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Your Morning Dump… Where it’s all about the post defense

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
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“There’s not a better low-post defensive team in the league than
Boston,” Van Gundy said. “I think they’ve got three of the premier
interior defenders in the league, with Perkins and Rasheed Wallace and
Garnett in there. They don’t really drop off when they have to go to
the bench. (They’re) all big strong guys with good defensive technique,
and they have played (Howard) very, very well.”

Said Howard of Perkins, “He’s a big body, but I can’t allow what he does on the floor to affect my game.”

When Perkins’ physical play was mentioned, Howard sniffed, “A lot of
guys are physical. Just certain guys get away with physical play.”

Herald – Magic Still Green from Xmas

Anyone else enjoy watching Dwight Howard lay brick after brick against the Celtics? In his last two games against the Cs, Howard is a combined 3-for-11 from the field for 14 points.

While the Celts have mucked their way through January at a 6-5 clip, Orlando has been a notch worse with a 6-8 record.

Vince Carter, who has played well against the Celtics (26.5 ppg) this season, has been downright awful. Check out his numbers for January: 9.8 ppg, 30%FG, 22% 3FG.

On Page 2, Danny Ainge addresses the Ray Allen/Monta Ellis trade rumor on WEEI.

I’ve been reading a lot of Ray Allen stories…

You’ve been reading one Ray Allen story.

Let me rephrase it: I’ve read a lot of different stories about one Ray Allen rumor. How’s that?

There you go. That’s my point. There’s one little rumor, that’s made
up by the way, that gets reported that actually ends up being a story
every day for a couple of weeks. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

You know how it works. The question then is: Have you talked
to Ray Allen or is this so preposterous that you don’t feel a need to
talk to him?

No, I did talk to Ray. Ray gets it. He’s been in the business a long
time. He knows there’s no such thing as players being untradeable. He
knows he’s 34 years old and at the end of his contract. At the same
time he knows that he is a very valuable piece to what we’re trying to
do right now, which is win a championship, and he’s one of our key
components. So, he gets all of it and he understands the business. It’s
unfortunate that someone says something and then players have to
respond and coaches have to respond for weeks at a time sometimes, with
no validity to it. But, at the same time they’re big boys and they’ve
been through it.

WEEI – Danny Ainge on the Big Show

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  • Our post defense hasnt been that great, and I wouldnt even throw KG into the “post defenders” category…hes a help defender, not a 1 on 1 or post defender….
    Its spectacular on Dwight Howard cause Dwight Howard is an overrated fraud without a post game (people get on rondo for not having a great jumper, isnt that the equivalent of the best center in the game not even having a post game?) i say yes

  • Also looks to me like rondo will make the all star game, well deserved and hes finally getting some recognition nationally and in this league for how important he is to our team, and how good he is…much deserved…and lol@ all the little fickle celtics fans who didnt want him to get in because he occasionaly went for a steal on defense or doesnt pound his own chest, or whatever else u can come up with.
    Congrats, to the celtics best player

  • DRJ

    I’m good with Danny’s responses. It’s a non-denial denial… classic politician-speak. But appropriate for a guy in his position. Overall, I think this Ellis deal never was and never will be.
    Based on everything he said, I think it’s clear he ain’t trading Ray unless a deal comes along that’s literally too good to refuse. And he’ll do nothing if the deal does anything to disrupt the Cs’ chances of winning a championship THIS SEASON. It’s all about winning NOW.

  • I love how the some of the same people who wanted to make the Monta Ellis deal are the same people who whine and cry about rondos defense and his occasional lapses, although he does lead the league in steals and has done a better job this season staying in front of his man then the last 2 seasons.
    Monta Ellis plays 0 defense, hes the worst defensive player in the entire league, do you not remember rondo dropping 30/15 on him? or Chris paul just last night dropping 38/9? and the warriors being the worst defensive team in the league? his big numbers are a product of there pace and there pathetic defense.Ellis would be a terrible fit here, and its clearly not happening anyways

  • Or hey what about Brandon Jennings 55 pts this season….who did he do that against? …oh yeah…Monta Ellis
    Nuff said

