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A little game of “What If”

Step off the ledge, folks.  The Celtics have FINALLY won a game.  The season isn't over.  The team isn't in complete disarray.  To paraphrase Doc… the sky is not falling.

Doc makes a great point about this 4 game stretch.  If one shot had fallen in two of those three losses, we're singing a completely different tune.  

What if…

… The Celtics inbound the ball to Rasheed Wallace in Orlando and he hits the 3? 

Red Sky, which is where a lot of us were celebrating our birthday, would have erupted in hugs and high-fives.  Chuck would have bought everyone a drink… the party would have raged into the wee hours of the morning as we celebrated a great win.  The 4th quarter collapse?  Pffft… what collapse?  Orlando is a good team and Dwight Howard was playing out of his mind.  Teams make runs in the NBA… so what?  The Celtics, however, took every punch Orlando threw at them and, even though they had a briefly taken a lead, the eventual champion Celtics calmly came up with another brilliant set and knocked down a clean look to prove to everyone that they're the class of the east.

What if….

… Ray Allen makes the shot against the Lakers?

We're posting our "Losers" or "Anti-Kobe" shirts.  We're lauding Doc for drawing up another spectacular last second play that involved not a pick and roll… or a pick and pop… but a pick and use the other pick to flare out to the 3 point line for a clean look.  Yeah, it would have been another 4th quarter swoon but hey… it's the Lakers… they weren't just going to roll over and die.  Of course they were going to make a last gasp.  And Kobe hitting that shot was great for him… but there was too much time on the clock.  Too much for Ray to do what he does best… hit the shot when it counts.

A couple of inches one way or another.  The ball rolling a centimeter one way or the other in Ray and Sheed's hands on the release.  A slight fade too far to the left on the jump.  Those little, tiny things are the difference between us feeling confident about the Celtics fighting out wins as Kevin Garnett recovers…. and us trading everyone away and wondering if KG should just be taken out back and given the "Old Yeller". 

The Celtics are, indeed, having some trouble closing out games.  They are having issues with the second unit as everyone struggles at the same time.  And yes, KG is still not 100%… Ray is shooting as bad as he ever has… and Paul Pierce is carrying so much of the load that you wonder if his wheels are starting to wobble. 

But they're not as bad as people think because of the losses… and they wouldn't have been as good as we would have thought had they won.  They've got work to do.  And the good thing is… they've got time to get that work done.

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  • Double P Reppin the B

    The glass is half full my friend

  • ohio celtics fan

    Finally! Thank you! We are still own the 5th best record in the league after a horrible month and our team is still coming together and working through injuries. Ray scored 51 points against a very athletic bulls team less then a year ago…he still has some game left in him. Everyone needs to relax and be patient

  • You could play the same game with the games we barely won against the blazers, clippers, and wizards in the other direction.
    its loser talk…we lost 3 straight games to 3 contenders, and we arent playing well enough now to win a title, that could all turn around, and we are generally in every game we play

  • putdjinthehall

    Celts need to get humble, play defense and rebound. Most important, they need to shut up to the refs and just play ball.

  • Shawna

    This post was very necessary. I was not happy with that win last not, not at all and I was still grumbling today because if they can pull it together last night then why not Sunday? Why not Friday? No amount of “the sky isn’t falling” was changing my mood. This put it into perspective for me though. It’s a very good point. If things went the other way, the attitude would have been very different. I’m in agreement with you…
    “they’re not as bad as people think because of the losses… and they wouldn’t have been as good as we would have thought had they won. They’ve got work to do. And the good thing is… they’ve got time to get that work done.”
    Well said

  • It’s the furthest thing from “loser talk.” It’s just called perspective. A bounce this way or that and we’re looking at things completely differently.
    No, we’re not playing well enough NOW to win a title… but we’re not playing for the title now.

  • Well said, agreed 100%

  • When we add up all those inches, that’s gonna make the f*****g difference between winning and losing! Between living and dying!
    – Pacino in Any Given Sunday
    Isn’t that what defines the winners? Those who have that different centimeter as you said about Ray/Sheed? Kobe hit his shot, Ray missed his. Either way if Kobe misses by a centimeter or Ray hits… and so on.