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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics remain all talk

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

Prior to Friday's Hawks-Celtics game, Boston center Kendrick Perkins
said his team “put a hit out” on Hawks guard Jamal Crawford, who had
burned the Celtics for 18, 18, and 17 points off the bench in winning
the teams’ first three meetings.

Instead it was Crawford who did all the hitting — in the paint,
off the backboard, beyond the 3-point line, and even from halfcourt. He
scored 18 of his 28 points in the first half to turn a nine-point
deficit into a 12-point halftime lead, and the Hawks coasted the rest
of the way to a 100-91 win — one that was unusually chippy for a
regular season game but par for the course for a Hawks-Celtics tilt.

“I heard something about it before the game,” said Crawford of Perkins’ comments. “We got fired up.”

ESPN – Boston 'Hit' Plan Perks Up Crawford

What a shock, the Celtics were unable to back up some 'smack talk' directed at the Hawks. Don't bother reading any of the postgame quotes, it's all the same crap. Why can't this team give the Hawks some credit?

“Once the playoffs start it’s all 0-0,’’ Pierce said. “But you know they feel like they have the edge.’’

Globe – Hawks Sweep the Floor

Hey Paul, you want to know why they feel that way? Because it's true. The Hawks are the better team. The Celtics will not beat Atlanta until they accept them as rivals and play with a little bit of fear.

On Page 2, KG's residual soreness.

Even when Garnett said the knee, which was hyperextended last month,
was not the issue, he was asked if he was just saying that to avoid
making an excuse. But he assured he was not. However, the bottom line
appears to be that KG is dealing with some residual soreness, but
nothing he can’t play with.

“Kevin looked great tonight,” said Doc Rivers.
“You know, it’s going to be this way for a while with him. He just came
back, and (Thursday) he labored in the game, but it wasn’t an injury.
He just didn’t have any rhythm. He was out of sync. And today he looked
much better. For a while it’s going to be hit or miss.”

Herald – Knee deep in Queries

I can only pray we don't see any timing issues or 'residual soreness' a month from now. But if we do, I'm sure the Celtics will have some BS excuse for us.

Can you tell I'm pissed off this morning?

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  • putdjinthehall

    Its time for the Celts to be humble and accept their ass whuppings they been getting and realize they need to start playing with sense of urgency. Their swagger is turning into cockiness and cockiness gets you through to the first round of the playoffs. I shut the game off, its awful. They don’t ant to play to their potential, I don’t have to watch it.
    Old schmold, its more like they are good enough play at 90 % and have a chance to win the game, where if they just played 100% they would win the game.

  • There certainly are issues with this team right now. I refuse to believe age is one of them though. Aggressiveness, timing, leadership? These things can/will/should be fixed as the team gets more time together and healthy. Ahh screw it. I’m too pissed about it all right now, I’ve had to retype this 4 times and I still can’t get it out right. Time for another team trip to Europe?

  • Donald

    My question is did the Hawks think it was a rivalry when the Celtics swept them in the season series last year? Regular season means dick because they didn’t even see each other in the post season. The bench is awful right now and the return of Daniels should tighten up the 2nd unit D. My problem is with Davis. Right now he wouldn’t start in the WNBA that’s how bad he is playing. I want to see Williams get the bulk of his minutes at least he won’t try to do to much and hurt you the ay Davis is. Right now he is the “new” Tony Allen who actually happens to be playing really well. If and when the meet in the playoffs will the C’s need more urgency, and better execution? You bet. Will having all the compliments of this team back be a huge boost and therefore they will be better? Obviously! Have I written entirely to much and now need to piss? Affirmative!

  • rcry

    Ugh I think Perk’s mouth has been giving us all sorts of troubles this year. Didn’t Perk consider that giving the media news that the C’s have a “hit plan” on Crawford would eventually get back to the Hawks and fuel Crawford more? Reminds me of the time when Perk told the media those things that Rondo said to him in conversation about CP3…that media storm caused all sorts of distractions for the team.
    On another note, for all us fans who wish the C’s would take the Hawks seriously – I think the team does internally admit that the Hawks are a legitimate rival. But they probably won’t acknowledge it to the media because that would just give more confidence to the Hawks.

  • Donald

    I’m back with a quick side note. Lebron freaked out on the refs for a “no call” against the Wolves and then proceeded to hit fans (not on purpose) with some water. How is it he gets a free pass with no tech and Sheed gets one for an “and one” at the refs and then again last night for barely doing anything?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Agreed. At this point you ca’t even get mad at Rasheed for his Technicals, he doesn’t do anything more than what any other player in the league does but he gets two techs in two nights for it. SO Irrritating

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Atleast show up for tomorrows game! PLEASE!

  • JD

    All I have to say is that the Celtics may are a frustatingly maddening team with a bunch of talent, but apparently a bunch of shitheads too. Doubt is starting to creep into my mind whether this team is a legit championship contender or not…

  • rico

    Another thing not only sheed is playing badly but wow wot about ray wots wrong with him has he completely lost his shot now yh i no hes a great clutch player but seriously its all well an good being a clutch player but if your not scoring at all its not good enough

  • DRJ

    Sometimes you gotta hit bottom to see your way back up. The Cs are getting there. Cockiness is no longer possible… fear and the acceptance of losing is starting to take over.
    I am surprised by this, but I think now that Sheed is a net negative influence. Certainly last night he was the major negative drag on the team. He’s passionate alright, but only about himself, his perceived slights, his issues with the refs. His desire to actually win ballgames was invisible last night… which makes me wonder how much of it was ever there, because I’ve never seen one player wreak so much havoc in one night.
    So when we play ATL in the playoffs (should I say IF we play them?), let TA cover Jamal (like a blanket please), Paul can work Joe J, Sheed should stay home, and everybody needs to hold on to the rock a lot better. Do that, and the wins should come pretty easily.

  • Nora

    Also did n’t the Hawks realize once again they were relaxing when C’s played the 1st game of their back to back. It is certainly helpful when the other team is much more rested.

  • Nora

    This is why Rasheed has never reached his potential. Rasheed should have been in the same group as KG was in his earliers but was always at least a rung lower. His attitude was the reason.

  • Nora

    What does a regular series sweep even mean? Nothing. If C’s get it together in the playoffs these articles are just going to look silly.

  • Nora

    When Atlanta does something, anything in the playoffs then they can talk.