP

    Where did the comments go on the last post 😉

  • banner18

    Wow if Paul broke his foot I think that we can safely say that this season is over. At least Tony is playing well….

  • JD

    Well, the Celtics can easily make it to the playoffs without Pierce. But if he’s still out during the postseason, then that spells trouble obviously. Its obviously going to make it that much harder, though, on guys like Ray, KG, a returning Marquis, and Rondo (who is already shouldering a lot of the load) when they need rest.