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Ray’s days numbered?

RedsArmyAdmin February 1, 2010 Uncategorized 22 Comments on Ray’s days numbered?

Ray and doc

Maybe its time to start considering life without Ray Allen.  The Celtics appear to be shopping him.

The Celtics have initiated trade proposals on Allen, multiple league
sources say, and Boston is searching for a younger, less expensive
guard and an expiring contract. This way they can find a replacement
for the 34-year-old Allen without losing him and his $20 million
expiring contract for nothing in free agency this summer. Only, there
isn’t a shooting guard available who’s Allen’s peer. This threatens a
perilous choice between transitioning for the future and refusing to
compromise a chance to win a title now.

Allen is privately resigned to the fact that it’s unlikely the
Celtics will want to re-sign him this summer. He’s believed to be
intrigued with the possibility of joining the
Miami Heat or staying close to his Connecticut home and signing with the New York Knicks.
Nevertheless, Allen wants to stay a Celtic and that’s never wavered.
Yet the sheer economics make it improbable unless he’s willing to cost
himself several million dollars next year.

My emotional side doesn't want to see Ray go.  His 39.5% shooting in December and 31.9% shooting in January make me think we have no choice.  His shot is horribly off.  Too off.  This is more than a slump.

This is the hard part about being a fan and the impossible part about being a GM.  So many of us love Ray.  He's a lovable guy.  I don't want Ray to go away… but he might have to.

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

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  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    I can see Ray Allen getting traded then bought out and coming back and signing for a lot less for a two year deal.

  • ray stinks

    fuck him. he stinks. instead of cutting to the basket with a 3 on 1 yesterday, he sets up 23 feet from the lane where odds are 3-2 against him (on a good day). he plays shit D, he whines and creates tension with rondo (who dishes first, how can you have beef with a guy like that?), and he’s about as far from clutch or reliable as it gets. see ya later ray ray.

  • SydneyCeltic

    I don’t want to see Ray go either. Yeah, it’s probably my emotional side talking, but I want the C’s to keep him. He’s still got legs, his shot will come back. If it means we sit him on the bench for a while and have someone else start in his place, so be it. But I don’t think we should give up on him. Sorry for the lack of tangible argument as to why, it’s morning here and I just got out of bed.

  • It’s not compromising the future if we get rid of him. He’s too slow to guard athletic 2s (ala Jamal Crawford), and offensivly he isn’t bringing much. If we could get Hinrich in a deal I’d be all for it.
    I don’t want to see him go though.

  • It was mostly TA on Crawford. Ray held Joe Johnson very well throughout the game, it was when Johnson was guarded by TA in the early fourth he got hot.

  • brain dead

    i love ray. always did, always will.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    You are a complete moron.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Although they may be looking into this, I’d be surprised if it got done. They would need a deal that really blew there socks off and I just don’t think there is an available 2 guard on the market that can match Ray Allen.

  • I expect Ray to shake off his shooting slump, but until he does Doc should consider a short term fix after the latest Celtic collapse.
    Last week Ray showed us all just how much he cares about finishing his career as a Celtic, and while most us would welcome that scenario it’s quite clear without his offense punishing the opponent his defense is a liability on most nights. Let’s state the obvious — Joe Johnson torches Ray, and Vince Carter in a seven game series will put him in the popcorn machine.
    We all cringe when he plays the part of facilitator, and he’s a disaster passing out of a trap. Shame on me for bashing Ray, but if Celtic nation were polled today, chances are we’d see more of us lobbying for a mid season trade. But let’s put our GM hats on and contemplate dealing his expiring contract or sacrificing his Bird rights. For Ellis, yes, but dealing him for anything less?
    I say no.
    Cutting down his minutes is no brainier.
    Enter Tony Allen
    When given the minutes TA has proved to be the team’s defensive stopper. Yesterday’s offensive effort was tremendous too. He’s clearly over the knee issue and takes the ball to the basket with authority. Yes he has to finish better, but I think he’s matured, knows his role and plays with purpose. I’ve always thought he played better with the starters and his tempo matches Rondo’s, Besides, allowing him to start doesn’t necessary means he finishes the game if he gets reckless.
    Bringing Ray off the bench with Sheed and Qusiy could be the tweak this team needs. Remember, a year ago all three were important to their team’s starting rotation. Getting his minutes down to 25 a night could do wonders for his hops and the post season run. The same holds true for Sheed. I don’t think he’s tied or out of shape — the guy just turns it on and off when it suits him. That’s greater problem with this group. They lost their edge after KG went down.
    So don’t blame this stretch all on Ray. We know about the injuries, but the talking points about being healthy for the post season should be couched in favor of continuity and consistency for the remainder of the regular season. This team can no longer bank on getting to the finals as the second or third seed.
    Yep, a lineup change, and mid season move for scoring and rebounding may be in the works. But don’t expect a windfall because it would disrupt or at the very least impede chemistry. It’s up to Danny to find this years PJ Brown. Until then sending Ray to the bench may be the best option.

