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Your Morning Dump… Where KG has a long way to go


morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

From Boston's end, Garnett was invisible, and not just with his defense
on the final play. He finished with six points and seven rebounds in 33
minutes and twice failed to finish alley-oop plays at the basket. On
the crucial play against Lewis he played his customary in-your-grill
defense, only he lacked the dexterity to stay in front of him on the
drive — a recurring pattern during Orlando's second-half comeback.

Playing his third game since missing 10 games with what was
diagnosed as a hyper-extended right knee, Garnett appeared to favor his
leg noticeably throughout. Afterward he insisted that nothing was wrong
— "I just played like [expletive]," he said, "pure [expletive]." Few
observers believed him — at least the part about nothing being wrong
with his leg.

ESPN's Daily Dime

Is this the moment where we realize KG will never be KG again? Watching Rashard Lewis blow past him for the game-winning layup was painful. Even more painful than my pounding headache. What's more troubling? The fact Garnett might still be hurt, or that he's completely healthy and has lost a ton of lateral movement and vertical explosiveness?

KG's woes aside, the Celtics have problems. The defense is spotty. They allowed Orlando 35 points in the final quarter. The rebounding is awful – 17 offensive rebounds and 26 second chance points for the Magic. The inconsistent play from their stars. Have the Big 3 all had solid games on the same night?

On Page 2, Doc's explanation for the loss.

“We deserved it,” the coach said. “I said it in the second quarter.
I thought we had a chance to be up 20. I thought we completely lost our
focus. An 11-point lead, I told them at halftime, was a joke. We should
have been up 25 points at halftime. We started walking around like we
had accomplished something by getting up. We don’t do that, but we did
it today.

“I love this team, but today I just thought our focus kept going in and out, and when it did you saw what happened.”

Orlando Stuns Celtics – Herald

How can a veteran team with championship pedigree routinely lose focus? It kills me to see them have these lapses within games. I can understand sucking from the start, but to play so well and play so badly within the same game boggles my mind.

Thanks again to all who turned out for our party. It was a lot of fun. I'll be posting some pictures on our Facebook page later today.

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  • Disappointment

    This game officially made me think this:
    Celtics are old.

  • Lex

    Long season.
    It’s not the late 1980s yet.

  • but i thought because we beat the depleted blazers and crappy clippers KG was back to his old self, and just an amazing emotional leader?
    Oo snap back to reality, KG is hurting more then helping…Can he play? is he 100%, what KG shows up tonight, can he finish at the basket tonight? is he gonna be dragging his leg tonight? is he out 10 days, or 20?, or 30? endless questions, no answers
    KG will never be the same
    But yeah, lets trade ray allen, the only guy whos stayed healthy…because its his fault KG cant stay on the floor

  • PutDJintheHall

    Totherunins your recaps are painful to read.
    The rebounding has to be fixed.
    ill be concerned if this continues into late March.
    Now its about getting people healthy.
    Yes, they blew it last night

  • Danno


  • greenbeand

    would be nice if KG sat out the all-star game, but doc will make adjustments and the pinto will be tuned up

  • Whats wrong with what I said, cant handle the truth, or you just cant come up with a reason to blame last nights game on rondo…or better yet think of another trade idea including ray allen?

  • Shawna

    Is anyone else reminded about the Pistons team from 05-08 with the C’s recent play? We get that championship under our belt and then suddenly develop the “we’ll turn it on when we need to” disease that’s fooling no one but us as we give up game after game after game. What the hell?

  • Danno

    Well, let’s look at Rondo’s game last night then:
    38 minutes.
    11 points
    8 assists.
    Not bad. Not great either.
    2 turnovers. Ok. Not terrible.
    0-2 from the Foul line. AGAIN. We lost by 2 points.
    So yeah, you could say EVERYONE had a shitty night last night except Ray and Sheed. Paul was AWFUL. So was Perk.
    But you still found a way to blame it on the one guy who is only 3 games back from a month long injury.

  • He also led the team in rebounds (rondo)
    Also, Sheed Missed a 3 that wouldve won it, Ray missed shots…noone plays perfect in any game, who else had missed fts?
    And Yeah, im not giving KG the injury excuse anymore, sorry but thats officially been going on for a year, enough already, you wanna praise him after the blazers and clippers win but cant criticize him after an abysmal performance?
    Yeah im not singlehandedly blaming it on KG, but the fact is his injury is whats crippling this team, and it doesnt look to me like hes ever gonna be healthy

  • G4L

    I could not agree with you more! They kinda have that we can turn it on when ever we want attitude.

  • Danno

    except they haven’t been able to turn it on when they needed to.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Clearly we all have to understand that KG is not going to be the player he was when we won the championship. This loss is not directly placed on KGs shoulders because it is a team and everyone played poor in the second half. Rondo, Pierce and Perk could have played better as well. KG has the spotlight though because he is the real star.
    If everyone is banking on keeping this core group together now to win it all this year they may need to start realizing that it is getting further and further from reality as the season goes on. and they are just getting older. Next year wll be worse with Paul and KG and who knows if ray will be back

  • BleedGreenInOrlando

    I was at the game last night and what a very dissapointing loss. I must say from what I saw Kevin Garnet is not fully healthy. Paul Pierce played like shit, he was too passive with 4 turnovers. And I am curious to know why the hell did Kendrick Perkins play only 15 minuets? is he hurt or something? By the way great website RedsArmy.

  • Al

    TTR you’re not giving KG the injury excuse anymore? What does this mean???
    He’s not allowed to recover? Stupid punk shouldn’t get hurt?? what are u getting at there??
    Also interesteing on last nights game when I brought up the 24-8 with KG 5-6 without – u said that didn’t matter – THEN u mentioned stats from when he was out last year and 07-08!! Cose they DID matter – can’t have it both ways hater…

    Friday is huge for the Celtics. They can not allow the Hawks to win again. It sets up a very tough situation for the Post Season. New York Vinnie was not pleased with the Big Ticket against the Magic.

    Friday is huge for the Celtics. They can not allow the Hawks to win again. It sets up a very tough situation for the Post Season. New York Vinnie was not pleased with the Big Ticket against the Magic.

  • Al

    Nice 3rd person perspective there NYV!!! 😉