  • Statistically, Ellis has decent numbers. He’s 3rd in the league in steals – 2.17.
    Someone as quick as Ellis can be a good defender, but Don Nelson and the Warriors don’t spend a lick of time on it.
    Here’s John Hollinger’s take:
    Defensively, Ellis has high rates of blocks, steals and rebounds but tends to fall asleep on the weak side and loses physical matches when he has to guard big 2s. Though he’s a far better defender than most of his teammates, especially against point guards, he suffered from the typical Warriors symptom of inconsistent effort.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    You grade Rondo’s defense on how good of a steal he has which he leads the league and that is your fact to prove your point. Then you claim Ellis is atrocious on defense when he is 3rd in the league in steals. You contradict yourself and are basically talking about Ellis when you seemingly know nothing about his game.
    I don’t whine about Rondo’s defense but I do think that if you have a chance to trade Ray for Ellis you do it, and I know the celtics know this. Even Marc Spears last night who now works for the GSW said that the celtics would be stupid not to, he sees Ellis everynight and knows how incredible of a player this kid is and he’s just going to get better. People said Ray couldn’t play a lick of defense before he got here, why couldn’t the same thing happen to Ellis?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    and a player who scores a lot on another team doesn’t mean that the player lost the individual defensive matchup, it just shows how poor of a team defense they have in Golden State. Ellis is probably the best defensive player on his team, they just don’t put a lot of focus or effort into defense as a team

  • Um I dont grade rondos defense off how good of a steal has, ive never fucking said that, so nice assumptions by you, as a matter of fact i sit here all the time and say RONDO IS NOT A GOOD 1 ON 1 LOCKDOWN DEFENDER, hes one of the best in the league at ball pressure, getting in the passing lanes and he can disrupt with his deceptive length, but he will have a tendency to do too much reaching at times.
    You are exactly what im talking about, someone who criticzes rondos defense after every celtics loss (although his has gotten better the last 2 years, other players worse) but are willing to add Monta ellis in the backcourt with him? someone who cant stop anyone from getting 30, and let a rookie drop 55 on him…yeah great defensive backcourt we would have then, huh?
    Monta Ellis is an even worse 1 on 1 defender then rondo and isnt good at anything defensively other then steals

  • And I would normally agree with your statement that a player who scores alot on another individual player, it can be more a sign of bad team defense..
    its just funny that when a PG has a good night against us, thats the never the case

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I can’t even argue with you man you make absolutely no sense. You are saying I am the one who criticizes Rondo’s defense when I just told you I don’t whine about it and you wrote a whole paragraph on how rondo is a bad 1 on 1 defender but your so outraged at people who whine about his defense? YOU ARE WHINING! You prove no points and make no sense and it doesn’t even seem to me like you have any working knowledge of the sport. I am gonna just laugh at all your comments from now on rather than respond because you don’t even understand that you make no sense haha

  • How doesnt that make sense? I laid it out for you as plain as can be
    Rondo = Not a lockdown 1 on 1 defender, there is not a PG in the league today who is, and he occasionaly has lapses (what 23 yr old in the league doesnt, let me know)…Hes a great pressure defender, great at getting into the passing lanes, and bothering players with his deceptive length…do you follow me? you following that? theres a difference in those things then being a good 1 on 1 defender.
    you told me, wrongly, that I base rondos defense off of “how good a steal he has”
    No, i know what his strengths and weaknesses are

  • Hey Ruins – you coming to the party tonight??

  • 11rings

    Ruins, I haven’t seen a single post by anyone, let alone a Celtics fan, saying that Rondo doesn’t deserve to be on the All-Star team.

  • Al

    I read this article and saw 13 comments – then I knew there’d been another Totheruins stink.
    Usually they involve something derogatory about KG – check (not a post defender!)
    Then the Rondo against the world stuff starts – usually something like – ‘EVERYONE bags Rondo!!!!’ when they don’t. – check
    Then the ‘u don’t know what you’re talking about…’ stuff starts’
    Getting old.

  • Jon with no H

    “Our post defense hasnt been that great”
    actually, it has:
    we’re 4th in the league in opponents points in the paint. only Cle., Orl., and Det are better.
    and KG’s not a post defender? Where does he “help”, the 3 point line? is Ray Allen not a perimeter defender because people get by him all the time? I hope you don’t actually believe all the things you write because it’s more fun thinking you get joy from writing stuff you know will annoy people.