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Keep him around. Who else is gonna blow end of game shots? Oh wait…..

  • CFH

    Is this rumor so very different from what we’ve been talking about for months?
    Danny wouldn’t be doing his job if he wasn’t asking for / listening to offers for every player on the roster. Of course there will be more talk about Ray since (a) he still got game and (b) he’s a massive expiring contract.
    It’s the same as it was last summer– only take the deal if something spectacular is offered in return, or if the team absolutely can’t win and it’s time to blow it up and start the rebuild.
    Ray has more value to the C’s than most things they could get in return. He’s clutch. He’s ubuntu. He’s the classiest class act to ever act classy. He’s cerebral in the middle of a bunch of hotheads. He’s an above-average NBA 2-guard, though no longer an elite. That’s damn hard to replace.

  • Filipe

    This is a disaster. There’s no way we can pull a deal for Ray for a younger cheaper SG and ECs that keep us competitive too. There’s very few SGs that fits the bill, none of them would truly be traded just for Ray huge EC, which means we would almost 100% certainly have to give Big Baby too sweeten the deal (and maybe even the 2011 #1).
    Best two deal I can think of:
    Ray, Big Baby and 2011 #1 for Iguadola, Kapono and one other of Philly smaller ECs.
    This deals hurts our frontcourt (as we d be stuck with just Sheed, Scal and Shelden) but Iggy is the best SG available and quite the upgrade on current Ray. It would 100% guarantee that we need to throw the #1 as Philly hopes to move on of their big contracts too. I can leave with this but I suspect one of the texans teams will eat Dalembert ugly contract and outbid us.
    Ray, Big Baby and Giddens for Kevin Martin, Sergio Rodriguez, Jon Brockman and Kenny Smith huge EC.
    Martin is worse than Iggy, but we get a backup PG and Brockman is a decent rebounder. SAC wants more frontcourt help so Big Baby is excelent bait there, but I suspect SAC would ask for 2011 #1 too and they rather us take Nocioni bad contract than Smith. Again some other contender can outbid us here and I’m afraid Kings will only deal Martin before the deadline if things get worse there.

  • CFH

    Isn’t Kevin Martin really, really injury prone?
    Martin on the bench in a suit < Ray playing like an old man. I'd be stunned if Danny could improve this team by trading Ray... and pissed if he gives up yet another #1 since the rebuild has to start soon even in a best case scenario.

  • Mstamps

    Am I the only one who remembers Ray dropping 51 on Chicago last year during the playoffs? Hitting clutch threes in the playoffs? Where’s the loyalty -sobs-

  • KY Celts fan

    We lost that game.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    We barely got out of the first round last year and I don’t see much more for us this year unless we make a trade. I love Ray (his clutch layup in the game 4 comeback to make Sasha cry is my favorite Ray moment) but he’s the only trade bait we’ve got. Monta or Iggy would be a great new piece for a title run. Get Andre and move Paul to SG and we could play with the bigger teams and Rondo would have a running mate on the break, and the Celts could build around a new younger big 3.

  • Lex

    Two points:
    Another downer that might be affecting the team’s attitude.
    Just because they are looking, doesn’t mean danny will find something he likes.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    One trade I would be really interested in:
    Tony Allen, Brian Scalabrine, and JR Giddens
    Shane Battier
    Thoughts?? I love it. I wonder if Rockets would go for it. Works, salaries match up perfectly in the Trade Machine

  • I love it too, but no way in hell Morey does that
    Maybe we would be able to get teyshaun prince on a deal like that though, he is a battier/posey type that would really help the team

  • nick

    There ain’t any mega swapm that we can make for Ray. We ain’t going to get Monta Ellis or Kevin Martin, or probably even Iguodala for him. We need to look towards nexxxxt year. We have ONE LAST RUN the way we are currently constructed. 1 run, think about that…do u guys really think K.G is gonna hold up next year with the way he’s dragging his knee? I love the guy and I’m praying he gets better but I don’t count on him being healthy for the remainder of his contract. If we all want to put on blinders and just ride our old horses out for the rest of the season, then fine..maybe we can get lucky and get # 18, but I think Danny and Doc know not to do this.. New Jersey has so much money for next years F.A class if we could somehow steal Yi, and Courtney Lee from them, then that would be awesome, since both guys are really young and have a few years left on their contracts.

  • Filipe

    Yes very very injury prone.
    I hate giving a #1, but if the team truly doesn’t want to take bad contracts there’s pretty much no way to get any good SG without Big Baby and a #1 (to make things a little better the high pontential of a lokout improve the chances that 2011 draft be below average), if we were willing to take Dalembert or Nocioni this wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Agreed emotionally he’s a tough one to part with. Objectively, I just don’t see a trade that makes sense for another team.