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Johnson & Crawford Cannot Be Stopped


The Hawks dynamic duo of Joe Johnson (27 points) and Jamal Crawford (28 points) manhandled the Celtics, yet again.

Except for the opening 5 minutes (the Celtics jumped out to a 10-2 lead) and the final 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter (the Celtics outscored Atlanta 13-5)), the Hawks controlled this game. 

Paul Pierce was brilliant: 35 points on 11-15 FG. He scored 14 in the 3rd quarter and was the reason the Celtics cut Atlanta's 14-point lead to 1 (74-73) heading into the final quarter.

But was there any doubt the Celtics second unit would falter? Especially once we saw Mike Woodson had his starters on the floor to open the 4th?

Joe Johnson took over the game by scoring 9 points in the first 4 minutes. The Hawks lead ballooned to 8 and while Doc started to filter his starters back in the game, it was too late.

Rasheed Wallace is/was awful: 6 points, 2-8 FG. Can someone please explain to me why Doc left Perk on the bench for the entire 4th quarter? Perk had 8 points and 12 boards in just 23 minutes. With the way Sheed is shooting the ball (40%), Perk is a better offensive option.

Atlanta had 29 fast break points to Boston's 8. Much of those came in the first half, as the Celtics were successful in slowing the game down in the 3rd quarter. The tempo didn't matter in the 4th, because Joe Johnson was red hot.

Atlanta's bench produced 44 points (Crawford – 28, Pachulia – 9, Evans – 7), while Boston's bench generated 18 points (Sheed – 6, Tony Allen – 8, Glen Davis – 4). The Celtics second unit was a collective -74 in plus/minus.

Hawks 100 – Celtics 91 | Box Score | Recap

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  • NineSevenEight

    It’s a loss, but I was actually pleasantly surprised to witness a glimmer of heart in the third quarter and into the fourth. Then again, the Celtics “turn the switch” so frequently that it’s still more of the same — only difference is the quarter.
    It’s just a shame that there can’t be more contributions from more than just ONE Celtic player a night.
    And Eddie House needs to go. Can’t hit wide open shots he’s paid to make. Can’t defend. Gets blocked from behind on a break away layup. What exactly does he do again?
    Time. to. Go.

  • Something smells…

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
    The L.A. Lakers

  • sam rockwell

    haha how the tables have turned ATL representing up in this ghetto ass celdicks website. we rulin the east now suckas. go back in the hole u came from boston.

  • DRJ

    No, no… Atlanta didn’t win this game. We handed it to them. Specifically, Rasheed Wallace, who was the WORST IMAGINABLE player tonight. TOs, missed shots, fouls, techs… nothing but total CRAP. Rasheed was a 1-man game loser tonight.
    And Doc… Doc has officially, totally lost his mind… for keeping Rasheed in the game – through almost the entire 2nd half!! – even though he was so UNBELIEVABLY, DISGUSTINGLY bad.
    Also… Rondo was lazy too often, Paul was GREAT but threw the ball away three times, and KG is clearly NOT injured – he looked physically fine.
    I just can’t believe how bad one player can be, and still play. This one is a head-shaker for me. I do not get it.

  • Al

    Nice touch fellas…
    Doc is too inflexible in his subs. Then again perhaps he thinks the starters can’t play the whole time.
    You’re right the guards owned us. 55 pts from JJ and Crawford and our two starters shoot a combined 7-26….
    Sheed ffs – honestly at 6 11′ to get 2 boards…and as u said why was he in at the end?? he was 2-8 – NOT hot and can’t or won’t rebound. Just crap…
    15 and 7 from KG which is what I think we can expect from here in. Wish he’d post up more but doesn’t seem to be his game anymore – wish it was!!

