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Jackson, Gasol call Kobe greedy

Kobe shooting 

The Lakers followed up their big win against the Celtics by losing to the Grizzlies… but Kobe Bryant didn't really seem to care.  He went off for 44 points to become the Lakers all-time scoring leader.

But not everyone was happy for him.  Pau Gasol and Phil Jackson both had not-so-subtle digs for Kobe and his greediness.

Gasol was asked about Bryant’s new record and offered politically
correct – and believably authentic – commentary (“I’m proud of him; I
congratulate him”) before adding the kicker: “Now we can focus on winning games again.”

Bear in mind that Phil Jackson was a little miffed at Bryant on his
historic night, too. Jackson told the team at halftime, when Bryant had
23 of the Lakers’ 50 points, that Bryant was “forcing the action.”
Jackson also said in the halftime locker room, alluding to the 29
points Bryant needed in the game to pass Jerry West: “Let’s get him
over the hump, so we can play team ball again.”

I love how Kobe needed, for some reason, to break the record in front of Jerry West. 

Yeah, Lakers fans… you beat the C's the other day.  Savor your January victories now.  Your team has underlying problems that will bite you in the ass come playoff time.

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  • G4L

    Tell me something I didnt already know.

  • holla

    ahaha Hi haters…
    Paul Peirce on hitting game winners

  • mj sucks

    ill take that problem over age and injuries any day, dam 🙁

  • AARP

    Ahhh Redsarmy.com my destination for Lakers news… Days after a Lakers victory In Boston.

  • FSantos33

    I was surprised Kobe passed up the last second shot to Artest.. I guess putting big man M. Gasol on him paid off at the end for Mem.
    Did anyone notice or mention about Lester Hudson scored 13 pts in only 12 min of play for Mem last night. Someone please send Doc and Danny a memo. Still don’t understand why they cut LH. The guy can score.

  • LOL
    leave it to the clasless boston fans to talk smack about other teams, especially other teams that are better than them.
    worry about your own team’s problems and report about your own sorry ass team who as a worse record than the ATLANTA HAWKS. … THE HAWKS ….
    bandwagons fans…
    respectable blogs don’t talk shit about other teams.
    even the laker blogs give the C’s respect.

  • Boston2010

    True… But it’s still a fan site

  • prefuse

    o_O they didnt call him greedy :/ i didnt see one word that says “greedy” in it sighh

  • Celticslosein1stround2010

    Aww wittle crybaby celtic fans . Are you still hyperventilating from that “kick in the balls” you got on sunday LOL

  • “Yeah, Lakers fans… you beat the C’s the other day. Savor your January victories now. Your team has underlying problems that will bite you in the ass come playoff time.”
    Same team from last year. Same problems from last year. What did the Lakers do, last year?
    And, once again, I’m not a Lakers fan. I’m a fan of logical sports arguments. 🙂

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    The thrashing of a dying fan base always kicks up the most bizarre dust.
    KIck. Kick. Kick. Repeat.

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    I seem to remember almost the exact same words after last year’s Laker Championship…..”savor it now Laker fans, Boston will be HEALTHY and READY next year!” etc……
    Would ya’ll like some sauce with that foot?

  • Ball sack

    the Lakers don’t have problems, they’re just not playing with urgency…They’ll be fine come playoff time….Kobe was the only one that should have shot in the game vs memphis…It’s gasol giving up 12 offensive rebounds to the grizzlies was the problem..

  • LAKER101

    Its cool C’s Fans, u guys have ur own problems aka…AGE, looking a little old are we?? pretty soon those old guys are gonna start getting all grumpy, just make sure u dont keep the big 3 up too late because old people need their rest.

  • AARP

    and a fan of not bringing up that the celtic locker room is having GREATER problems themselves when bringin up Lakers issues? Aha I love how a day after he writes this comment you got these articles comin out on this site.
    On top of the Truf havin a bum foot temporarily.
    Status Update: Yall got problems…

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