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Your Morning Dump… Where staying positive is not easy

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there’s nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

Losing stings, and for a Celtics
fan, losing to the Lakers stings 10 times worse. Losing when the final
score represents the only LA lead in the final 28-plus minutes creates
an added layer of home fan misery. Oh, the shouldas, couldas, and

Had either Kobe
missed or Ray made, here’s what we would be talking about. We’d be
talking about the spark provided by a Mr. Allen. No, not Ray (who was 2
for 10 and didn’t make a basket in the final 42 1/2 minutes), but Tony,
Mr. Trick-Or-Treat himself. Tony Allen came bounding off the bench
early in this one, replacing Pierce after the latter was hit with his
second personal when the game was barely three minutes old. Tony was
ready to showcase his A game, providing energy and enthusiasm at both
ends of the floor.

either Kobe missed or Ray made, we’d also be talking about Rondo, who
played a spectacular second quarter, when he had 9 of his 21 points and
eight of his 12 assists. The Lakers seemed to have no idea how to
contain his excursions to the hoop, and he even threw in a couple of
jumpers (one beating the 24-second clock). In one sequence he swallowed
a Lakers outlet pass and promptly threw in a jump hook. In another he
missed a spectacular reverse layup, got his own miss, and then made the
same spectacular reverse layup he just had missed. He continues to do
things ordinary point guards don’t do.

Bob Ryan: Hardly the sight for fans’ sore eyes

Excellent points as always by Mr. Bob Ryan.  One little change at the end and the rest of us look at the game completely differently. 

The fact is, the Celtics played better for longer in this game than they have in a while.  Of course, they played poorly in the most important stretch of the game… but hey, remember, I’m the “positive” one around here.  That second quarter, with Rondo definitively becoming the best player on the floor, was exactly what we need to see on a regular basis.  The defense in the second and third quarters (a combined 36 points) was the stifling kind of lock-down D the C’s need to play every night. 

The fourth quarter… well… that’s the surest sign that the Celtics have lost their edge.  We were treated to a steady diet of turnovers, individual play and “I smell a rotten egg” looks.  Rajon Rondo gave up control of the team to Paul Pierce way too often, rather than drawing the defense himself and then finding Pierce (or anyone else that was open).

A team with a killer instinct comes out and turns an 11 point lead into 21 with one final, fatal flurry.  The Celtics certainly have that ability… just not that mentality.  The good news is, there’s time to get that mentality back. 

Coming up, Page 2, where Rasheed Wallace agrees

“Postseason is a whole different season,” said Rasheed Wallace.
“It’s the added-on season when all the shots get bigger. That’s when
you see who has the biggest machismo – I don’t want to say the other
word – but that’s what it comes down to.

“Regular season, yeah, you get a few big games where anybody can hit
shots, but when it’s for the hardware, some cats don’t want to take
those shots. So I don’t think it’s a psychological advantage if you
dominate or beat a team in the regular season.”

Herald: Celtics throw it away

Sheed is right.  The Celtics could finish off the first half hot against a weaker schedule (@Washington, Miami, New Jersey, Orlando, @New Orleans) and put some of this behind them.  And then if you look at their March schedule… there’s a good chance they can put a big run together to end the season.

Bottom line is… we fans will get worked up about all of this.  That’s what we do.  We can’t help ourselves.  But in the end, this month could just be a valley in what is typically an up and down NBA season.

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  • We were treated to a brilliant performance by rondo, and a great first quarter performance off the bench from tony allen.. then old man pierce decided to play 1 on 1 or kick it to to either KG or ray while rondo stood around as a decoy…puttin your best player in his worst position to succeed after hes dominated the entire game with the pick n roll…so as painful and pathetic as that loss is, doesnt suprise me one bit, this is rondos team and theres a power struggle with the coach and pierce to not wanna put the ball in his hands at the end of the game, they would simply rather pierce go 1 on 1 or kick it to a gimpy KG…when will they learn?