  • NineSevenEight

    I agree, Perk was MIA again at the end of the game. For what? Perk was making the extra effort on the glass. Sheed had his hands down and waited for Rondo to grab a rebound in front of him in the last few minutes. It’s not like Sheed was hitting shots either, so you’re not really losing too much offense with Perk on the floor. I just don’t get the way Doc thinks. Pretty wreckless. And the bench is just so pathetic but Doc insists on keeping Eddie House out there to throw up bricks every game. I’ll take a rookie in Bill Walker than a guy who can’t shoot from deep without his foot on the line…..IF he even makes the WIDE open shots.

  • DRJ

    KG’s still just on his 4th game in. In time, he should get it all back. What was great to see was that (a) he was reasonably health, no evident injuries, and (b) his passion is undiminished. He never quits trying. This infects Paul and Ray. But, alas… not Sheed, and tonight, not Rondo either.

  • Greg

    Rulin the east? lol see you in Orlando big boy. Beating the old Celtics does not mean you “rule the East”. You have yet to beat Orlando or Cleveland. At least do that before you gloss yourselves “kings of the east”.

  • 11rings

    Rondo has to start taking open jumpers. Because he passes them up so often, passing them up has become way worse than missing. He needs practice taking them under real game pressure. If he doesn’t take in the games, it doesn’t matter how many shots he takes in practice, and he’ll never become decent at taking and making them in games. I don’t care if Rondo misses. If he takes them, they’ll start falling soon enough.

  • sam rockwell

    go back to the abyss. typical celtic franchise. win a chip for one year then suck for generations. and then blame “getting old”. haha ya’ll mad. ATL representing up in this uterus website. haha ATL for life south side niqqas!!!

  • Alex

    I actually didn’t bother to watch this game. After that garbage Orlando game, forget about it.
    If Celtics lose to the Lakers, I would go on panic mode.

  • NineSevenEight

    Typical Hawks franchise — win a championship in 1958 and then suck for generations. And then rub one out for a regular season sweep. We missed you last year when you were on the receiving end. I’m sure you weren’t a fan wayyyy back then, though.
    And do my generation a favor and enroll in your nearest community college so you can learn how to form coherent sentences without resorting to offensive racial slang.
    You have me seriously considering matching the donation I made to Haiti, to Atlanta. No one should ever be deprived of an education.

  • 11rings

    Sam, the Hawks are good this year and maybe they’ll do well in the playoffs, but don’t overdo it. The Celtics have never been one and done with championships. And when’s the last time the Hawks won a championship? Oh yeah, 1958, when they were in St. Louis.
    And why the hell did your coach shave his eyebrows? Is this the wave of the future? Coaches going Dennis Rodman?

  • Whoa. Slow down. At least let him get out of junior high before you start talking to him about community college.

  • WC

    I think it’s incredibly fitting that this very blogsite held a bash during the Celtic’s streak to the gutter.
    Hopefully there’s some leftover booze. You may want to hold on to the stong stuff though. The losses are coming in like a meteor shower.

  • Nora

    Certainly helped the Hawks that once again C’s were on the 2nd game of a back to back while Atlanta had the day off before this game for the 2nd time in row we played them

  • Nora


  • Danny’s kidding himself if he thinks adding to the bench through buyouts is gonna get it done this year
    looking through potential guys i might want the cetltics to try and get after the game i thought to myself, hey charlie bell? he could really help this team…….. today sucked

  • what do yall think about a trade that would send scal eddie and baby to the bucks for hakim warrick and luke ridnour?
    i think it would help our backup point guard situation and defend those pesky athletic 3/4 tweener guys like josh smith and rashard lewis; but it would also leave us with virtually no three point threat in the second unit

