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Enemy Chatter: Celtics didn’t want any part of crazy (expletive)…

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Los Angeles.

Bryant looked at Artest in the locker room and recounted the start
of the game, when the Lakers and Celtics were already jostling and
trash-talking in the jump circle before tipoff. Artest got the ball in
the post on the first play and was fouled hard by Boston's
Paul Pierce — at which point Artest struck the sort of wide-eyed, menacing pose very few non-institutionalized people can.

He stared and seemingly braced himself to fight. Bryant told Artest
he noticed the Celtics' reaction at that precise moment: "They didn't
want any part of this crazy (expletive). I'm telling you. I saw it."

There's very little Bryant wants more for this Lakers team than
Bynum not backing down from contact and Artest being an effectively
"crazy (expletive)." Bear in mind that after the Lakers began this trip
with a loss in Cleveland, Bryant questioned the toughness of his
teammates and looked forward to seeing something different in Boston.

OC Register

The last sentence of that first paragraph is a great line. While I doubt the Celtics fear him, I give Artest credit for playing a solid game.

"I didn't say give me one more chance. I said give me the damn ball," Bryant said. "I never really give him much of a choice."

"They smacked us two years ago," Lakers forward Lamar Odom said. "It
was a big game for us. This is a team that's going to be battling to be
coming out of the East."

AP Recap

The Lakers finally clinched the game on a four possession sequence (two
offensive, two defensive) where Artest made an incredibly difficult
layup to bring us with one, followed by (Ron again) drawing an
offensive foul on Pierce, then Kobe sinking an amazing line drive
jumper with Ray Allen all over him, and climaxing with the Celtics
running a play for Ray Allen and Lamar closing out to contest what
would have been the game winner.  Just a fantastic finish to game that
had my heart pounding for the final 5 minutes of the contest.

Forum Blue and Gold

On Page 2, overreaction to Andrew Bynum's performance.

Bynum proved tonight that he's a game-changer against even the league's
top defenses. When he got the ball, which wasn't often enough for our
tastes, he powered to the rim with vigor. Gasol had a bad game. There's
no getting around it. Thanks to Drew, it didn't cost the Lakers. It was
impossible to watch the damage Bynum did to the Celtics today and not
wonder how the 2008 Finals might've been different with him on the

Silver Screen and Roll

Maybe sour grapes are tainting my opinion, but I thought Bynum had a good, and not great, game. Tony Allen also "powered to the rim with vigor." Is he a game-changer? By these standards, yes. Imagine if the Celtics had a healthy TA in 2008 – the finals would have been a sweep.

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  • CFH

    I’m not happy with the Celtics’ blase attitude of late, but come on! For all their issues, they didn’t back away from Ron Artest quivering in fear.
    And the Lakers are STILL beating that extremely dead horse about how Bynum would have changed things in 2008? They didn’t lose by just a little that year…

  • BrickJames

    Bynum straight up beasting our bigs on several occasions. Tony Allen can’t drop step from the foul line and dunk on KG.

  • Well the difference is Andrew Bynum clearly is a much bigger difference then tony allen, despite tonys game, and he is getting better, only problem is we can use the same excuse NOW, imagine if KG and Pierce were healthy, what about marquis? but the fact is its pointless, injuries are part of the game, and andrew bynum was injured and has also gotten much better from then until now, and KG has regressed dramatically…lakers talking about 2008 and bynum is just pointless and sour grapes

  • Bynum in 2008? It’s a new decade based on my clock. Who cares about 2008? We won it then, and it weekend that was the last thing on my mind.
    I care about getting stops and converting them into points in the 4th quarter.
    (I’ve been tired of saying this but…) Let’s see them respond with some attitude tonight, a rebound filled game that gets them to beat their chest a bit. Get some W’s going into the break and re-focus.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I am still on the fence about saying KG has “regressed dramatically”. Yes the way he is playing right this second you can say that but I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get any better than how he is now. Give him some time and we’ll see but if it’s like this still after all star break then I think we really need to start thinking about the future because we won’t do much in the playoffs without him healthy

  • Tollbooth Willie

    So, this year’s Lakers are like a remake of “My Bodyguard” with Kobe in the role of Chris Makepeace?

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Here’s a few more words you may want to overuse here:
    Room for lots more….

  • nick

    Yeah we were scared of the Lakers craziness. LMFAO. They are good but they are the biggest bunch of pussies I’ve ever seen. Pierce has shown time and time again that he will get right back in Ron Artests face, Pau Gasol cant even play against us, no really Phil took him out the entire 4th quarter kuz Gasol was getting raped in there. but ya Sheed and K.G, Perk, T.A. Pierce, Rondo, there all very afraid of the Lakers, lmao it really is funny to me, the Lakers are a very talented team, but c’mon lets not fool ourselves. They are talented and finesse and all that shit, we are by far the tougher team.

  • johnny

    If you define toughness with illegal screens the whole game and pushing off i guess the celtics win the toughness award.

  • haha

    and KG is so tough punking point guards and euros? lets see him do it to someone his own size or bigger than a point guard

  • Joseph

    Yea, it was nice to see Bynum dunk on that p*ssy, f*ggot Kevin Garnett. Oh yea, Bynum dunked on him twice too.

  • Champ

    KG was chirping the whole time down the floor after he scored on Bynum. I loved seeing Bynum blow right by the oldie and dunk off his head. Hilarious!
    Note to KG: The league (even the softest, smallest Euros) are not afraid of you. You’ve become a laughingstock everywhere.
    Also loved Artest getting run into by Garnett and Garnett was the one falling on his ass. Is he really getting that weak and uncoordinated in his old age? Ron-Ron looked like a fly bumped into him, barely noticed.
    The Big P*ssy!