  • NineSevenEight

    Going to have to agree with you TTR. Doc says he doesn’t want to be a team that’s lucky, but a team that’s good. That play was dependent more upon luck than anything else from a guy that was 0-5 from three and 2-10 for the game. Ray will go down as one of the game’s most prolific shooters, but his current numbers don’t support him taking a rushed three to win it. If a three was always going to be a second option, Pierce should have been the one set up to take it — he’s only shooting 47% from there, as opposed to Ray’s 35ish% for the season. Even still, it shouldn’t have been the second option in a one point game. Put Rondo in there, even if they do sag him to double Pierce or Ray, I would be ok with him taking a jumper — who knows, he just might make it. It just might have been the confidence boost that this team needs.
    At least it’s a higher percentage shot.
    If BBD can have the opportunity to take the last shot, why can’t Rondo?

  • JD

    The second and third quarter of basketball yesterday was the best this team has played in months. So I suppose that is a positive… but it makes the loss that much tougher.

  • Agree 100%…and in my opinion that makes this game worse, because through quarters 2-3, that was the best the celtics have played since the beggining of the season, mainly cause of rondo, its not like KG was cleaning up the glass or Ray and Pierce were doing much, it was simply because of rondo playing his game and at his tempo.
    This could’ve been a turning point in the season, a win to look back on, but instead it ends ina crushing defeat and further hurts the team morale…but in my opinion its because of their own stupidity

  • KG cant beat his man down the floor, cant dominate the glass, literally every aspect of his game is declined, and hardly half the player he was in 2007, and even then he was not in his prime…anyone still wanna argue hes not much more then a role player?
    and do me favor KG, dont talk trash to Bynum and then let him literally dunk on your head, just shut the fuck up for once and play basketball and get a goddamn rebound….everyone wonders why we arent the defensive team we were….um rebounding is the simple most important facet of winning and good defense…and i cant count how many times we play good defense, get a stop, but cant get the fucking rebound, its pathetic

  • Rondos pick n roll was the only reason we were in the game, Pierce leads the league in 3 pt shooting %, because hes become more of a spot up shooter, and rondo will find the open man….. Im sick of this isolating old man routine at the end of games, specifically yesterdays when our 23 yr old, all star pg dominated and was the best player on the floor most of the game…just plain ignorance…dumb coaching, and a power struggle with the old guys thinking this is still their team, and in my opinion theres been a changing of the guard so to speak, if I can see it, i hope they open their eyes and see it before its too late

  • brain dead

    in 2008 this team was all about playing every game as if it’s a playoff game. every strech of the game was as important as the 4th quater. well, sience that game in utah last year where KG was injured, the mentality of this team & the whole organization had changed to – stay healthy is the first priority. you could see that it changed the way they play when all of the time in the back of thier minds they affraid of getting injured. i dont blame the players for that change because this massage came from danny and doc. i think the only way this team can challange the title is gett back to the all in mentality. it may cost us the season if we lose key guy, but without it this team is just not good enough.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    You all make good points, and the team is making critical errors late in games that is costing them considering all of these games we have been losing are easily winnable. The pick and roll with pierce and KG was successful in the playoffs when we won the championship but that doesnt mean you have to change the entire offensive game plan whenever we are in a late close game. Rondo is really only at his most effective when he has the ball in his hands. Doc knows this and still has Paul run the offense the final 4 minutes? This game should have and would have been ours that is why I am not hitting the panic button. I know this team can still be dominant even against the best teams in the league, its just going to be coming from other guys than it was in 2008. Pierce and Ray still are the money clutch guys and I would rather see Pierce or Ray shoot for a game winning shot than Rondo, but that doesn’t mean you run all your offense through them for the most crucial stretch closing out the game. Doc needs to realize this AND Rondo needs to step up and demand the ball and take control of the leadership on this team

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Artest spooked the C’s frontline, you could see it clearly.
    Sun shining bright in all of Los Angeles this morning!!