  • maybe charlie bell and hakim warrick is the answer lol

  • sam rockwell

    lmao at all these celdick fans. you mad brah? whatsup bra;h why you mad homie. homie dont get mad get glad. mofo f this uterus website niqqas. mofos bez allz upz in my buniess like that. haha niqqas bring em dem brooms niqqas. teachin yall mcdonald eating fags how to sweep. haha ya’ll mad niqqas.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Okay to whoever is screaming about Rasheed Wallace and asking for Perkins to get in the game. If you had actually watched the game and understood what they were doing on defense, when Rondo and Perk are on the floor they were completely running away from perk and rondo to double team all over the court. and Perk and Rondo could not and would not make them pay. This is why Doc had Rasheed on the court for the fourth because even if he isn’t hitting his shots he is still atleast a threat and will still shoot the ball and not be a pussy and sit there not even taking an open shot. The spacing we get with Rasheed on the floor is ideal for our offensive sets, the way they were defending perk (or basically not defending him at all) was stifling us all night, if not for pierce’s hot shooting this would have been a blowout.
    You guys need to stop screaming to the heavens about Rasheed because he takes 3s. He is a good 3point shooter and if he is wide open then you consider that a GOOD shot, its simple basketball. Okay he missed the shots but what can you do the spacing you get with him on the floor really helps the teams offense

  • DRJ

    Sheed’s problem was much worse than just missing shots (he went 2-8 for the night). He was generating incredibly stupid TOs… with lazy, lazy passing. He was standing around watching other players get rebounds, arms at his side, unless the ball bounced right to him. He also generated 4 fouls and a tech. He was a 1-man game wrecker. Easily the worst player on the floor tonight, by far. As I pointed out, between 9:40 and 8:40 of Q2, in just that one minute, he had 2 TOs and a tech.
    That’s why it was so WEIRD that he should still be in the game in Q4, till the end. Perk was having a pretty good game, so you sit him and put the worst player on the court in??
    Yes, Rondo was weak too. Also guilty of several bad, lazy TO passes, and no aggression. Like he didn’t care. Like Sheed’s lazyman sickness had infected him or something. This was a bad, bad game for Sheed, and for Rondo.

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    I thought Laker fans were bad, you guys turn on your team QUICK.
    I think Paul Pierce may fight himself soon. Gotta prove that manhood SOMEHOW.

  • You may as well shut this site down on Sunday night and Monday to avoid the storm of Fakers trolls, because we’re going to lose by 30 on Sunday. There’s no way this pathetic bunch of heartless players can beat the Lakers.

  • prefuse

    agree 😀

  • DRJ

    They may surprise us. I doubt it will be a blowout. Lakers have their own problems.

  • Didn’t get to watch this one (was at the Palace watching the Pistons get smacked around) so all I have to go by is RA and the box score.
    Starters average +6(ish)
    Bench average -15(ish)
    Holy crap, what the hell was Doc doing?
    Did it really come down to better shooting (poorer defense)? That’s what the box score leads me to believe.
    I wanna say it’s just one of eighty two, but after a while, 1+1+1+1+1+1+1…starts to add up.

  • Why would the Bucks trade one starter and their sixth man for aboslutely nothing? They’re playoff contenders. If they do it owuld be awesome, but it would also be extremely foolish of them.

  • REAL Atlantan, REAL Hawks Fan

    sam rockwell DOES NOT represent Hawks fans!
    Any moron knows that a regular season sweep of ANY team means nothing in the long-run. The first thing on our minds after last night wasn’t the Celtics, but the MAGIC.
    Don’t feed the trolls.

  • Well, Crawford was EXTREMELY hot in the first quarter, as was Joe Johnson in the fourth. And the Celtics were missing a lot of open shots. But on the other hand, when you put Tony Allen on Joe, you’ve gota figure he’s going to take advantage of that weak defense. Rayray did one hell of a job on JJ up until the early fourth, but TA just couldn’t handle him. As was the case with Crawford in the first, when he had Ray on him in the second and especially the third, he struggled a lot more.
    I think a lot of it came down to minutes. Doc didn’t match our starters as hard as Woodson did his. Pierce played 37, KG 33 and RayRay 36 (and Perk only 23, as has been mentioned). The only of our starters playing big minutes, Rondo (43), was cold the night through. On the Hawks, JJ played 43, Josh Smith 40 and Al Horford 41 (and Crawford plaed 39, he’s pretty much a “starter” of the bench for them (Bibby played 10)). When their best players get that much more playing time than ours, it does of course make a lot of difference.