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How bad was the 4th quarter defense?


Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston and Doc Rivers have the answer:

Boston led by 11 points with 9:17 remaining, and while its offense
certainly downshifted, its typically unwavering defense did too. Maybe
even more so.

Of the 24 points the Lakers scored in the fourth quarter, a staggering
18 came in the paint. (How many points did Boston score in the paint in the fourth quarter? Zero.)

the Lakers added four fourth-quarter free throws, only one basket came
outside of the paint — Bryant's winner. What's more, Los Angeles
generated only two fast-break points in the period, meaning the Lakers
simply brought the ball down the court, got it inside the paint, and

"I don't know if concern is the word, but we haven't been able to get
timely stops to end the game," said Rivers. "If anything bothers me,
over the turnovers and the offensive [struggles], it's that we've been
able in the past to lean on our defense when we go cold offensively.

"The Atlanta game, down the stretch, they scored every time. The
Orlando game, down the stretch, they scored every time. And again
tonight. The biggest quarters over the last three games, offensively,
have been the fourth quarters by the other teams. And we have to
reverse that."

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  • NineSevenEight

    Wasn’t too different from what we’ve been seeing, lately, unfortunately. The C’s HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE TO, stop playing the clock when they get a lead.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Trade Ray’s expiring contract for Monta Ellis please like I’ve been saying all along 🙂
    We need a punch in the arm with that speed and scoring

  • Hmm the offense struggles because you have 1 point guard, and u try to run offense through pierce and let rondo spot up so noone has to guard him, when hes dominating the game with his pick n roll and decision makin on offense.. and when rondos not in the game u have no pg
    trading ray for monta isnt an answer either, unless we’re conceeding this year which in case fine, but i dont like the prospect of him and rondo together and rays leadership not here

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    We just look tired. All the energy from the game came from the 2nd unit in the 2nd half (and Rondo). KG’s icing his leg on the bench between playing time, Pierce’s defense was non-existent and Sheed if really good for nothing but fouls and maybe a 3-ball here or there. I’m all for Monta Ellis, but KG is locked up, trading Rondo would be suicide and Pierce ain’t goin anywhere, so that leaves Ray. We don’t need leadership anymore, we need fresh legs and talent.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    KG is now the most untradeable commodity on the team given his age and contract.
    I can’t understand why you wouldn’t make a move for a young great talent like Monta Ellis. Ray is old and can’t do much but shoot at this point and that isn’t even boding well for him anymore. His deal is going to expire and then we would most likely move on because signing him to any more significant money would cripple the franchise given the contract situation with Paul and KG. You have to go young. Ray is going to be looking for somewhere around orf just under $10mil a year and we just cannot dedicate that kind of money to ANOTHER older guy, so if he is leaving at the end of the year then why not try and get some good young pieces now for him?

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    I just want to answer the question with “really fucking bad”.

  • Joey

    What about Ray Allen for Andre Igoudala and Jason Kapono? The Celtics would still have long range shooting, and it works contract-wise. Andre Igoudala is just what the Celtics need. Him and Rondo would be a nice fastbreak combo. Well, I just hope that the Celtics beat Cleveland so L.A. can have the best record.

  • 11rings

    It’s not likely that Ainge is going to give up on Ray Allen soon, and he shouldn’t. Ray Allen is not going to be traded unless the Celtics get an offer they can’t refuse. Ray has been cold so far this season, but he will bounce back. It’s not age that is making him miss. He’s in great shape. He’s just missing. You don’t abandon one of the greatest shooters of all time just because he’s on a cold streak. He deserves the chance to shoot his way out of it and he will.
    By the way, I give Rondo credit for stepping up and taking the open shot on the C’s second-to-last posession. Soon those kind of shots will go in for him.

  • Nora

    Lets just panic and trade everyone, is that really the solution?

  • Mstamps

    The ’98 Chicago Bulls were a pretty old team too, Jordan was 35, Pip 33, Harper 35, Rodman 37 and I think their center was the only starter still in his mid-20s. So comparatively this Celtics team isn’t THAT old.
    While I’m in no way comparing this Celtics team with the ’98 Bulls team, I’m just pointing out they were a lot older and battled a few injuries/rough patches yet still managed to get it together when it counted. But, then again, when your team has Jordan on it, 35 or not, that kind of puts you light years ahead of the competition regardless. I don’t know, just trying to find the silver lining.

  • DRJ

    He’ll trade Ray if an offers appears he can’t refuse. Otherwise he will not.
    It’s hard to continue saying Ray is “in a slump”. He comes out of it for a good game here and there. Then goes right back to the terrible shooting. To his credit, he was playing great D on Kobe… so maybe he was too tired on the other end. Whatever the reason, it’s been a long time since Ray put more than one good game together in a row. Which brings up the possibility that he’s really, seriously in his decline. I don’t know. But there’s enough of a problem them to warrant a trade if the RIGHT one presents itself. I haven’t heard of one.
    Btw… Iguodala for Ray I would do in a heartbeat. But it’s complicated (Ray makes too much: 18m to Iggy’s 12), other teams are in the running (the Cavs, according to one new rumor) and it’s not clear the 76ers wanna give up their best player.

  • Joey

    The Celtics could even add J.R. Giddens, Glen Davis, and a pick to sweeten the deal.

