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Celtics/Lakers Game Preview

Chuck - Red's Army January 31, 2010 Uncategorized 12 Comments on Celtics/Lakers Game Preview

Kobe Bryant points a finger at Rajon Rondo

Celtics (29-15) vs Lakers (36-11)

Game time: 3:30pm, TD Garden. TV – ABC. Radio – WEEI-AM (850).

Team Leaders

Bos: Pierce – 19.1                  Lakers: Kobe Bryant – 28.2

Bos: Perkins – 8.4                  Lakers: Pau Gasol – 11.0

Bos: Rondo – 9.6                    Lakers: Bryant – 4.7

Who'll go off:  Rajon Rondo. In the past, Phil Jackson has used Rondo's defender as a rover, and dared the young point guard to beat him offensively. Will Rondo be up for the challenge today? I think so.

Who needs to be stopped:  Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. The Cs should be able to withstand a 40 point and under performance by Kobe, but they need to limit Gasol and Odom's impact in the paint and on the offensive boards.

The C's will lose if…  Do
I really need to get into this? We all know the Celtics need to rebound
and play with defensive intensity for 48 minutes. Until that happens,
there's no point over-analyzing matchups, etc.

Miscellaneous:  The Lakers are 4-2 on their current 8 game road trip. The Lakers won both games vs Boston last season. Paul Pierce has a 27ppg career average vs the Lakers. NBA championship: Celtics 17, Lakers 15.

Prediction:  Celtics 99 – Lakers 97

 After the jump, some of my favorite Celtics/Lakers images from the past few seasons…






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  • I’m not that optimist. In fact, I think the Lakers will beat the crap out of us. I don’t believe the Celtics will change their attitude from that of the last games.

  • Alex

    … I have to agree. I seriously think the Celtics are so stubborn and overconfident, they are just going to flip the switch a couple times this game and then flip it back off.
    Watch it happen, I can guaran-sheed it.

  • SorryMan

    Ouch, Bynum dunked the shet out of Garnett

  • What a ripoff.
    Fakers lol…
    NBA = WWE

  • rico

    another pathetic shooting performance from ray 2-10 from the field and 0-6 from the 3

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Dear Celtic Fans:
    Outside of every one of your doors is a panic button.

  • Christopher

    That BS call against Pierce just shows that Stern wants to see a Lakers/Cavs Finals. The calls by the refs are disheartening if you’re and actual fan of basketball, not someone who likes parading around in yellow and purple.

  • Scott

    1. Ray should be benched. He is utterly useless if he’s not shooting well (which is the majority of the time now)
    2. we are in trouble. We can’t even summon the energy to finish ONE game. this looks bad.


    BS call on Pierce??? Are you that stupid or does a blind person have better eyes than you???? Refs didn’t even call out of bounce when the ball hit the camera you stupid f.u.ck! They had a chance and they FAILED. don’t worry it’s only a season game, playoffs matter so don’t trip you idiot. I hope you guys know that your team is cocky as fu.ck. Perkins should smile, cause he’s ugly as hell

  • SorryMan

    Maybe if Ray Ray was Kobe the Celtics would have actually won…
    King Clutch comes through in the Clutch

  • OaklandLakers

    Last 9 minutes of the game Boston went 2-11 puttin in 8 points with 4 turnovers. You don’t win ball games goin with those number with the exception of havin a decent lead. Case closed man…

  • Christopher

    Do you know what makes you sound intelligent? Not using profanity. Unfortunately you failed this test. Try against next time.
    P.S. Perk does smile. He’s a handsome guy. At least in his wedding. Does Kobe smile when he’s raping women in Colorado? Don’t know, personally. I imagine you’d like a piece of him in you, though. 🙂