  • Uncle Leo

    ROFL maybe they can also trade scal for batman and a washing machine for a larry bird cyborg.

  • Uncle Leo

    Amazing how you bandwagon chumps want to give up on a guy was a big part in changing this team and winning a championship for the city just a couple years ago. Please crawl back to where you were when the celts weren’t making the playoffs, you’re useless and emotional.
    “OMg tradE hiM tRade him hE miSsed a shOt that if he made i would been calling him a hero and forget about all that he has done I want andre iguodala for some retarded reason ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.”



  • nick

    I really don’t think its overreacting when u consider yourself an eite team and u get beat by 2 conference rivals, and then by your #1 rival standing between u and green 18. Nobody else on the team is moveable, Ray hasn’t performed. This is more than just this year, against the Magic last year he fizzed out and played a big role in us going home. A change is needed. Ray is the guy partially at fault, and hes the one who makes the most sense to move

  • nick

    Heres some trades that I find interesting. These trades all go through on trade machine so they are doable. Ray,Scal,&Giddens to the Bullets for Caron Butler,Brendan Haywood, and Mike James.
    Ray to Warriors for Corey Maggette& Andris Biedrins
    Ray&Giddens 2 the Nets for Yi,Courtney Lee,Keyon Dooling&Bobby Simmons who would likely be waived (B4 u laugh at this one think about having rondo,lee,yi,perk,and baby. all under 24 ) Plus dooling is a great backup PG that we need
    Ray to Sac-town 4 Kevin Martin,Andres Nocioni, and excelent backup PG Sergio Rodriguez. This one might not work kuz I think Sacramento wants to actually get young talent back 4 K-Mart.
    Ray&Scal to the Rockets for T-Mac. Y the fuck not? Lets shake things up, expiring contract for expiring contract. T-Mac is still only 31 to Rays 34 and Tim Grover says Tmac is healthy.
    Ray&Scal to the Suns for Amare Stoudamire and Leandro Barbosa. 2 expiring contract go to Phoenix, but I’mwondering if they want to start over or if they would want more coming back for those 2 guys, who are both under contract for next season
    Ray to the sixers for Iguodala and Sam Dalembert
    Ray&Giddens to the Bulls for Luol Deng and Hinrich. These 2 bulls have alotta years on their contract and Chicago has hopes of getting Bosh Wade or Lebron even though those hopes are longshots, they will deff take the trade just to have a better shot this summer, this trade gives us size defense and depth that we dont have right now. Deng covers Lebrons, Kobes and Joe Johnsons of the world. Joe JOhnson scares me alot more than Kobe by the way.
    Ray,Scal,&Giddens to the Knicks for Al Harrington,NateRobinson,JordanHill,&Jared Jeffries. Donnie Walsh would eat his own child to get Jared Jeffries contract out of town. We will help them but in return we get their 1st round pick Hill who is 6’11 and Harrington and NATE BOTH OF WHOM CAN LIGHT IT UP.

  • Christopher

    You sounds like a moron. Turn off CAPS LOCK. It’s that button to your left. Maybe you can garner respect later. One of my best friends is a Lakers fan and he still manages to not sound like he should be on the short bus, unlike yourself.

  • Boston Tea Party

    Kobe is the G.O.A.T He broke our heart.But we are not the first this happend to.Props to Kobe the greatest ever.But we’re gunning for Lebron now!!!


    I sounds like a moron??learn how to speak!you idiot!

  • Joe

    The C’s could’ve easily beaten the Lakers last night. Instead, they beat themselves again. Except for the first quarter, the C’s controlled the whole game until Kobe’s last shot. Even then we still had a shot to win the game with Ray taking a wide open 3. That tells me that we’re still good when we want to be. We just have to find a way out of this funk and get our mojo back.
    Monta is not the answer. He and Rondo can never coexist. We need guys like James Posey and healthy Leon Powe, guys who fight and give you a lift. I really miss someone like Leon on this team. Leon would’ve taken at least six charges and fought like hell last night.
    The C’s say they reloaded this year, but this team is much worse than the 2008 version because we’ve essentially replaced Leon, Posey and PJ with Sheed and Marquis. That’s a big downgrade IMO. Posey and Leon were big glue guys, too. That’s what we’re missing right now. If Danny can find that guy with Eddie, Scal and Big Baby as trade baits, we’d be on our way to banner 18. If not, it will be an uphill battle.

  • Rondopaula

    Trade ray but assure him a buyout with bad teams that dnt need him like phly,gsw,wash,etc. Celts then pay him the difference undr the table. Unloading him totaly wd destroy ubuntu. Wed get bad karma. This is the big 3s last hurrah. Let them go out w dignity. Regarding the trades think you need a thrd or 4th team to get involved cuz ray even big bb may not be enough unless the they are really geting one or 2 of the marque FAs.

  • Rondopaula

    Trade ray but assure him a buyout with bad teams that dnt need him like phly,gsw,wash,etc. Celts then pay him the difference undr the table. Unloading him totaly wd destroy ubuntu. Wed get bad karma. This is the big 3s last hurrah. Let them go out w dignity. Regarding the trades think you need a thrd or 4th team to get involved cuz ray even big bb may not be enough unless the they are really geting one or 2 of the marque FAs.